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Climate 11 March 2019 California Just Had Worst Ever Year for Fires

“California’s 2018 is officially the worst year for wildfires in recorded state history, the Los Angeles Times reported on Saturday, citing the National Interagency Coordination Center’s year-end statistical analysis.

“The 1.8 million acres of California land that burned last year was more than any other state in 2018, and it far surpassed 2017’s tally of 1.3 million acres in California. California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection spokesman Scott McLean confirmed to the Times that the wildfires were unprecedented.”


“For the second weekend in a row, severe thunderstorms hammered the south-central United States with damaging winds and tornadoes. Alabama received more severe storm damage one week after the deadliest tornado outbreak in six years.”


“If you thought it was really warm Sunday in the Daytona Beach area you … Temperatures soared to a high of 86 degrees…”


“If you thought it seemed like a long winter, you were right: Winnipeg’s river trail is on pace to set a record for the most number of days it’s ever been open.

“Saturday marks 72 days of skating on the Red River Mutual Trail, matching last year’s record-setting run for the ice trail. But Forks spokesperson Chelsea Thomson says there are at least a few days left for the trail, which runs along Winnipeg’s Red and Assiniboine rivers.”


“An area of ice the size of the UK and Ireland disappeared from the Bering Sea in February as scientists warned that the region was entering uncharted territory.

“Sea ice cover in the Bering Sea, which is between Alaska and Russia, dropped by two-thirds during February, according to the Colorado-based National Snow and Ice Data Center.

“It is the second year in a row the winter ice has hit a record low…”


40 degree heatwave across much of Mexico. Animals are Merida Zoo in the Yucatan being cooled down with flavoured, vitamine-enriched ice:


“The Armed Forces of Ecuador informed this Saturday, March 9, that they have evacuated some 700 families affected by the floods in Santa Ana, in Manabí, one of the cantons of the province flooded this Friday, March 8, 2019.

“It is the second flood in this province this week.”


“Flash flooding hit the small tourist town of Matarangi on the east coast of the Coromandel [NZ] on Saturday afternoon, as a slow, intense and localised thunderstorm passed through the area.

“Meteorologist Peter Little said while Metservice did not have a station at Matarangi specifically, a local gauge had reported 80-90mm of rain in about an hour.”


“A struggling Australian dairy farmer has opened up about how the worst drought in 100 years cost him his marriage, mental health and livelihood.

“Fifth generation dairy farmer Jason Maloney, 37, is forced to buy food for his cows because of the severe drought that is still plaguing on his farm in Croom in regional New South Wales.”


“A new regional record has been set as temperatures cracked 40 degrees in south-east Queensland during today’s heatwave. Brisbane was forecast to hit 36C today while Ipswich was set for temperatures up to 39C. Just after 1pm, Gatton had peaked at 40C, which a Weatherzone spokeswoman said was the highest temperature recorded at the site in March…”


“Severe flooding and blizzard covered 17 Iranian provinces, Mortaza Salimi, Chairman of the Relief and Rescue Organization of the Iranian Red Crescent Society, said…

“Flooding and blizzard affected a total of 83 cities and settlements in Hamadan, Mazandaran, Tehran, Ardabil, West Azerbaijan, East Azerbaijan and other provinces.”


“A powerful tropical cyclone could hit Mozambique by the end of the week, says the South African Weather Service (SAWS). Tropical Cyclone Idai has developed in strength and is forecast to make landfall by Saturday, March 16.”


“The number of people killed in heavy rains and flooding in southern Malawi has risen to 28, an official said on Sunday, while the estimated number of people affected has roughly doubled.

“Chipiliro Khamula, a spokesman for Malawi’s Department of Disaster Management in the Ministry of Homeland Security, said that 28 deaths had been recorded as of Saturday, as well as 124 injuries. “A total of 45,312 households (approximately 226,560 people) have been affected and assessments to establish the extent of the damage in all the 14 affected districts are underway” he said…”


“Last year (2018) saw six consecutive months of below average rainfall in England, causing many reservoirs to run dangerously low.

“This was no ‘one off’ event. The previous year, 2017, saw the driest 10-month period for more than 100 years.”


“The last four years were the hottest since global temperature records began, the UN confirmed Wednesday in an analysis that it said was a “clear sign of continuing long-term climate change.”

“…On Wednesday it incorporated the final weeks of last year into its climate models and concluded that average global surface temperature in 2018 was 1 degree Celsius (1.8 Fahrenheit) above pre-industrial baseline levels.”


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Climate 8 March 2019 Record March Heat for Mysuru in India

“Mysuru [India] witnessed the highest ever temperature for March on Thursday with the mercury touching 38 degrees Celsius.

“According to the Karnataka State Natural Disaster Monitoring Centre (KSNDMC) data, temperature in the city hovered between 32 and 38 degrees on Thursday. According to private weather service providers, the temperature soared to 39 degrees. The earlier record for the highest temperature for the month was 37.8 degrees, recorded on March 30, 1931.”


“At least two people were killed and six more were missing after torrential rains and severe flooding in parts of Indonesia, the disaster agency said Friday, forcing the evacuation of hundreds of people.

“Heavy rain has pounded Indonesia for days, forcing the Citarum river — dubbed “the world’s dirtiest” — on Java island to burst its banks, and causing deadly flash floods in the eastern part of the sprawling Southeast Asian archipelago.”


“Incredible footage has captured the moment a giant landspout tornado hovered near a remote town during a storm. Sonia Handford was driving to work at Clifton, 150km southwest of Brisbane, when she saw the freak weather event on Thursday afternoon.

“‘I’ve never seen anything like this before,’ she told Daily Mail Australia.”


“New figures have revealed 100 per cent of New South Wales is in drought following an increase of one percent over the last month amid the country’s driest summer in 36 years. Lightning Ridge, a town in the state’s north west, has recorded its driest start to a year on record with data going back to 1888. Major rainfall deficiencies continue to grip the Eastern inland of the country including parts of Victoria, South Australia and Queensland.”


“A month-long oil spill from a Hong Kong-flagged freighter is threatening a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the Solomon Islands, sparking outrage that little is being done to clean up the mess.

“The 650-foot-long Solomon Trader, owned by King Trading Ltd., ran aground on Feb. 5 on Kongobainiu reef at Rennell Island’s Kangava Bay, putting what UNESCO describes as the “largest raised coral atoll in the world” at risk.”


“These past three years of drought in Central America have destroyed crops of corn and beans, leaving families starving and causing Guatemala to declare a true state of emergency, said Catholic Relief Services officials.”


“The winter season has not yet ended but in Querétaro [Mexico], mainly in the Sierra region, there is an intense heat wave that exceeds 40 degrees in the shade.

“In most of the state, early mornings and mornings are very cold and after noon they are extremely hot.”


“The typically temperate climate [of Los Angeles] has been replaced by gloomy storms…

“Record rain — 0.94 inches — also fell on Los Angeles International Airport, surpassing the record for the date of 0.54 inches set in 1962. … Temperatures in the region have been running about 10 degrees below normal…”


“Flash flooding has turned the streets of a California town into raging rivers of rain runoff.

“Shocking images show the extent of flooding in Sonora, California on Wednesday and Thursday, when residents of the town near Yosemite National Park fled to higher ground. ‘With the torrential rains today, there are many roads in the county and the city that are flooded,’ the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office warned on Wednesday.”


“The weather last month was most unusual. The British record for the highest temperature in February wasn’t just broken, it was smashed, with a huge jump from 19.7C to 21.2C. Over the month it was the second warmest February on record. And yet it got off to a very cold start, with snow falling in northern, eastern and southern England.

“Sunshine was another big surprise. It was the second sunniest February since records began in 1929, with 44 per cent more sunshine than normal…”


“Last year marked Earth’s fourth-warmest global surface temperature since 1880 — the only years that recorded higher temperatures were 2015, ’16 and ’17 — and researchers have found that winters are warming faster than the other seasons…”

Climate change affecting the Netherland’s iconic ‘Elfstedentocht’ race:


“Following the heavy downpour which has hit most parts of the country, six people have been confirmed dead in floods that have rocked Chikwawa [Malawi].

“Confirming the development was Chikwawa police public relations officer, Constable Foster Benjamin who said one of the victims is a Health Surveillance Assistant…”


“Zimbabwe is facing its most devastating drought in four decades after recording its lowest rains in four decades regional hunger watchdog the Famine Early Warning Systems Network has reported.

“The extreme weather pattern will according to officials leave least 5 million people facing starvation, in Africa’s former bread-basket.”


“The Arctic is melting. The first ice-free summer is coming. The whole melting process is speeding up the warming of the entire Earth. And every autumn, a layer of extra clouds are forming over the ice-thinning Arctic that — researchers now believe — are speeding that melting up.”


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Climate 7 March 2019 Wettest Winter on Record for USA

“Umbrellas and snow shovels would have been wise investments over the past three months.

“The winter of 2018-19 was the wettest winter ever recorded in the United States, according to a report federal scientists released Wednesday. (Climate scientists define winter as the months of December, January and February.)

“In all, 43 of the “Lower 48” states had above-average levels of rain and snow from December to February…

“In Tennessee, the colossal rains caused deadly flooding across the state in February. The floods killed four people, washed out homes, buried two stretches of interstate highway under tons of mud and rock, and led to a statewide declaration of emergency.”


“The latest in a series of Pacific storms has again brought more heavy rain to parts of California in the United States this week. Severe storms, hail and lightning were reported for much of central and southern California on Wednesday…

“Even the driest place in the US was not exempt from the line of storms. California’s Death Valley picked up 16mm of rain – more than double the park’s average March rainfall.”


“Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows has announced it will extend its ski season through July 7 this year due to record-setting snow totals.

“As of Wednesday, the resort had seen 596 inches on the season, with 315 falling in February alone, according to a news release.”


““We have another storm system, very powerful, that will begin entering the state [of Alabama]” on Saturday, Kevin Laws, a National Weather Service meteorologist, said…”


“A new record low temperature for the entire state of Illinois has now been confirmed. The low of 38 below zero was recorded on January 31, 2019.

“A committee of people from different agencies in the Midwest reviewed the observation and data around it. The location of the instrument is located in northwest Illinois. Picture of the weather station and location is below (from the NWS Quad Cities). The previous record was -36° F in Congerville on Jan. 5, 1999.”


“The government of Colombia’s Córdoba department authorized a public calamity declaration over the drought that is affecting the area…”


“Drought-hit Tasman district residents [NZ] may have to brace for tougher water restrictions despite a big conservation effort.”


“The sun was shining more than usual in Stratford [NZ] this summer, with the town recording its hottest summer’s day for nearly 60 years.

“According to official Niwa climate figures the mercury topped out at 29.5 degrees Celsius on January 29, the hottest maximum daily air temperature in Stratford since records began in 1960.”


“Australia’s forests are being reshaped by climate change as droughts, heatwaves, rising temperatures and bushfires drive ecosystems towards collapse, ecologists have told Guardian Australia…

““The whole thing is unravelling,” says Prof David Bowman, who studies the impacts of climate change and fire on trees at the University of Tasmania. “Most people have no idea that it’s even happening. The system is trying to tell you that if you don’t pay attention then the whole thing will implode. We have to get a grip on climate change.””


“More than 200 records were broken around Australia during its hottest summer on record, a study released on Thursday (March 7) said.

“The three-month summer in 2018-2019, which officially finished at the end of last month (Feb), roasted much of the country in a series of crippling heatwaves that triggered blackouts, fuelled conditions ripe for huge bush fires and worsened an already severe drought in the eastern half of the nation.”


“Taiwan’s meteorological authority said Wednesday the average temperature between December 2018 and February this year was 20.5 degrees Celsius, indicating the warmest winter since records began in 1947.

“The winter’s average temperature was 2.2 degrees Celsius higher than the historical average, the authority said in a statement.”


“Owners of fruit orchards in Jitra, Kedah [Malaysia] are beginning to feel the heat as the current hot weather has left most of their crops dry and withered, if not dead.

“Bai Haki Saad, 48, the owner of an orchard in Kampung Padang Panjang, said he had spent almost RM5,000 to buy a water pump to irrigate all the trees during the hot weather.”


“After rain-deficit monsoon and post-monsoon season, the winter has got a little too wet for India. As the extreme volatility in weather patterns continued in 2019, India received 24% more than the normal rainfall during winter. “


“Greenland’s ice sheet is visibly melting, as the dramatic image here shows. The wider Arctic is in defrost mode too. It isn’t just the frigid surface that is changing. Resources long hidden below are becoming accessible, sea routes are opening and military posturing is intensifying.”


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Climate 6 March 2019 Warmest Winter on Record for Ireland

“The recent winter was the warmest on record across many of Met Éireann’s weather stations, Ireland’s national forecaster has said.

“The 2018/2019 winter season was also drier than average, a summary published by Met Éireann on Tuesday said.

The Phoenix Park weather station in Dublin city had its warmest winter, since records began in 1855. Valentia island off the south west coast of Kerry had its hottest winter since the station opened in 1893. Similarly the weather station in Mullingar, Co Westmeath clocked its warmest winter since records started there in 1950.”


“The adder, Britain’s only venomous snake, has for the first time been confirmed as being active in every month of the year.

“Adders normally hibernate underground from October to March, a strategy designed to enable them to survive a cold winter, but with warmer weather have now been seen throughout the year.”


“An arctic air mass invading from Canada has blasted the United States, affecting some 220 million people on Tuesday morning, according to weather reports… bitter, record-setting lows felt all the way from Washington state to Texas…

“An all-time record low for March was set in Montana as Elk Park hit 46 degrees Celsius below zero Monday morning, the National Weather Service in Great Falls said.”


“Lee County authorities on Tuesday released the names of the victims of a monstrous tornado that killed at least 23 people, including seven in one family

“…meteorologists warned that another blast of severe weather could roar through the region in coming days.”


“Residents have been evacuated in the Thomas Fire burn scar area and roads are closed as another storm hit California on Wednesday. The night before, residents in Southern California were treated to a rare lightning display.”


“The big fear in the world of water management is that this big gulp of wet weather will lead some Californians to think that the drought is dead.”


“Our new research, published today in Nature Climate Change, makes abundantly clear the destructive force of marine heatwaves…

“All evidence suggests that marine heatwaves are linked to human mediated climate change and will continue to intensify with ongoing global warming.”


“Bay of Plenty temperatures were among the highest in the country this summer, according to Niwa’s summer climate summary.

“Tauranga’s temperature was the second-warmest on record for the city, with records beginning in 1913. Above average sea temperatures around New Zealand’s coastline was the main contributor to the warmer than average summer, the report said.”


“The heatwave in Malaysia is causing fish to die, causing financial loss for nearly 100 grouper and barramundi farmers with net pens in Laguno Tujoh, Kelantan.

““We have been camping out to keep an eye on the fish after they started dying. Nearly 80 per cent of the fish are still small and sensitive to change,” said one of the farmers, 33-year-old Zailani Ariffin, on Tuesday, March 5th.”


“The Central Weather Bureau’s Southern Region Weather Center [Taiwan] recorded only 1.5 mm of rainfall in Tainan’s mid-west area from last December to February, the lowest winter rainfall since records began in the southern Taiwan city in 1898.

“The reason for the record low rainfall remains unknown.”


“North Korea’s food production fell to its lowest level in more than a decade last year as natural disasters hit the country that was already under crippling international sanctions over its weapons programme, according to the United Nations…

“According to the UN, a prolonged heat wave, along with typhoons and floods, took its toll on food harvest, resulting in a nine percent drop from 2017 to the lowest level in more than a decade.”


“Flash floods, heavy rains and snowfall have killed at least 59 people across Afghanistan during the past two weeks and left thousands homeless, with the southern provinces of Helmand and Kandahar the worst-hit, an Afghan official said on Wednesday.

“Some 5,000 people were displaced in Kandahar alone, the Afghanistan National Disaster Management Authority (ANDMA) said…”


“Seals and whales in the Arctic are shifting their feeding patterns as climate change alters their habitats, and the way they do so may determine whether they survive, a new study has found.

“Researchers harnessed datasets spanning two decades to examine how two species of Arctic wildlife—beluga whales, also known as white whales, and ringed seals—are adapting to their changing homes.”


“Climate change is already triggering devastating weather events across the planet, including prolonged droughts, flash floods and wildfires. Parts of Africa and the Middle East are experiencing erratic harvests, heavy storms and the worst drought in the past 900 years. Experts say that people here who are struggling to provide for their families are vulnerable to the influence of extremist recruits who offer them work and food.”


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Climate March 1 2019 Hottest Ever February Day for Croatia

“Today was the warmest February day on record in parts of Croatia today as spring arrived early.

“The 28th of February 2019 will go down in history as the warmest February day since measurements begun for parts of Croatia, according to provisional temperature measurements at a number of weather stations.

“The last day of the month saw the warmest ever February day ever recorded in the central Croatian city of Sisak when temperatures climbed to 23.5 °C. There were other records across the country, including in the capital Zagreb where a high of 23.2 °C was measured at the airport.”


“It’s not really unexpected, but it’s still alarming…

“According to the Emergency Management Service of the EU agency Copernicus as of today, March 1, there have been 480 wildfires in 2019 across Europe… this corresponds to the number of fires usually recorded mid-August.”


“Europe’s freakishly warm weather during is likely to extend into the middle of March and may be evidence that human activity like burning fossil fuels is shifting the climate…

“Politicians and business leaders alike are expressing concern about damage to the economy that’s unfolding now for a trend that many had thought would take decades or even centuries to unfold.”


“Following the unusually dry summer of 2018, harvests in Germany of nearly all types of vegetables have declined by 14 percent in yields and decreased to a total of 3.3 million tons, the Federal Statistical Office announced on Thursday.

“The harvest of legumes such as lentils and beans in particular fell sharply by 25 percent to a total of 65,400 tons. Harvests of all types of cabbage only yielded 730,400 tons, which was a significant decline of 21 percent in an annual comparison.”


“Crisp prices are set to soar due to a potato shortage caused by last year’s heatwave. Brands including Walkers, Wotsits and Hula Hoops are affected by the shortage, according to trader publication The Grocer. Own-brand packets from UK supermarkets like Tesco, Asda and Morrisons are also likely to be hit by the price hike. UK farmers and growers warned of the crisis last October, after revealing that potato crops were down by one third.”


“One-quarter of city’s average annual rainfall hits Jerusalem in a single day, leading to flooding and multiple dramatic rescues throughout the capital…

“Some 1,200 trapped students were evacuated Thursday from a school in southern Jerusalem that was cut off by flooding across an access road, amid unseasonal rains in the capital.”


“Heavy rainfall and flooding sparked chaos in Amman’s streets on Thursday.

“Cars were washed away and people rescued after a deluge filled the Jordanian capital’s roads with water. Several vehicles broke down in the streets, causing traffic to stop, Amman News reported.”


“March is definitely coming in like a lion over the next few days. First, a winter storm will spread snow along a 2,500-mile path from Friday through Monday, all the way from California to Maine… Also this weekend, a ferocious, “punishing” blast of record cold air will first invade the central U.S. Saturday into Sunday, then attack the eastern and southern U.S. early next week…”


“…in the past month, four snowstorms hit the Pacific northwest in nine days and Seattle ran up the highest February snowfall totals in decades.

“In the usually arid southwest, Flagstaff smashed its single-day snowfall record and Las Vegas recorded a measurable amount of snow for the first time in a decade. The snow anomalies reached all the way to Hawaii.”


“Dozens of towns and cities in multiple regions of the US have clinched their wettest February ever recorded.

“In the northern United States, two to three times the normal amount of precipitation has fallen.”


“The Russian river in wine country north of San Francisco crested at more than 46ft (14 meters) on Wednesday night, Sonoma county officials said.

“The river frequently floods in rainy weather but it had not reached that level in 25 years… the community of Guerneville, “has essentially become an island,” the Sonoma county spokeswoman, Briana Khan, said.”


“Home restaurant’s sprawling outdoor patio in Los Feliz, set under a canopy of large trees, was designed to take advantage of California’s temperate climate…”


“A bout of “extreme heat” is nearing its peak across Australia’s southeast… Adelaide and parts of western Victoria could top out at 40C both today and tomorrow. The scorching highs have come as the Bureau of Meteorology confirmed on Thursday that, nationwide, Australia had just sweated through its hottest summer on record.

“Individually, both Canberra and Hobart recorded their hottest-ever summer seasons. And forecasters have said the hot conditions aren’t letting up with heatwaves likely to be a feature of March.”


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Climate 28 Feb 2019 February Weather Records Fall Across the US

“Records have been broken for snow, rain and heat from Oregon all the way to Florida for the month of February…

“California’s Sierra Nevada saw more than 16 feet of snow!

“…Heavy rainfall in February that impacted the mid-South and Ohio Valley set numerous records as the wettest February recorded.

“While the cold and snow continues for Northern Michigan places like Florida have been enjoying 90 degrees in the middle of winter.”


“Rivers swollen by days of heavy rain inundated portions of northern California on Wednesday, forcing hundreds of people to flee their homes. However, about half of the 4,000 people ordered to leave have refused to do so.

“”We want you to leave now,” Sonoma County Sheriff Mark Essick urged. “The roads may become impassable and you may not be able to get out.””


“Sure enough, Chiquito’s suspicions were correct: It was a tornado.

“At first, he was a little frightened, but surprisingly not shocked. He had seen twisters in Tinian before but never following a snow squall…”


“Today, the Barnes Ice Cap, a glacier about the size of Delaware on Baffin Island in Canada, is the last remnant of the mighty Laurentide Ice Sheet.”


“The Government of Bolivia declared a national emergency…

“…as a result of floods, roadblocks and other disasters caused by heavy rains that have already left at least 25 dead and 27 missing throughout the country, said the Minister of Defense , Javier Zavaleta.”


“Record-breaking temperatures [in the UK] have put the current month on course to be the warmest February since records began, the Met Office said…

“Forecaster Becky Mitchell said it would be “exceptional” to beat the 1998 record given the chilly start to the month.”


“Sand blown from the Sahara Desert will fall on parts of United Kingdom tomorrow creating a phenomenon known as ‘blood rain’ – just one day after the dust cloud sparked a pollution alert for large parts of the country.

“The intriguing spectacle is caused when dust mixes with rain and causes the downpour to be slightly different in colour, ranging from a light orange haze to a full-blooded red.”


“Parts of Switzerland experienced the second mildest winter since records began, according to the meteorological office.

“Temperatures were one degree Celsius higher across the country compared to the 1981-2010 average, but areas south of the Alps were even more abnormal.”


“The island of Crete is today trying to recover from several days of severe flooding, which has washed away at least half a dozen road bridges in the west of the island, as well as scores of acres of farmland…

“The heavy downpours in Crete were part of an icy weather system descending on Greece, which saw record snowfalls in many inland areas and even some Aegean islands.”


“The year has brought an unusually harsh winter in Israel, with ample precipitation, strong winds, and relatively cool temperatures.At the start of the year, powerful storms hit Israel that led to extensive flooding in coastal and low-lying regions.

“Last month a dust storm swept across the country, raising an air pollution warning that recommended people avoid outdoor activity.”


“The United Nations on Thursday launched an international appeal for aid for Zimbabwe following a drought that it expects to affect around a third of the population as crop yields plummet. Seasonal rains have been patchy at best, hitting the harvest of the staple maize crop and deepening an economic crisis marked by an acute dollar crunch that has already led to shortages of medicines, fuel and food.”


“Another major winter storm will strike areas from Afghanistan to Pakistan and northern India later this week following weeks of unsettled weather. One of the strongest storms of the season caused at least 26 fatalities due to flooding in Pakistan last week.

“Flooding will once again be a concern as a storm brings heavy rain, thunderstorms and heavy mountain snowfall to the region from Thursday night into Saturday.”


“Continuing drought will further burden the already depleting groundwater resources of the country [India], according to associate professor Vimal Mishra. Nearly 50% of the country is currently facing drought with at least 16% falling in the “exceptional” or “extreme” category, according to IIT Gandhinagar scientists managing India’s real time drought prediction system.”


“Kalgoorlie [Western Australia] has smashed its February temperature record with a sweltering 45.3C on the last day of summer.

“The Goldfields city reached the top at 1.55pm, beating its previous record of 44.9C on 17 February in 2013. The Bureau of Meteorology has issued a catastrophic fire danger warning for the Goldfields and Eucla and an extreme fire warning for the Esperance Shire.”


“Extreme temperatures are expected to hit the nation’s south with a record breaking heatwave to grip South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania.

“The weather bureau has declared an extreme heatwave emergency for South Australia with authorities warning vulnerable people to stay vigilant. Tasmania firefighters will also remain on high alert with a total fire ban in place for the weekend.”


“The decrease in fish species diversity likely occurred because the cyclones and bleaching events destroyed coral tissues, causing some fish to perish while driving others to unaffected reefs. This dispersal of fishes to other reefs can have cascading effects on the recovery of damaged reefs.”


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