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Climate 2 Aug 2018 last year shattered records

Deadines loom for this unfortunate drone, so just the one article today; pertinent though:

2017 shattered various climate records, including the highest global temperature for a non-El Niño year, lowest Arctic sea ice extent, highest sea levels as well as greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere, according to the American Meteorological Society’s 2017 State of the Climate report released on Aug. 1, 2018.”


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Climate 1 Aug 2018 Death Valley has earth’s hottest month

Death Valley has earth's hottest month ever recordedDeath Valley experiences hottest month ever recorded on earth [just verified]:


“The destruction adds to California’s worst wildfire year on record — dozens dead … denominator connects the disastrous fires: California is facing extreme heat…”


“Seattle reached its second hottest July on record by reaching 89 degrees Monday. Monday also ties the most consecutive days of at least 85 degrees.”


“At the moment, drought and fire are ravaging much of the planet… And the turbulent weather could continue, as NOAA’s Climate Prediction Center says there is a 70 per cent chance of another El Nino occurring this winter.”


“The Arctic Circle — the realm of polar bears and dwindling sea ice at the top of the world — hit 90 degrees Fahrenheit, 32 degrees Celsius, this week.

“This was the temperature in Banak, Norway on July 30, though some Norwegian areas even reached a couple degrees warmer, according to the European meteorology site severe-weather.eu. Banak sits atop northern Europe, over 350 miles above the bottom edge of the Arctic Circle.”


Hottest July for Sweden:


“Amid scorching temperatures, almost ​​65 percent of arable land in Poland has been affected by drought, according to state news agency PAP.”


“July will go down in German weather history as one of the hottest since measurements began. And the month’s final 24 hours have smashed the year’s temperature record… Early August is not set to bring relief from the blistering heat.”


“Rivers like the Rhine and the Elbe have soaked up so much heat that fish are beginning to suffocate. “I’m expecting a tragedy as soon as next week,” Philipp Sicher from the Swiss Fishery Association told German news agency dpa.”


Spain and Portugal poised to break all-time heat record for Europe:


“Sydney and large regions of eastern Australia posted their hottest July on record and there’s little sign the long-running above-average temperatures are about to recede.”


“The average temperature in eastern Japan was the highest for the month since 1946, when observations began. It was 2.8 degrees higher than usual. Western Japan had its second-hottest July ever, up 1.6 degrees over normal.”


“The mercury hit 41 degrees Celsius in Hongcheon [Korea] in the eastern province of Gangwon, the highest since record-keeping began in 1907.”


“War, corruption, and poverty have plagued Afghanistan for generations. These have generally led to a myriad of exacerbating issues like a lack of healthcare infrastructure, education, and political unification. Now another devastating obstacle has struck the country: the worst drought in decades.”


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Climate 31 July 2018 record rain floods Myanmar

Myanmar flooded by record rain“Another day, another extreme weather event disrupting life on our planet.

“Torrential rains associated with Myanmar’s monsoon season have wrought havoc. Floods have killed at least 11 people and forced the evacuation of more than 119,000 throughout the country on Monday, reports Reuters. Three of the deceased include soldiers who were helping with relief efforts. Another three civilians drowned in the state of Mon on the southern coast.

“At the Zaung Tu Dam, 7.79 inches of rain fell on Wednesday last week, setting a new daily record.”


“[Thai] provinces along the Mekong River are keeping a close watch, as the water levels in the international waterway are increasingly worrying. Authorities in many northern and northeastern provinces are closely monitoring the rising water levels in the Mekong after heavy rains hit large parts of the country and caused flooding in many residential and agricultural areas.”


“Some commuters on a flood-stricken road in Uttarakhand’s Haldwani city [India] had a narrow escape yesterday. A footage now going viral shows how four men managed to scurry out of a car just in time to miss a free ride to disaster town.”


“As a persistent heat wave sweeps across China, 22 counties and cities in the southwest and northeast regions of the country have experienced their hottest July on record…”


“The extreme heat wave gripping the Korean Peninsula is forecast to reach its highest temperature in the coming days… on Tuesday, the figure is likely rise to 39 deg C on Wednesday, the highest temperature in the city since the government started compiling the data in 1907, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA).”


“Prime Minister Shinzo Abe told related ministers on Monday to maintain vigilance against floods and landslides from Typhoon Jongdari, which took an unusual westbound course to hit central to western Japan over the weekend.”


““I spent four days fishing — not with a fishing line, but with a excavator to remove hundreds of dead sheep and roos that are stuck in drying dams… “Australia should be ashamed. We worry about 2 per cent of sheep dying on boats going overseas because you’ve seen a video of it, but what about the 90 per cent dying in the paddock?””


“California has experienced six of its most destructive wildfires in just 10 months. The fires have charred more than 10,000 structures and claimed dozens of lives.”


“13 British Colombia temperature records broken Sunday with Lytton hitting 41.4 C and more likely to fall today.”


“German farmers intensified calls for around 1 billion euros ($1.17 billion) in special aid on Tuesday after crop damage from a drought and heatwave.”


“This July was the driest ever since rainfall measurements started in the Netherlands.”


“Canton Valais in western Switzerland and the southern side of the Alps have now seen the hottest July since records began, according to MeteoSwiss, the Swiss meteorological office.”


“Spain’s record high is 47.3ºC (117.14ºF) but these temperatures “could well be beaten”, said Sky weather presenter Isobel Lang.”


“Portugal said Monday it has mobilised more than 10,000 people and boosted control operations in fire-prone areas of the country ahead of a major heatwave to avoid a repeat of last year’s deadly wildfires… In June 2017, 64 people were killed in the deadliest wildfires in Portugal’s history.”


“Greek prime minister Alexis Tsipras has visited the site of deadly wildfires outside Athens as criticism mounts over his government’s response to the disaster. At least 91 people have died in what has become Europe’s deadliest forest fire in more than a century, officials in the country said.”


“…the wheat market is poised to tighten sharply as Russia, Australia and EU countries contend with scorching temperatures. In Australia, the state of New South Wales has announced a A$500m aid package for struggling farmers, while Germany’s farming association has called for €1bn in financial assistance from federal and state authorities.

“In response, the Euronext milling wheat benchmark is at a four-year high of €203 a tonne as analysts downgrade output estimates for EU wheat.

“Europe’s wheat production is forecast to fall below 130m tonnes for the first time in six years, according to Strategie Grains… The consultancy sees further downgrades in the near future.

“Output for Ukraine has also been hit by the poorer harvests, while leading producer Russia is expected to see a sharp fall in production… Amy Reynolds, senior economist at IGC, noted there was a question mark over North America output as well due to a lack of precipitation in some parts..

“The falling production comes as some agricultural experts have warned that the depressing effect of trade tension on key food commodities has obscured the risks of a sharp spike in prices.”


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Climate 30 July 2018 118 new heat records in July

118 historical temperature records in July.“At least 118 historical temperature records were reported around the world in July. This is stated by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration of the United States, reports Voice of America.”


“According to data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), 2018 is on pace to be the fourth hottest year on record. Only three other years have been hotter: 2015, 2016 and 2017. “The impacts of climate change are no longer subtle,” Michael Mann, a climate scientist and director of the Earth System Science Center at Penn State University, told CNN.”


“Until this month, nobody would have imagined that the bucolic Lapland town of Jokkmokk could be home to one of the world’s busiest fire brigades.”


“Images of a group of Swedes turning the inconvenience of flooding in central Uppsala into an opportunity to relax have gone viral, after they were photographed swimming through the central rail station’s underpass with inflatables and water pistols.”


“A month’s worth of rainfall on Saturday wreaked havoc across Northern Ireland with severe flooding in homes and travel chaos.”


“Farmers are to meet with Whitehall officials this week for an emergency drought summit amid fears that the heatwave could have a serious impact on the UK’s food supply.”


“After enjoying a weekend of respite from the sweltering sun, France is set for a new heatwave this week, with forecasters predicting temperatures will rise to a whopping 40C in the south.”


“Withered sunflowers, scorched wheat fields, stunted cornstalks—the farmlands of northern Germany have borne the brunt of this year’s extreme heat and record-low rainfall, triggering an epochal drought.”


“Two African anticyclones are arriving for a very hot summer. According to meteorologists… Italy will have ten days of record heat.”


“As southern Iraq suffers through a punishing drought, desperate cattle breeders are having to sell off animals to keep others alive. Sattar, 52, has already seen some of his buffalo die of thirst.”


“…temperatures over 50°C have been registered about 111 times in different parts [Iran], especially in Khuzestan province.”


“As many as 537 lives have been claimed by floods and rain, this monsoon season, in six Indian states… Assam alone has seen 200,000 people displaced to relief camps.”


“Incessant rains in India’s Bihar state have opened the floodgates of misery for thousands of villagers — and the capital Patna is no exception. On Sunday, rain water mixed with storm drain water entered the state-run Nalanda Medical College and Hospital (NMCH) in Patna and later flooded the Intensive Care Unit of the hospital as well. Small fish could be seen swimming around as used bandages and syringes floated on the water in the flooded ICU.”


“At least five people have been killed and over 95,000 people have been forced to flee their homes by widespread flooding in seven states and regions [of Myanmar] during the past week, the Disaster Management Department said.”


“Typhoon Jongdari continues to threaten Japan’s southwest with extremely heavy rain and potential landslides as the storm is expected to tarry in the area around Yakushima Island just south of Kyushu, the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has said… The typhoon has already injured at least 24 people in Japan after making landfall in Mie Prefecture early on July 29.”


“Over 12 people are reported missing as wildfires continue to engulf northern California. The fires have been fed by high temperatures and low humidity – conditions that are expected to continue for at least another week. Two firefighters have been killed, hundreds of buildings destroyed and thousands of people forced to flee their homes.”


In pictures:


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Climate 27 July 2018 Greece from fires to floods

Greece from fire to floods“On the heels of the deadly wildfires that killed at least 82 people, flash flooding struck the northern suburbs of the Greek capital of Athens on Thursday…

“While the rainfall is needed to quell the fire danger and douse any remaining wildfires, an overwhelming amount of rain triggered flash flooding in the northern suburbs of Athens.”


“Due to the continuing drought and heat, this year’s potato harvest in Germany and the rest of Europe will be worse than last year, both in quality and quantity.”


“Thursday night was the warmest ever recorded in the Netherlands, with the temperature dropping no lower than 23.6 degrees at the Bilt weather station near Hilversum. The old record dates from 2004 when it was no cooler than 20.8 degrees.”


“A few disgruntled (not to mention boiling) commuters in Paris have recorded the temperatures on the city’s much-maligned RER B line during the ongoing heatwave… and their findings certainly make for some uncomfortable reading.”


“Panicked [Eurotunnel] staff opened a fire hydrant and encouraged people and pets to cool down.”


“We [in the UK] are now just three days away from matching the famous drought of the summer of 1976, according to a Coventry meteorologist.”


“Sweden’s unprecedented drought and devastating wildfires are destroying vital grazing pastureland for indigenous Sami reindeer herders, whose livelihoods are already under attack from mining and logging as global warming changes the face of the Arctic.”


“”The heatwaves and extreme heat we are experiencing are consistent with what we expect as a result of climate change, caused by greenhouse gas emissions. “This is not a future scenario. It is happening now.””


“Abnormal weather in the form of severe rainfall and heat waves has been taking a heavy toll on Asia recently, both in human and economic terms.”


“Vegetable prices are rising rapidly in Japan after a deadly heatwave saw highs of more than 40C. Record-breaking temperatures triggered a spike in the cost of some foods with increases of up to 65 per cent.”


“A team of scientists from the University of California, Irvine has found evidence of significant mass loss in East Antarctica’s Totten and Moscow University glaciers, which, if they fully collapsed, could add 5 meters (16.4 feet) to the global sea level.”


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Climate 26 July 2018 Israel burns

Record heat and fires in Israel“Firefighters battled a number of large blazes on Wednesday as Israelis sought to stay cool during an intense heatwave that set records for highest recorded temperatures in July…

“At Beit Dagan in central Israel and Negba in the south, the highest ever temperatures in July were recorded, while the 41°C (105°F) in the Gaza area was also the highest ever documented during July.

“With Israelis trying to stay cool amid the heat wave, Israel Electric Corporation officials said electricity usage reached an all-time peak…”


“Massive thunderstorms with the downpour and hail on July 25 flooded the roads and underpasses [of Kyiv, Ukraine], causing huge traffic jams citywide and a complete standstill downtown.”


“As the death toll from Greece’s worst forest fires continued to climb, survivors at Athens’ biggest hospital described the terror and anguish wrought by one of the country’s most devastating blazes in modern times.”


“Newly-released images from space have highlighted the effects of this month’s heatwave on parts of northern Europe… One shows how vegetation in northern Germany, Denmark and Sweden has turned brown in just the last month.”


“With huge, dominating areas of high pressure stretching from mid Russia to the mid Atlantic – essentially creating a blocked weather pattern where no fresher air can penetrate and no real heat is lost by night – the Great British Summer of 2018 shows every sign of going down as the hottest and driest since records began.”


“Extreme weather that’s gripping northern Europe and parts of Asia may persist through early August, prolonging a deadly heatwave that’s parched crops and sparked devastating forest fires.”


“…the Swedish Forest Agency estimates 1 billion Swedish kronor’s ($113,705,000) worth of Swedish wood has gone up in flames so far, Dagens Nyheter reports. And that figure is set to rise even further. ”The fires are still out of control…”


“The weather this year has been so strange. In March, there was still a heavy fall of snow, up to 4ft, considerably more than normal. The winter was long and harsh but the neighbours say that the shift to summer was sudden; there was no spring. The temperatures suddenly rose to 25 degrees or so, the snow melted and since then there has been hardly any rain. In Stockholm many of the deciduous trees such as birches are already fully in autumnal mode, in July – their leaves yellowed and falling.”


“Rounds of torrential rain and serious flooding inundated the northeastern United States this week causing two of Pennsylvania’s most popular amusement parks to close.”


“Amid all the wildfires we’ve had this year already in the Tri-Cities, there’s also been some pretty spectacular sights. One of those is a fire devil — a column of superheated air and flames that shoots into the sky. They’re sometimes called fire tornadoes or firewhirls.”


“A sidewalk on West Alameda Street collapsed as the earth beneath crumbled in the flow of water. Newly planted saplings in the Santa Fe River were uprooted and crushed. “I’ve never seen it this fast, that furious,” said Dr. Jodi Lang, an author whose east-side dirt road became a furious flooding river, exposing gas lines. “We had whitewater rapids here.””


“The temperature reached a record high in Phoenix on Wednesday for a third consecutive day.”


“Jongdari is expected to strengthen as it tracks toward Japan and achieves typhoon status prior to reaching the country.”


“Troops searched for survivors in the remote southern tip of Laos on Thursday, three days after the collapse of a hydropower dam sent a torrent of water across paddy fields and through villages, as rescuers rushed aid to thousands of homeless.”


“Thousands of people in northeastern Cambodia are being evacuated on Thursday as authorities scramble to cope with floodwater from the Xepian-Xe Nam Noy dam collapse in Laos that flowed south over the border.”


“More than 16,000 people are thought to have been displaced by floods following heavy monsoon rains in Myanmar, also known as Burma. The flood began at the weekend and worst hit the country’s eastern Kayin state on the border with Thailand.”


“”The health dangers associated with extreme heat and humidity remain grossly underappreciated,” said Horton. “As temperature and humidity rise in the future, more and more regions will experience conditions in which outdoor labor is dangerous, and air conditioning is essential.””


But on the plus side.  


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