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23rd July 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“Breaking News!

“On July 21, 2024, the global mean surface temperature set a new modern record high of 17.09°C, beating the record of 17.07°C, set on July 6, 2023.

“This record is “preliminary” for the next 24 hours. This may mark the planet’s warmest day in over 100k years.”


“Hundreds of Greenland’s glacial lakes have burst since 2008.

“The first survey of its kind has found a 1200 per cent increase in the number of such leaky lakes compared with how many had previously been documented to burst, which could help better model sea level rise.”


“Record 1,000 flood warnings issued for England’s best farmland last winter.

“The number of flood warnings on England’s best farmland during the winter hit a record high of over 1,000, exceeding the previous record by a fifth, new analysis by the Energy & Climate Intelligence Unit has revealed.”


“Denmark’s last 12 months were the ‘wettest ever’…

“Denmark national meteorological agency DMI said on Monday that the 12 months ending in June this year saw the highest amount of rainfall since records began in 1874. Over the last 12 months, some 1,125 millimetres of rain have fallen, DMI said.”


“Flooding: highways passable again, N735 De Lutte still closed, fire brigade called 280 times [Netherlands]…

“The services will look back at what can be learned from the unexpectedly large inconvenience caused by the heavy rain last night in parts of Twente. A very active shower area remained there for hours and that caused a lot of inconvenience…”


“Violent storms cause new floods in Haute-Marne [France].

“The storms that hit northeastern France on the night of Saturday 20 to Sunday 21 July caused severe flooding in Haute-Marne. The department’s prefecture announced the evacuation of around thirty residents and the hospitalization of five people.”


“Torrential rain in northern Slovenia triggers landslides…

“After a prolonged spell of hot and dry weather, parts of Slovenia have been battered by storms and torrential rain. A bridge was swept away in Kokra after the river there burst its banks and some local roads have become impassable.”


“Torrential Rain Causes Widespread Flooding and Damage in Kazanlak [Bulgaria]…

“The intense rainfall inundated portions of the city’s boulevards within just an hour, leading to multiple car accidents and further damage. The heavy rains not only caused flooding but also contributed to the collapse of trees, exacerbating the disruption in the “Iztok” district.”


“EUROPEAN HEAT WAVE – Another exceptional hot night with MINIMUM of 30/33C between Greece, Cyprus and Turkey.

“MIN 31.0C at Lefke CYPRUS is 0.1C from Cypriot hottest night in history; min 29.9 Kyrenia is an all time high. Greece had 14 straight days >40C – unprecedented.


“Istanbul heatwave survival guide: Tips to handle record humidity…

“According to reports, the humidity levels soared to over 95% in many districts, including Atasehir, Besiktas, Beyoglu, Catalca, Kagithane, Sariyer, Silivri and Sisli. The highest humidity was recorded in Atasehir and Umraniye, both hitting a record of 99%.”


“Cyprus hospitals on high alert amid heatwave-related illnesses.

“Charalambos Charilaou, spokesperson for the State Health Services Organisation, urged citizens to take precautions, stating, “As expected, due to the very high temperatures, we are seeing an increase in patients with heat exhaustion symptoms…”


“Earliest-ever start to Sicilian grape harvest…

“High temperatures at an early stage, along with the dry conditions, had led to the grapes ripening around 10 days earlier than usual, he said. The pinot grigio harvest will be followed by harvests for sauvignon blanc, moscato and chardonnay…”


“Major fire in Alcabideche complicated by high winds [Portugal]…

“11 firefighters hurt, 4 civilians; homes under threat. Today has been marked by a major fire in Alcabideche, in the borough of Cascais, which is still ongoing this evening, whipped up by strong winds.”


“Record breaking heat and blistering winds in the Canary Islands… In the early hours, the municipality of Agüimes in Gran Canaria became one of the hottest places in Spain, with temperatures reaching a sizzling 29.4°C at 1:00am… winds have affected flights landing at the south airport in Tenerife, with some diverted to the north airport…”


“Liberia contemplates moving capital after disastrous flooding.

“Severe flooding in Liberia has led a group of senators to propose relocating the capital city away from overcrowded and poorly managed Monrovia, a suggestion met with a mixture of enthusiasm and hesitancy in the West African country.”


“WINTER HEAT WAVE SOUTH AFRICA – insane record heat in South Africa with >30C [86F] at >1000m asl in mid winter.

“More July records fell in the past 2 days and many more are coming: 31.1 Marken; 26.5 Bloemfontein. HIGH MINIMUMS 18.6 Durban, 18.9 Richards Bay, 18.1 Charters Creek.”


“At least 50 people have been killed in landslides in southern Ethiopia, according to local officials…

“”There was a heavy rain yesterday (Sunday) night and some people died from a landslide,” government spokesperson for the Gofa district in the South Ethiopia regional state, Kassahun Abayneh, said.”


“INDIA AND PAKISTAN DEADLY HEAT – terribly humid conditions persists in Rajastan and Pakistan with night minimums up to 33C [91.4F] and dew points 29/31C.

“Yesterday Amitsar remained with a dew point of 31C all day long. Today Record hot night with tmin 30.0 Badin.”


“Cop On Duty Dies Of Heatstroke [Pakistan]…

“The 54 years old Matloob Hussain was on duty when his condition deteriorated due to ongoing hot weather conditions. He was rushed to a nearby clinic where doctor pronounced him dead. According to doctor, he suffered cardiac arrest.”


“Dense forest cover, climate change driving zoonotic diseases in Kerala.

“Malaria, amoebic meningoencephalitis, and now Nipah, Kerala has of late been witnessing outbreaks of several zoonotic diseases. According to experts, dense forest cover, extreme climate change, and the large migrant population make the state prone to such infections.”


“Forests face increasing risk of wildfires and pests due to climate change…

“Climate change …makes forests more vulnerable to invasive species, with insects, pests and disease pathogens threatening tree growth and survival. Pine wood nematode, a microscopic parasitic roundworm, has already caused significant damage to native pine forests in some countries in Asia.”


“The families in Nepal torn apart by deadly forest fires fueled by climate change.

“Seventeen people have lost their lives so far this year as forest fires rage across Nepal. Hotter and drier conditions caused by climate change have turned forests into tinderboxes ready to ignite.”


“Rescuers in China search for dozens missing after flash flooding and bridge collapse…

“Days of heavy rain swelled the river that runs through the village of Xinhua in Hanyuan county. The water swept away 40 houses on the riverbank, according to local media, while also breaking bridges and cutting off roads.”


“China’s Deadly Rains to Intensify as Tropical Storms Arrive…

“Tropical storm Prapiroon is expected to make landfall near the border of China and Vietnam on Tuesday. Another system, Gaemi, has already brought heavy rainfall to the Philippines’ northern island of Luzon, and may cut through Taiwan in the next two days before moving across China.”


“China’s extreme weather raises alarm about the country’s disaster insurance gaps…

“Extreme weather triggered is setting off alarm bells in China’s insurance sector, the world’s second largest, which urgently needs more financial tools to mitigate risks from the economic damage wreaked by the growing incidents of droughts, floods and landslides across the country.”


“Infinite record heat in JAPAN.

“Every single day since last month records have been falling. Today records for July in the table by JMA below including all time highs at Gunge, Shirataki, Yoron Island and Kitahara.”


“Japanese schools are adopting a heatstroke risk index to protect their students as temperatures soar across the country…

“The board of education asks all schools in the city to cancel gym classes, any club activities without air conditioning, and outdoor play during recess whenever the local heat index reaches the highest-risk category.”


“Record heat also in the Koreas:

“Hot and humid nights allover the Korean Peninsula with minimums up to 29.1C [84.4F] at Kangneung and records of highest minimums for July: 27.1 Boryeong; 27.6 Seongsan; 27.6 Hongseong; 27.5 Jeongeup.”



“Singapore Changi Tmin 28.5C again record for July; Medan, Indonesia Tmin 28.0C; Masbate, Philippines Tmin 28.2C. Record heat has been going on for 15 months.”


“Queensland cold snap sends temperatures plummeting below Melbourne’s in more than 80 places…

“Queensland shivered through a record-breaking cold snap on Monday, with overnight temperatures at more than 80 Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) sites lower than in Melbourne.”


“EXCEPTIONAL WINTER WARMTH IN PATAGONIA – record winter temperatures >27C [80.6F] at San Antonio Oeste, ARGENTINA. It pulverized its hottest July day in history.

“After weeks of freezing temperatures, a historic heat wave is smashing dozens of records all over South America.”


“‘Cocaine sharks’ throng Brazilian waters as drug enters ecosystem…

“Cocaine has been found in sharks off the coast of Brazil and may be changing their behaviour, scientists fear… the drug probably originated in drainage from illicit labs where cocaine is manufactured, or from the excrement of drug users, via untreated sewage.”


“In the Andes, glaciers are shrinking fast, endangering millions.

“Chile’s El Plomo mountain is crumbling. Rising global temperatures due to climate change have led the glacier to retreat and the permafrost to melt. New lagoons have formed and ruptured.”


“EXCEPTIONAL HEAT IN SOUTH AMERICA: Records are falling all over from Colombia to Bolivia.

“Despite the official end of El Nino, ECUADOR keeps breaking heat records: 34.4 /93.9F (and rising) at Guayaquil hottest July day.”


“HISTORIC HEAT IN THE CARIBBEANS: Records are being pulverized every day in every island.



“At least 23 people have died due to heat-related illnesses in the wake of power outages caused by Hurricane Beryl amid a deadly heat wave.

“A woman has been left heartbroken after losing her beloved sister, who died from scorching temperatures amplified by power outages in Texas two weeks after Hurricane Beryl’s devastation.”


“Palm Springs set another daily heat record on Saturday, reaching the highest-ever recorded temperature for July 20 for the second year in a row…

“On July 5, the city experienced the hottest temperature ever recorded at 124 degrees… For this point in July, weather service data show, Palm Springs also has the highest-ever average maximum daily high at 115.1 degrees.”


“Soda cans are exploding on Southwest flights due to extreme heat across West…

“”We’re aware of the issue and have been taking steps to keep onboard beverages cooler, especially in our airports experiencing extreme temperatures,” a Southwest Airlines spokesperson said in a statement.”


“Firefighters battle blazes in Utah and California as blistering heat persists.

“Firefighters across the US west were battling to contain multiple blazes on Monday amid blisteringly high temperatures, including a wildfire that forced evacuations near Salt Lake City over the weekend and another that destroyed several homes in southern California.”


“More than 20 wildfires were sparked on Sunday alone, the BC Wildfire Service dashboard says, as two dozen one-day heat records fell and multiple towns in the Cariboo were ordered to evacuate.

“Around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, the Cariboo Regional District and the District of Wells ordered Wells, Barkerville, Bowron Lakes, and the west side of Bowron Lakes chain to evacuate due to a nearby wildfire.”


“Large-scale and intense wildfires carrying smoke across northern hemisphere.

“Research by the Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (Cams) showed large-scale and intense wildfires had been developing throughout the late spring and summer, with numerous fires burning in Canada, Alaska and eastern Russia.”


“Breaking News! Code UFB!!!

“For the second year in a row, Antarctic sea-ice extent reached 5 standard deviations below the 1991-2020 daily mean, yesterday at -5.08σ.”


“UN attacks companies’ reliance on carbon credits to hit climate targets…

“Big polluters such as Chevron and ExxonMobil as well as technology companies such as Microsoft and Apple have included carbon offsetting in their plans to fulfil climate promises made to investors.”


“2024 is history’s tipping point for climate change.

“In the history of the fight to stop global warming, 2024 will go down on this list as the year the Earth reached a climate tipping point, and mankind’s efforts to mitigate it either advanced – or surrendered.”


“The end of men? The woman growing testicles in a test tube – and how her research could save the human race from the male fertility crisis…

“The goal? Ultimately to develop cells in the laboratory that are capable of producing human sperm. This isn’t a distant dream. Dr Nitzan Gonen, who heads the Sex Determination Laboratory at Bar-Ilan University in Israel, hopes this could be a reality within five years.”


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18th July 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

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“Here’s what extreme weather means for life in three refugee camps [In Jordan, Bangladesh and South Sudan]…

“Intense heat, floods, cyclones and other disasters add to the challenges for millions of displaced people. Three women detail how they struggle to cope.”


“Deadly floods engulf parts of South Asia as extreme weather devastates vulnerable region.

“From Afghanistan to Bangladesh, India to Nepal, flash flooding and torrential rain have killed hundreds of people in recent weeks, as the climate crisis amplifies the effects of the monsoon season, bringing widespread devastation to South Asia.”


“Four years to turn Central Asia’s water woes around… Central Asia risks being plunged into a state of chronic water shortage as a major new canal project nears completion in Afghanistan.

“Failure to improve management of the landlocked region’s shared water resources would threaten the region’s interconnected water, energy and food systems, jeopardise fragile ecosystems and, most worryingly, exacerbate existing tensions.”


“Iran News: Extensive Wildfires Ravage Forests Across Iran.

“Wildfires have engulfed numerous regions in Iran, causing extensive damage to forests and natural resources. Local officials in Kohgiluyeh and Boyer-Ahmad Province reported a significant fire in the Kouh Siah forests in the Charusa district, which continued throughout Monday.”


“Wildfires ravage 685,500 hectares of land in Mongolia.

“A total of 90 forest and steppe fires have been reported across Mongolia since the beginning of this year, devastating 685,521 hectares of forest and grassland, the country’s National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) said Wednesday.”


“Video of the flooding in Omsk [Russia]: rain flooded shops and drowned cars.

“Today, Omsk was hit by a massive downpour. In just half an hour, the roads were flooded, and underground passages turned into a water park… oads, entrances, shops were flooded. Cars went under water up to their roofs, cars stalled and said goodbye to their electronics.”


“China places 15 provinces on emergency alert as deadly floods make their way north…

“Deadly downpours that devastated the south have moved northwards to affect the previously drought-hit central province of Henan as well as northern Hubei province… Meanwhile, large areas of Henan, a major grain-producing province hit by drought between April and June, were reeling under floods…”


“A small town in China’s Henan was lashed by almost a year’s worth of rain in one day as the extreme storms that battered the south this summer shift to the central and northern provinces.

“As of 8 a.m. (0000 GMT) on Tuesday, 606.7mm (24 inches) of rainfall had been logged in Dafengying over a 24 hour-period, Reuters reported.”


“Torrential rains trigger evacuations, closures in Greater Seoul, central region.

“Torrential rains swept through the central parts of South Korea on Thursday… causing chaos for many. The northern parts of Gyeonggi Province were among the hardest hit, including Paju, which saw rain up to 75.1 millimeters [three inches] per hour early Thursday morning.”



“Insane heat all over Oceania and Asia is breaking records in 100% of all tropical islands. MALAYSIA also destroyed its national July high Tmin record with 28.2C at Penang.”


“The world’s oldest known open caves have been closed to visitors after the only roads in were destroyed or damaged by storms, fires and floods.

“The Jenolan Caves, in the Blue Mountains region west of Sydney, are now impossible to access by road, after months of heavy rain forced the only remaining road to close for repairs for 18 months.”


“Farms vs. forests in Brazil’s Amazon as climate change hurts crops…

“As drought and floods wreak havoc across Brazil, farmers are feeling the effects of the climate emergency but despite poor harvests and rotting crops, they are fighting to protect their right to fell more trees and convert grasslands.”


“Rare new pictures show uncontacted Amazon tribe threatened by loggers…

“New pictures have emerged of the Mashco Piro, a rarely-seen uncontacted Indigenous tribe in the remote Peruvian Amazon, amid concerns that logging activity is forcing them out of the dense rainforest more frequently.”


“Crisis at Tres Fronteras: how criminal syndicates threaten Amazon’s future…

“The area of the Amazon where Brazil, Colombia, and Peru meet – referred to as Tres Fronteras (triple frontier) – brims with wildlife and natural resources. It is also a hotbed of illicit activity. Criminal groups are clearing the forest to plant coca and erect laboratories to turn the crop into cocaine.” [So, alas, taking a lot of cocaine is not the answer to all our problems.]


“HISTORIC HEAT WAVE IN THE CARIBBEANS – Records smashed all over, every day, for over 500+ consecutive days.



“Severe flooding and damage in Guadalajara [Mexico]: Zapopan is the most affected area.

“The Guadalajara Metropolitan Area was hit by heavy rain and hail on the afternoon of Tuesday, July 16, causing widespread flooding and damage to infrastructure. The heavy rainfall caused the collapse of roads and essential services.”


“US probes nearly 70 suspected human cases of H5N1 bird flu [Colorado]…

“Due to extreme heat during the culling operation – around 40 degrees Celsius – workers found it difficult to wear their personal protective equipment, Nirav Shah, principal investigator of the CDC, told reporters this week.”


“Record salmon migration runs into hot water [Washington state].

“… warming waters — in major tributaries like the Okanogan River and the Snake River — come at the same time as annual migrations of sockeye salmon from the Pacific Ocean, complicating a spawning ritual that spans hundreds of miles and is already peppered with human-made obstacles.”


“Concerns grow over impact of wildfires on salmon habitats [BC, Canada]…

““The resultant alterations in soils and the loss of vegetation combine to influence stream flows and temperatures, channel morphology and water quality, and these impacts threaten to push some salmon populations beyond their ability to adapt,” continued the guide.”


“New out-of-control wildfires have erupted across Alberta since late Tuesday, with blazes potentially threatening more than 400,000 barrels a day of oil production.

“Many of the fires are burning south of the unofficial oil sands capital of Fort McMurray.”


“‘Something you’d see in a hurricane:’ Toronto saw more than a month’s worth of rain in three hours…

“Phillips described Tuesday’s weather system as a “freight train” that lined up from London, Ont. right through the west of Toronto. He said it moved slowly in a straight line with a pipeline of moisture from the Gulf of Mexico.”


“Risk of Illinois dam breach is under control after once-in-a-century rainfall, officials say…

“Washington County was under a flash flood warning until 4:30 p.m. CT after the region received over 5 inches of rain in six hours, according to radar estimates from the National Weather Service office in St. Louis. That level of rain approaches 100-year rainfall frequency…”


“Arkansas floods sweep house away in 11-inch downpour as people are trapped in flooded nursing home.

“The southern US state has received about 11 inches of rain as of today leading to multiple washed-out and broken bridges – particularly near Yellville in central Marion County.”


“D.C. hits record 104 amid most intense heat stretch since Dust Bowl.

“The District tied a record high of 104 degrees Tuesday while surpassing the century mark for the third straight day, matching the longest such streak on record set in 1930 at the beginning of the Dust Bowl.”


“Video shows damage after severe storms strike Rome in upstate New York.

“Trees were toppled, power lines were brought down and cars were overturned by an intense thunderstorm that struck the city of Rome in upstate New York.”


“Storm Ciarán’s low pressure made tea taste worse, say scientists [UK]…

“Millions of Britons were forced to drink subpar cups of tea last November due to the record-breaking low pressure caused by Storm Ciarán… water in Reading was boiling at 98C on the morning of the storm.”


“The increase in tropical nights [Austria] is worrying, and regions where warm nights were previously unknown are increasingly affected.

“Last night, for example, in Friesach (K): For the first time in the history of measurements (beginning in 1958) it did not cool down below 20 degrees [68F].”


“Historic heat in HUNGARY: records are falling in all major cities. After Budapest, Pecs also had its hottest night in history with a minimum temperature of 27.4C [81.3F].”

“Hungarian Grand Prix chaos as pit lane floods just 48 hours before first qualifying session.

“Budapest has seen huge rainfall this week which has resulted in parts of the Hungaroring becoming submerged in water. The pit lane, where the teams are stationed, was seen with inches of water, leaving some people knee deep as they attempted to walk through.”


“EXTRAORDINARY – ROMANIA had its HOTTEST NIGHT EVER again with a min of 29.8C [85.6F] at Orovita. 27.6c Tmin at Sulina.

“Records are falling all over Central/Eastern Europe except for Italy which remained untouched.”


“Romania’s corn and sunflower crops severely impacted by drought.

“Romania is expected to suffer significant losses in corn and sunflower crops due to severe drought conditions affecting nearly two million hectares… Romania is Europe’s second-biggest grain exporter after France.”


“After Serbia and Romania, MOLDOVA also had its hottest night in history with a minimum of 27.4C [81.3F] in the capital Chisinau.

“Records are falling by the hundreds all over the eastern half of Europe and Northern Africa.”


“Ukraine smashes temperature records amid power outages…

“Several cities across Ukraine were recording historic scorching temperatures, officials said Wednesday… The Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Center said historic records were set in Vinnytsia, Chernivtsi and Mykolaiv — cities in the centre and south of Ukraine.”


“Early jellyfish invasion disrupts Crimean coastline…

“This year, the jellyfish arrived at the shores of Crimea several weeks earlier than usual. This earlier appearance is linked to persistently high temperatures and warmer-than-usual water for this time of year.”


“Much of Europe continues to bake under a prolonged heatwave, triggering forest fires and drying up a lake in Serbia for the first time…

“…the Rusanda salt lake in the northern province of Vojvodina, which contains medicinal mud, dried up for the first time ever, locals said… The Adriatic Sea hovered at temperatures around a record-high 29.5°C in several coastal resorts of Croatia.”


“Albania continues to tackle wildfires spreading up north of country…

“Fires blazing through Albania have spread up north of the country. The EU has been assisting the country with resources needed to tackle the wildfires. Albanian authorities enter a third week of fighting fires that have been raging through the country.”


“Greece experienced its tenth consecutive day of a heatwave on Wednesday, according to the Meteo weather service of the National Observatory of Athens.

“The highest temperature on Wednesday was recorded in Oleni, Ilia, in the Peloponnese, at 42.2°C.”


“Turning vapor into drinking water…

“…people on the Canary Islands in Spain and in Morocco are meeting the specter of drought with innovative new projects. The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change predicts that North Africa will lose around 50 per cent of its available surface water this century.”


“Tunisia inaugurates Zarat Desalination Plant to combat water scarcity…

“The facility, designed to mitigate the overexploitation of groundwater resources exacerbated by prolonged droughts and the depletion of surface water sources, marks a major development in Tunisia’s water infrastructure.”


“A Tunisian village’s fight for running water…

“Like its neighbour Algeria and large areas of the Mediterranean region, Tunisia suffers from “alert drought conditions”… Tunisia’s national water grid supplies almost all of the country’s urban areas, but only about half of the rural population… “We’ve been marginalised,” said Saket.”


“Western Cape floods: Citrus farmers worry about harvest as Citrusdal remains cut off…

“The Western Cape’s citrus production could be severely impacted by flooding, the Citrus Growers’ Association of Southern Africa (CGA) has warned, especially with the town of Citrusdal being cut off.”


“RECORD HEAT WAVE IN THE HORN OF AFRICA – brutal heat in DJIBOUTI with 47C [116.6F] at Cape Lemonnier which ties its hottest day in history.

“In SOMALIA deadly humid heat 24/7 at Bosaaso with minimum temperatures up to 35.3C and high humidity.”


“Dubai recorded a heat index of 144°F (62.2°C) today at 3 PM.

“The heat index is currently 129°F (53.9°C) at 5 AM local time. Life-threatening heat.”


“…the most humid place on Earth is the Persian Gulf in the Middle East.

“Water temperatures in the Persian Gulf are currently as warm as 95°F (35°C), leading to oppressive humidity and widespread heat indices above 125°F (51.7°C). Today at noon, Persian Gulf International Airport reported a heat index of 149°F (65°C).


“Incredible in MALDIVES. 33.9C and national July record again at Male.

“500+ days of continuous record heat no-stop and all monthly records beaten several times each month of both hottest day and night. El Nino has officially ended but 100% of the tropics are breaking more records than ever.”


“Breaking News! Code UFB!!!

“As of July 16, 2024, global sea-ice extent hit a new record low for the date, beating the record low set just last year… Antarctic sea ice extent is now at 4.6 standard deviations below the 1991-2020 daily mean.”


“Butter made from CO2, not cows, tastes like ‘the real thing’, claims start-up…

“Savor, backed by the Microsoft billionaire Bill Gates, has been experimenting with creating dairy-free alternatives to ice-cream, cheese, and milk by utilising a thermochemical process that allows it to build fat molecules, creating chains of carbon dioxide, hydrogen and oxygen.”


“Lab-grown pet food is to hit UK shelves as Britain becomes the first country in Europe to approve cultivated meat…

“Research suggests the pet food industry has a climate impact similar to that of the Philippines, the 13th most populous country in the world.”


“Danish insect farm sets sights on feeding Europe’s livestock…

“Jane Lind Sam and her father, Carsten Lind Pedersen, swapped pigs for soldier flies and created a 22,000-square-metre (237,000 square feet) factory where they intend to produce more than 10,000 tonnes of insect meal and oil a year.”


You can read the previous “Climate” thread here. I’ll be back on Monday with an ”Economic” thread.

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16th July 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News


HOTTEST NIGHT IN HISTORY IN KUWAIT yesterday with a minimum of 38.4C in the Int- Airport… HOTTEST NIGHT IN HISTORY FOR IRAQ AND BAHRAIN – 38.8 Amarah Highest min. ever in Iraq 37.7 Ali Algharbi 37.0 Kut Al Yai; 38.1 Bahrain Highest min. ever in Bahrain.”


“Kuwait sets all-time high electricity consumption record as temperatures soar.

“The Ministry of Electricity and Water anticipates further increases in consumption in the coming days… The Gulf state, with an estimated population of 4.8mn including about 3.3mn foreigners, has repeatedly urged citizens and expatriates to conserve energy to meet rising demand.”


“Iraqis Protest Over Summer Blackouts And Water Shortages.

“Hundreds of Iraqis in the southern province of Diwaniyah protest against power cuts and water shortages during the extreme heat of summer.”


“Power Outages in Iran Reach Pharmaceutical Units.

“After power outages in some industrial units due to electricity shortages in Iran and unprecedented consumption records in the summer heat, the head of the Tehran Chamber of Commerce has now reported power cuts to pharmaceutical factories.”


“Authorities in Kyrgyzstan’s southern city of Osh have declared a state of emergency after mudslides and flooding caused by heavy rains killed at least four people on July 14.

“As of July 15, the deaths of a 44-year-old woman and her three daughters, as well as the death of another woman, have been confirmed.”


“35 dead, 250 injured in east Afghanistan flash floods…

“The disaster, according to Nangarhar’s provincial director for information and culture Qurishi Badlon, affected the provincial capital of Jalalabad, Sukh Rod District and their neighboring areas in the province bordering Pakistan. The casualties are expected to rise…”


“Flash floods wreak havoc in Chitral valley [Pakistan]…

“Flash floods triggered by torrential rains wreaked havoc in the lower parts of the Chitral valley in the early hours of Monday, washing away houses, shops and two mosques, and inundating freshly-cultivated maize crop and fruit orchards…”


“Nanyang, Henan and Xiangyang, Hubei were hit by record-breaking rainstorms, with rainfall reaching 410 mm in 12 hours and 111.7 mm in 1 hour, causing flooding in many rivers…

“Then 711.6 mm [28 inches] of rainfall in 24 hours! (The data was interrupted afterwards) This is almost equivalent to the annual rainfall in the area!”


“EXTRAORDINARY HEAT IN JAPAN. Dozens of records fall every single day systematically since several weeks.

“34.3 [93.7F] Oku all time high; 35.7 Ashimine all time high; MONTHLY RECORDS: 35.5 Naha; 35.0 Amagi; 35.2 Nakasuji; HIGH MIN, RECORDS: 29.9 Kitadaito; 29.8 Ibaruma; 29.7 Nakasuji.”


“Surface ocean temperatures in waters around the Japanese archipelago in the first half of this year were the highest since 1982, when records were first tracked…

“The Pacific Ocean off the coast of Hokkaido was particularly warm, which experts attributed to an abnormal flow of the Kuroshio Current.”


“At least 14 killed from floods in southern Philippines.

“At least 14 people were killed and 220,000 affected from floods in Mindanao, southern Philippines, local authorities said on Tuesday.”


“EXTRAORDINARY HEAT IN THE TROPICAL PACIFIC – MINIMUM temperature of 28.5C [83.3F] in TOKELAU (New Zealand territory).

“It’s the 2nd hottest night ever recorded in July in the whole Southern Hemisphere and a record for Tokelau.”


“RECORD IN THE CARIBBEANS AND CENTRAL AMERICA – Record of July hottest nights destroyed all over the area; in nearly 100% of HONDURAS stations (up to 28.2C / 82.8F and even tropical nights in the highlands) .

“In Mexico MINS up to 30C.”


“Under water! Heavy rains in the Guadalajara Metropolitan Area [Mexico] caused severe flooding…

“…during the night of Sunday, July 14 and the early morning of Monday, July 15, various events were recorded that Fuerza Informativa Azteca followed up on, from damage caused by torrential rains to a fatal vehicle accident.”


“Thousands in Houston still without power amid brutal heatwave after Beryl…

“Nearly 300,000 customers have now gone almost a week without electricity and air conditioning during excessive heat where temperatures are reaching 94F (34C). CenterPoint Energy, the region’s primary utility company, has been slammed by residents…”


“Record-smashing Western heat wave to continue through 3rd week of July.

“While the severity of the heat wave will wane some as the core of a heat dome shifts, dangerous triple-digit temperatures will continue to be common across the West well into the second half of July.”


“Seattle could break another heat record with streak of highs above 80.

“The current longest stretch of days with temperatures above 80 was set in July 2015, when the area cooked for 15 days. If the forecast is to be believed, we’ll break that record on Thursday. Then we’ll set an even higher bar by adding two more hot days on Friday and Saturday.”


“Several Tornadoes Reported as Storm Moves Through Chicago Area…

“A line of “destructive thunderstorms” was moving through northeastern Illinois, including Chicago, on Monday night, and several tornadoes had been reported [100mph gusts, apparently, and a tornado very close to O’Hare Airport].”


“The D.C. region is now in the midst of what could be its hottest, most dangerous heat wave of a summer that is the hottest on record to date.

“After reaching 96 on Saturday and then setting a calendar-day record high of 101 on Sunday, Washington’s high temperature is forecast to reach the upper 90s to 100s daily through Wednesday.”


“Europe headed for mini-ice age as AMOC tipping point approaches – paper…

“The study, along with previous research, suggests that substantial fresh water input from increased rainfall and Greenland fresh water ice melt could potentially disrupt the AMOC within this century, and the AMOC flow rate is already visibly slowing.”


“We’re returning to temperatures not seen for millions of years. Within a geological instant.

“Most things can’t adapt to such rapid changes. Many things will break and we’re here to cause and witness it all… The North Atlantic is about to get even hotter. If you thought 2023 was extreme, watch out for 2024!”


“Tornado destroys several villages in northern Lithuania…

“Residents of Šiauliai district are cleaning up and recovering after the tornado on Saturday night, the 13th of July, which destroyed several houses and outbuildings, as well as gardens and fields, leaving several people homeless.”


“A hurricane has passed through Belarus. There are casualties. Here’s what is known as of Sunday morning…

“…trees were felled in different parts of the country, a campsite was destroyed, and many areas were left without electricity. Unfortunately, there were casualties… 62 settlements in the Brest and Grodno regions were affected.”


“Wildfires have spread around the southern Russian city of Novorossiysk, prompting evacuations and Mayor Andrei Kravchenko to declare a state of emergency on July 14…

“Buses were made available to help evacuate people from the area, and boats were on standby to facilitate the rescue of people from the sea…”


“Widespread 40/42C all over the Balkans and Eastern Europe, records every day, everywhere:

“UKRAINE: 40.5 Kherson monthly; 40.2 Mohyliv-Podil’S’Kyi all time; 38.1 Kirovohrad monthly; CROATIA: 39.6 Split Airport.”


“Bulgaria extends ‘code red’ warning as forest fires ravage country…

“The Bulgarian government has extended a “code red” warning – the highest level – until Tuesday as mass fires blaze across the country following a week-long heatwave… The strongest fires were in the central and southeastern parts of the country.”



“48 hours without dropping <30C in a continental area: mind blowing. HOTTEST NIGHT IN HISTORY OF ROMANIA: Min 29.6 Oravita…”


“Southeastern Europe is not just experiencing a severe heatwave on land.

“Today at 5:00 PM, a buoy near Dubrovnik in the Adriatic Sea measured a water temperature of 29.7°C (85.5°F). If confirmed, it will be the hottest water temperature ever recorded in Croatia.”


“Amid heatwave, North Macedonia, Bosnia seek Serbian help to fight wildfires.

“North Macedonia and Bosnia’s Serb Republic asked Serbia for firefighting helicopters on Monday to combat forest fires triggered by a heatwave that has affected much of eastern and southern Europe.”


“EXTREME HEAT also in GREECE. Every day minimums >30C reached (night min >30C started in MAY).

“Today record high tmin with 30.8C [87.4F] at Athens Elefsis (sometimes known as Elefsina abroad). It will get far worse with near 45C in the North and nights up to 33C.”


“Greece fears water shortages after warmest winter ever.

“After Greece’s warmest winter and earliest heat wave on record, authorities are sounding the alarm over the risk of dire water shortages in the heat of the Mediterranean summer.”


“Malaga and Guadalhorce return to severe drought status after two months of falling reservoir levels [Spain].

“The lack of rainfall is preventing the province from leaving behind the nightmare of drought and a string of strict water restrictions.”


“Turkey: Violent Storm Wreaks Havoc In Adana.

“A violent storm hit Adana, southern Turkey, on Sunday, July 14, bringing heavy rains and ferocious winds and wreaking havoc. In the Çukurova district, the storm blew off billboards and roofs of homes, knocking down trees and power poles, and a tower crane collapsed.”


“Heavy Rain Causes Flooding in Karaman [Turkey].

“Heavy rain that started in Karaman in the afternoon today caused flooding in the city. The basements and basements were flooded, many workplaces were flooded. The city’s infrastructure was inadequate against this heavy rain and the rain continues with all its might.”


“HISTORIC HEAT WAVE IN SOUTH AFRICA: 36 [96.8F] degrees in winter!

“Temperatures up to 36.3C even in the highlands in this exceptional winter heat wave, few days after breaking cold records. The record heat will go on for the whole week at least including in Eswatini and Zimbabwe.”


“HISTORIC HEAT IN THE MALDIVES – 29.0 [84.2F] MINIMUM temp. at Male today Hottest July night ever recorded in the Maldives.

“Thousands of records are falling all over the world, from Oceania to all Asia, Africa, Europe and Americas/Caribbeans. No month in world climatic history gets close.”


“El Niño Exits.

“After heating up the eastern Pacific Ocean for about a year, El Niño finally died out in May 2024… Even at its peak in November and December, the intensity of the 2023 El Niño did not match that of the largest events in recent decades.”


“Antarctic sea ice extent is making a run for it again this year.”

[Prof Eliot Jacobson]


“Lakes are warming toward the point of no return…

“These no-analog lake climates won’t just stop at warming the lakes; they can trigger severe disruptions in ecosystems, warned Professor Axel Timmermann, a co-author of the study, and Director of the IBS Center for Climate Physics.”


“Loss of oxygen in bodies of water identified as new tipping point…

“The authors of the new study argue that aquatic deoxygenation both responds to, and regulates, other planetary boundary processes. “It’s important that aquatic deoxygenation be added to the list of planetary boundaries,” said Professor Dr. Rose…”


“Climate crisis is making days longer, study finds…

“The change in the length of the day is on the scale of milliseconds but this is enough to potentially disrupt internet traffic, financial transactions and GPS navigation, all of which rely on precise timekeeping.”


“Doctors should talk to patients about climate change, say health leaders…

“A new green toolkit produced by the Royal College of Physicians tells its members they are “uniquely placed” to raise the issue in consultations and that they should “repeat it often”… They should remain alert to “eco-distress”, depression or anxiety a patient may be suffering because of the changing climate, the document adds.”


You can read the previous “Climate” thread here. I’ll be back tomorrow with an ”Economic” thread.

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13th July 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“Are warmer temperatures causing fungi to attack humans? Two deaths in China suggest it may be…

“Rhodosporidiobolus fluvialis was discovered in two patients and was found to be resistant to two common antifungal drugs… The pathogen also mutated rapidly when exposed to higher temperatures, acquiring resistance to a third antifungal drug.

“…the discovery of the strain’s unusual characteristics has raised fears that the effects of climate change could make fungal infections increasingly dangerous to humans.”


“Climate change could return us to the pre-antibiotic era…

“Climate change is accelerating the spread of superbugs, providing favorable conditions for pathogens to grow and spread. Warmer temperatures can increase the reproduction rates of bacteria and viruses, extend the range of habitats suitable for pathogens, and even heighten the chances of gene transfer among bacteria…”


“Scientists say “a reservoir of disease” is being created after discovering bacteria that naturally occur in rivers are becoming resistant to antibiotics due to the impact of sewage. [UK]

“…Dr Nick Tucker, a microbiologist leading the research, described the discovery as “particularly worrying”.”


“Floods fuelled 19% drop in income from farming in England in 2023.

“Farmers have called for more support from the government as the climate breaks down, meaning agricultural businesses are no longer able to count on mild UK weather and increasingly face drought and floods.”


“Repairs to damage caused by extreme weather in Lincolnshire over the past year will cost £45m, the Environment Agency (EA) has said…

“…when asked by the BBC about a timescale for the remaining repairs, the EA said it was unable to provide one while discussions were ongoing.”


“Some 24 hours after hail stones six centimetres in diameter were reported in parts of France, the same freakish weather hit the junior French stage [cycle] race, Ain Bugey Valromey Tour.

“The roads became quickly flooded with a mix of rain, hail and the mud washed onto the roads by the conditions.”


“‘100 year-event’: Denmark braced for extreme torrential rain this weekend…

“If you thought Denmark had already had its share rain this July, think again… More severe wet weather is forecast… “It’s very unusual that the forecast indicates such high precipitation values,” meteorologist Anja Bodholdt of national met office DMI said on Friday to news wire Ritzau.”


Finland’s North experienced record-breaking temperatures and more rainfall than usual this June, a significant changes from past weather patterns

“The greatest deviations were observed in Lapland, where the highest ever average June temperatures were observed at several stations with up to a 4 C difference compared to the average of the 1991–2020 reference period…”


“Yesterday, there was a massive storm in Bauska [Latvia]. Significant damage was caused to green areas, felling trees, breaking branches and tearing off roofs of buildings…

“Bauska will need aid from the Latvian state to recover, as reported by the municipality’s CEO Ivars Romānovs after an emergency meeting.”


“Heavy rain traps 16 tourists in Slovakia. At least two people have been reported dead so far…

“A landslide hit a tourist shelter trapping 16 people inside after a thunderstorm packing heavy rains moved through Slovakia’s High Tatras, the country’s rescue service said on Thursday.”


“Drought threatens Ukraine’s grain harvest: yields could drop by up to 7%…

“In an urgent update, Taras Vysotskyi, Ukraine’s argicultural interim minister, warned the July drought could cripple the yields of winter wheat and barley… The harvest for Ukraine’s grain and oilseed crops is projected to decrease to 74 million tons, down 10% from 2023.”


“‘It’s hell outside’: People warned to stay inside as heatwave suffocates central and southern Europe…

“Europe is the fastest-warming continent on Earth, with temperatures rising at roughly twice the global average… From Italy to Romania, authorities warned people to be cautious, drink plenty of water and avoid going outside during the hottest hours of the day.”


“The wholesale electricity markets of South and Eastern Europe are seeing prices reminiscent of the energy crisis, led by the Hungarian market, where the rate on Wednesday shot up to 263.99 euros per megawatt-hour…

“The Balkan region has been in the grips of a protracted heatwave, which has raised demand for electricity due to increased use of air-conditioning.”


“Albania asks for help from EU Emergency Response Coordination Centre to tackle wildfires…

“There have been numerous wildfires in the southern district of Dropull, 250 kilometres south of the capital Tirana. It’s close to the border with Greece and inhabited mainly by an ethnic Greek minority. Fires there have been fanned by wind…”


“Wildfires, extreme heat and low rainfall: Greek islands hit with water crisis…

“Just weeks after Greece was hit with its earliest ever heatwave in June, parts of the country are facing a new crisis: severe water shortages. A state of emergency has been declared in Sifnos in the Cyclades, Leros in the Dodecanese Islands, Sami in Kefalonia and in parts of Crete.”


“HISTORIC HEAT WAVE IN THE CANARY ISLANDS – Incredible minimum temperature of 21.4C [70.5F] at 2,360m above sea level at Izana the hottest night in history (over 100 years of records).

“Records are falling all over the Mediterranean from West (inc. azores, canary) to East (turkey & middle east).”


“HISTORIC HEAT IN MOROCCO – Scorching temperatures in the Atlas. 40.7C [105.3F] at Midelt at 1500m asl, its hottest day in history and first time it hits 40C+.

“43.2C at Ouarzazate 1136m asl, all time record in the city called “the door of the Sahara”.”



“SAUDI ARABIA: 51.3 [124.3f] Al Ahsa ALL TIME RECORD AND NATIONAL RECORD FOR JULY; 50.8 Dammam monthly record; 49.5 Yenbo monthly record; 52.0 In Kuwait (Rabya) and Iraq; ALGERIA 49.9 Adrar all time record tied; EGYPT 44.5 Hurguada monthly record tied.”


“Records everywhere, every day – BENIN also had its hottest July night in history with a min. of 27.7C [81.9F] at Cotonou.

“Most of the countries have already broken heat records so far this month. Unprecedented.”


“Lahore [Pakistan] experienced record-breaking rainfall, reaching up to 315 millimetres [12.4 inches], breaking the 44-year-old record. The streets were flooded, causing difficulties for residents.

“The highest recorded rainfall in Lahore reached 315mm, surpassing last year’s record of 291 in Lak-shmi Chowk.”


“Climate change feared to trigger food crisis [Pakistan]…

“Pakistan has become an importer of …onion and tomato due to the impact of climate change. Until a year ago, Pakistan was a net exporter of such commodities. Orchards of citrus fruit (kinnow) and mango were being badly hit by global warming after banana crop faced the same damage…”


“From mangoes to poultry, heatwave aftermath leaves Bangladesh food security in jeopardy…

“Extreme heat in Bangladesh on the back of frequent cyclones, droughts and floods is pushing the country further into a food security crisis. The intense heat, which peaked at a record 43.8°C in Jashore on April 30, caused widespread damage to agricultural sectors.”


“More than 60 people missing after two buses swept into river in Nepal…

“Vehicles swept off highway by landslide caused by rains, with three survivors rescued after they swam to safety… Dozens have died in the Himalayan nation since the middle of June as torrential monsoon rains triggered landslides and flooding.”


“Three Gorges Dam on alert as heavy rain and floods kill 6 in China…

“Record rainfall in Chongqing has caused flooding in a dozen districts and counties since Thursday… Dianjiang county in Chongqing received 269.2mm of rain on Thursday, the highest in a single day ever.”


“Heavy rain triggers severe flooding in Pattaya and Banglamung district [Thailand]…

“Heavy rainfall lasting for one hour on the morning of July 11 triggered heavy flooding across Pattaya and Banglamung District. Floodwaters surged to heights ranging from 50 to 80 centimetres…”


“Heavy rains halt search for 30 people missing in an Indonesian landslide that killed at least 23.

“Incessant rains have halted the search for 30 people believed trapped under a landslide that engulfed an unauthorized gold mine on Indonesia’s Sulawesi island over the weekend, killing at least 23 people.”


“As announced few days ago, big warm up in AUSTRALIA. Wynyard in Tasmania broke its July record of highest temperature with 17.9C [64.2F] after breaking its all time low last week!

“This is what it’s called turnaround.”


“RECORD HEAT ALLOVER OCEANIA AND EAST ASIA. Hottest July night in history in the MARSHALL ISLANDS: Tmin 28.3C [82.9F] at Majuro.

“In JAPAN hundreds of records since weeks. Today highest minimums: 29.8 Kitahara; 29.7 Tokoro; 29.6 Hateruma; 29.6 Kumejima; 29.6 Yonaguni; 29.4 Iriomote; 29.3 Amagi.”


“Heavy rains on the night of July 11 caused flooding in different parts of Guatemala, as captured in videos that have gone viral on social media.

“Video clips showed flooding in several streets in Zone 1 of the capital.”


“One dead, two missing and flooding among the damages caused by torrential rains in Tlapa, Guerrero [Mexico]…

“The Guerrero Civil Protection Secretariat presented a report on the damage caused by torrential rain, accompanied by electrical activity recorded on Thursday night in the municipality of Tlapa, in the Montaña region.”


“Over 200 crocodiles spotted swimming in Mexico cities ‘in search of food’ after horrific flooding attributed to Hurricane Beryl…

“Authorities have so far captured and relocated more than 200 reptiles that were wandering across urban areas after heavy rains last week, according to Attorney General’s Office for Environmental Protection.”


“‘We’re screaming into the void.’ Across the U.S., heat keeps breaking records…

“When Joe Pascale moved to the desert city of Palm Springs, Calif., about 17 years ago it was hot, but in the mornings and evenings there was a break from the heat… “That doesn’t exist for us anymore, and it’s a huge loss,” he says.”


“The hot weather that has been afflicting Americans in remote national parks is also grounding emergency helicopter flights that could rescue them.

“That’s because helicopters can’t fly in temperatures above 120 degrees, USA TODAY reported.”


“California wildfires have burned five times the average area this year, officials say.

““We are not just in a fire season, we are in a fire year,” Joe Tyler said at the news conference. “Our winds and the recent heatwave have exacerbated the issue, consuming thousands of acres. So we need to be extra cautious.””


“Climate change increasingly taking a toll on Oregon farmers, ranchers…

“Oregon farmers and ranchers are increasingly dealing with severe droughts, wildfires, sweltering heat waves and pests that can all-together decimate entire fields. With stress and uncertainty about the future because of climate change, agriculture researchers say more farmers are seeking ways to cope.”


“Three poultry workers from a farm in northeast Colorado are suspected to have contracted bird flu, state and federal health officials announced Friday.

“The three tested presumptively positive for H5N1, also known as avian influenza, while working at a “commercial egg layer operation,” the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment said in a statement.”


“Vermonters pummeled by floods exactly 1 year apart begin another clean-up.

“Remnants of Hurricane Beryl dumped heavy rain on Vermont, destroying and damaging homes, knocking out bridges, cutting off towns and retraumatizing a state where some people are still awaiting federal assistance checks from the last catastrophic floods that hit a year ago to the day.”


“Eastern U.S. faces punishing blast of heat late this weekend into next week…

“Records highs in the East are possible as soon as Friday and Saturday in parts of Georgia and the Carolinas. From Sunday through Wednesday, record heat will expand to cover much of the East Coast.”


“Wildfires Encircle Canada’s Oil-Sands City Amid Hot Weather…

“A ring of wildfires has erupted around Canada’s unofficial oil-sands capital of Fort McMurray, adding new threats to crude production from the world’s third-largest petroleum reserves. Eight out-of-control blazes have been discovered…”


“Less than two weeks before the anniversary of deadly floods that devastated parts of Nova Scotia, some of those same counties were once again ravaged by heavy rains and raging floodwaters…

“Four people died in West Hants last July when torrential downpours swamped most of central Nova Scotia.”


“Melting sea ice is hindering, not helping, Canadian Arctic shipping…

“Shipping companies have anticipated that melting sea ice will open a shorter route through the Canadian Arctic, but they may see their hopes dashed by thicker ice flowing in from further north.”


“The North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly map barely shows any blue over its 40,000,000 square kilometers area.

“Even with millions of tons of Saharan dust providing natural sunshade. We are in uncharted territory!”


“Entire pod of 89 pilot whales dies on Scottish beach in freak mass stranding…

“Large strandings like this one are becoming increasingly common in Scotland, Andrew Brownlow, a veterinary pathologist who leads the SMASS strandings team, told the BBC. “It used to be quite unusual…””


“Extreme Weather Is Shaking Up Global Food Markets Again…

“This week has offered yet another reminder of how food supplies are at the mercy of weather. Coffee prices jumped as poor growing conditions in South America and Asia hurt output… in China, crops are at risk from extreme events that are happening more often because of climate change.”


“Plant pandemic looms as pathogens move from wild plants to crops…

“A big worry is that a lot of these viruses were introduced in the last few decades. These native plants may be coming face-to-face with pathogens they’ve never met before. It’s like getting an unexpected and unwelcome guest at your door.”


“Singapore has approved 16 insects to eat as food: here’s everything you need to know.

“From fried silk worm pupa to protein bars packed with ground mealworm, Singapore’s long list of edible insects could be a sign of things to come… It comes as the United Nations Food And Agricultural Organisation (FAO) continues to promote insect consumption…”


You can read the previous “Climate” thread here. I’ll be back on Monday with an ”Economic” thread.

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11th July 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“At least five people were killed and thousands were evacuated when record-breaking rains battered South Korea’s southern regions Wednesday…

“The town of Gunsan, located some 178 kilometers (110 miles) south of Seoul, got 131.7 millimeters (5.19 inches) of rain within a one-hour period until 2:42 a.m. local time (1700GMT Tuesday), marking the heaviest hourly downpour on official record nationwide.”


“Insane humid heat 24/7 in CHINA: MINIMUM temperatures >32C [89.6F] again. More records of highest minimums fell; the most important:

“32.1 Liuhe all time highest minimum; 31.9 Changzhou July highest minimum. And several others.”


“Another year of heat and floods spurs China’s climate-change awakening…

“Beijing has made adapting to bouts of extreme weather a greater policy priority. Last week, weather officials issued an unusually direct warning about the country’s vulnerability to intensifying heat and rainfall worsened by climate change.”


“Japan adds ‘most severe’ category to its heatstroke index amid deadly summer…

“Medical experts in Japan are to add a “most severe” category to the current heatstroke index, amid warnings that the extreme heat is straining medical services and causing damage to public health comparable to that in a “natural disaster”.”


“EXTRAORDINARY HEAT IN JAPAN: Dozens of records every day since weeks. Today all time high at Nagahama with 36.1C and monthly record at Hyuga with 38.5C [101.3F].

“Yesterday dozens more records of hottest nights (all time and July), including Nagoya, Ajiro, Kumagata, Utsonomiya.”


“New Zealand’s sea temperatures hit record highs, outstripping global averages…

“When comparing data from the previous 20 years, the rate of ocean surface warming around New Zealand has outstripped the global per decade average of 0.18C twofold, with one region – the Chatham Rise – three times warmer than the global average…”



“Exceptional cold this morning in the city of La Plata, Argentina with -5.7C [21.7F] which tied its ALL TIME LOW, also recorded on 14 June 1967.”


“Devastation as world’s biggest wetland burns: ‘those that cannot run don’t stand a chance’ [Pantanal]…

“Blackened trees, dead animals and scorched earth – early wildfires have already devastated Brazil’s Pantanal and local people worry they may lose the battle to save them. Perched atop blackened trees, howler monkeys survey the ashes around them…”


“Brazil worried about Amazon energy collapse amidst drought risks.

“The Brazilian Amazon is bracing for a significant climate change stress test… In May 2024, the Civil Defense of the state of Amazonas advised populations in the most drought-prone areas to start storing water, food, and medicine in preparation…”


“Since June 2023 South America has been with endless record heat…

“Today the Peruvian town of Tarapoto broke its monthly record of highest temperature again with 36.7C [98.1F], after having broken multiple times that of June and every month of 2024.”


“VIDEO: Chiapas under water! [Mexico]

“The recent rainfall in Chiapas has caused overflowing rivers and collapsed streets with several stranded vehicles… A series of videos began circulating on social media showing the intense damage, including vehicles that were stranded and even swept away by the current.”



“Record heat is never ending in the Caribbean, before, during and after Beryl, one thing never changed: records and more records no stop. Today hottest July on record in DOMINICA with 35.4C [95.7F] at Canefield.”


“Rising Frustration in Houston After Millions Lost Power in Storm…

“By late Tuesday, some 1.5 million of CenterPoint’s customers still had no power — and little sense of when it would return… As the temperatures rose, so did many residents’ anger.”


“Wildfire ‘burn scars’ bring repeated flash floods to New Mexico village…

“The alpine resort village of Ruidoso, N.M., was pummeled by flash floods again on Tuesday, after “burn scars” from the South Fork and Salt wildfires left the soil unable to absorb rainfall, upending recovery efforts and underscoring the growing climate risks to tourist-dependent towns.”


“Las Vegas sets record for number of days over 115F amid its ‘most extreme heatwave in history’…

“The brutal milestone marks yet another record for the Nevada desert city this week: on Sunday, Las Vegas hit an all-time high of 120F (48.8C). Even by desert standards, the prolonged baking the city is experiencing is nearly unprecedented.”


“Hot Nights Fuel Wildfires in California, Complicating Containment…

“Over the July 4 weekend, hundreds of fires sparked across California, feeding on the hot, dry conditions of an ongoing heat wave. But some of these fires were strange. They grew rapidly and expanded their territory at a time when fires, like people, traditionally rest: at night.”


“Another brutally coast-to-coast hot day in most of USA:

“>125F in California and 110s in Oregon, Idaho and Washington; 118 Barstow Dagget CA tied again its hottest day in history; 106 Eugene OR ties its July highest temperature on record. CANADA: 42.1C/108F Ashcroft Monthly record.”


“Destructive storms, reported tornadoes sweep through upstate NY…

“A string of strong thunderstorms resulting from remnants of Hurricane Beryl tore through Western New York, Central New York and the Finger Lakes region Wednesday, producing multiple tornado warnings and at least one legitimate tornado…”


“Town of Moriah declares state of emergency due to flash floods, multiple roads closed in northern New York…

“The town of Moriah has declared a state of emergency due to flash flooding on Wednesday night. Officials posted on social media saying that roads are flooded and crews are out assessing any damage.”


“The detection of a massive harmful algal bloom in the Arctic prompts real-time advisories to western Alaskan communities.

“Toxins produced by this organism as it proliferates can accumulate in organisms that consume the algae, and the toxins can then be transferred through the food web, causing illness or mortality of marine animals and potentially fatal Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning in people who eat contaminated seafoods.”


“Warming Baltic Sea: a red flag for global oceans.

“Climate change combined with pollution from farming and forestry could flip northern Europe’s Baltic Sea from being a sponge for CO2 to a source of the planet-warming gas, scientists studying told AFP. This should be a red flag, they warned.”


“Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly records keep breaking over the Northern Hemisphere mid-latitude.

“It’s like we have added a permanent El Niño! And June was record high at 8.1 standard deviations from the 1951-1980 climatology.”


“The Gulf Stream is wind-powered and could weaken from climate change…

“Together, the combined effect of weakening winds and reduced deep water formation could significantly weaken the Gulf Stream. If the AMOC were to collapse European temperatures would cool by 10 to 15 degrees Celsius, wreaking havoc on continental agriculture and weather patterns.W


“Records are falling everywhere:

“The remote AZORES, a territory of Portugal in the Atlantic Ocean, today had their hottest day ever recorded in July with 31.5C [88.7F] at Lajes Airport, in the Terceira Island.”


“Why is Europe experiencing such extremes in its weather and what can be done?

“In the north of the continent, temperatures have been far below average, with significantly more rain than normal, while the south is battling heat waves and wildfires. In Belgium alone, June marked the ninth month in a row with more rain than usual – a new record for the country…”


“Videos capture chaos of Brussels storm…

“A two-month-old baby was tragically killed by a falling tree branch in Uccle. The storm caused severe flooding, disrupted public transport, and resulted in numerous power outages. Emergency services dealt with hundreds of incidents, as Belgium’s National Crisis Centre issued multiple warnings and advisories.”


“Torn off roofs, fallen trees. Tragic consequences of storms over Pleszew district [Poland]…

“On Wednesday, July 10, devastating storms passed through the Pleszew district. The element affected all municipalities in the district. The wind ripped off roofs, damaged power lines, broke branches, and in some places uprooted trees.”


“HISTORIC East European and Mediterranean Heat Wave:

“Record hot nights in Poland, Germany, Bulgaria (Varna),Ukraine and Russia; MINIMUMS up to 30C in Croatia and Russia. Record heat in Algeria and Tunisia; ALGERIA ALL TIME HIGHS: 49.6 BIskra; 45.1 Batna.”


“‘It’s about survival’: Athens mayor focuses on getting capital through extreme heat…

“After a June that was the hottest on record, the greater Attica region has already witnessed record-breaking temperatures and wildfires. “In any place tackling such extreme weather phenomena would be difficult,” says Doukas.”


“Exceptional heat in GREECE – Minimum temperatures 32C [89.6F] and 30C even in the North of the country, unprecedented.

“Kefalonia and Athens AP Tmin 30C, Alexandropolis 29.0C, a record. Nearly all Eastern Europe is at record heat level and will remain so for weeks.”


“Wildfires break out in Attica, Evros and Parga…

“A fire is also currently burning in a forested area in Kanalaki, Parga, western Greece. Some 35 firefighters with 12 vehicles have been dispatched to the scene, while six aircraft are operating in the area.”


“South Africa’s Tourism Mecca Hit by Torrential Rain, High Winds…

“Cape Town, South Africa’s tourist capital, has been battered by torrential rains and howling winds that have caused extensive damage to infrastructure and driven thousands of shantytown residents from their homes.”


“SOUTHERN AFRICA COLD SPELL – Frost spread to the highlands of Namibia, Botswana (-6.4 Tsabong) and Zimbabwe (-3.5 West Nicholson).

“In Botswana also -4.5C in the capital Gabarone just 2C above its coldest ever temperature. Very light frost also in Zambia. No records but rare cold.”


“Double tragedy: the Zimbabwe farmers affected by illegal mining and climate change.

“Smallholder farmers in rural Gwanda, a region in Zimbabwe that borders South Africa, have been affected by a double shock – a combination of heat, droughts and floods caused by climate change, and water contamination and damaged land caused by illegal, small-scale mining.”


“Records everywhere, every day… In SAUDI ARABIA minimum of 34.8C [94.6F] at Wadi Dawasser at 622m asl, hottest night in its climatic history.

“Heat waves are sweeping all Continents and breaking records all over the world, like never before 2024.”



“More records broken this month in the tropical Indian Ocean islands include 34.0C [93.2F] Diego Garcia CHAGOS ISLANDS – US Base in the British UK Territory (disputed with Mauritius). 33.5C Male MALDIVES.”


“2 killed, 30 injured in Bannu rain, hailstorm [Pakistan]…

“The rescue 112 teams rushed to various areas… district administration has declared emergency in the three major hospitals while the leave of doctors has been cancelled owing to the emergency situation in the district.”


“India: Extreme weather fuels migration-related challenges…

“”With increasing frequency of extreme weather events, people are losing the ability to cope and have no alternative but to migrate. The challenge is for all countries, particularly the rich, to take climate change targets seriously,” Narain stressed.”


“Uttarakhand breaks rainfall and heat records in past two months.

“In Uttarakhand, the warming temperature trend is worsening forest fire events to a greater extent. Human-caused climate change is influencing weather and climatic extremes in higher elevation places.”


“38 killed in a day due to lightning strikes in Uttar Pradesh as rain batters state.

“At least 38 people were killed in separate incidents across Uttar Pradesh due to lightning strikes on July 10. Pratapgarh with 11 fatalities accounted for the most deaths, followed by seven in Sultanpur.”


“Record rainfall, 573mm [22.6 inches] in 24 hours, in Kanchanpur [Nepal] causes catastrophic flooding.

“Kanchanpur, a southwestern Tarai district in Sudurpaschim Province of Nepal, has been severely impacted by floods and inundations over the last 24 hours… four young girls drowned in flooding on Monday at Ratokhali, Punarbas Municipality Ward 5.”


“Some 31,000 evacuated as monsoon floods devastate Myanmar.

“About 31,000 people have been evacuated since the beginning of July due to floods affecting several parts of Myanmar, according to the country’s Department of Disaster Management on Wednesday (July 10).”


“Forest fires devastate Russia in record numbers.

“Forest fires have burned 3.5 million hectares in Russia since the start of the year, already one and a half times more than last year. Nearly 6,000 forest fire hotspots have been recorded across the country, the Ministry of Emergency Situations reported.”


“A Smoky Summer in Amur [satellite photos]…

“Large numbers of intense, smoky fires spread across eastern Russia in the summer of 2024, shrouding the region’s skies, forests, and communities in smoke. One of the most active areas has been the Amur oblast, which borders China’s Heilongjiang province.”


“Breaking News! Code Yikes!

“Global sea surface temperatures are back at record levels after large gains the last 3 days.”


“Antidotes to despair’: five things we’ve learned from the world’s best climate journalists…

“There is good news on the climate beat. Solar, wind, storage batteries and other pillars of the green economy are growing by leaps and bounds… solutions are emerging from the grassroots, including in some of the most climate-vulnerable locations on earth.”


“The Climate Comedy Cohort Wants to Make Global Warming… Funny?

“In 2022, Esteban Gast, a Los Angeles-based standup comedian, helped launch the Climate Comedy Cohort, a nine-month paid fellowship for comedians to learn from climate experts and develop content aimed at raising awareness and driving action.”


“The plague may have wiped out most northern Europeans 5000 years ago.

“The Neolithic culture in Europe that produced megastructures such as Stonehenge went into a major decline around 5400 years ago. Now we have the best evidence yet that this was due to plague.”


“A new plague case is a reminder: The ‘Black Death’ lingers in the US.

“A case of plague has been confirmed in a person in Pueblo County, Colorado, officials said Tuesday. The case was flagged Friday from preliminary test results, and the potential source of the infection is still under investigation.”


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9th July 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“‘Stark warning’ as global temperatures hit record levels for 13th month…

“June also marked the 12th straight month that the world was more than 1.5 degrees Celsius (2.7 degrees Fahrenheit) warmer than the pre-industrial era, Copernicus said in an announcement on Monday.”


“Global Sea Surface Temperatures are daily record high again!”


“Maui residents say their ongoing illnesses are connected to the devastating 2023 wildfires…

“Thousands of people on Maui now live in or near areas that were burned. In a recent study of residents impacted by the fires, almost half reported declines in their health. Almost 40 percent of those examined had compromised lung function…”


“California’s Lake Fire threatens Neverland Ranch, previous home of Michael Jackson…

“A wildfire in Santa Barbara County, California, has burned more than 20,000 acres and is 8% contained, according to Cal Fire. It has prompted evacuation orders along the area, threatening Michael Jackson’s former Neverland Ranch.”


“Record heat in California: we’re seeing climate change unfold before our eyes…

““Southern California has warmed about three degrees (F) in the last century and all of the state is becoming warmer,” a 2016 EPA advisory warned. “Heat waves are becoming more common, snow is melting earlier in spring…””


“US heatwave tied to four Oregon deaths as temperature records are shattered…

“More than 146 million Americans were under extreme heat alerts on Monday, as both sides of the country cooked. Excessive heat warnings, the National Weather Service’s (NWS) highest alert, stretch across the west…”


“Las Vegas hits its all-time temperature record – as motorcyclist dies from ‘heat exposure’ in Death Valley…

“The city in Nevada recorded 49C (120F) for the first time on Sunday – a day after the temperature reached 46C (115F) there, which tied with a record set in 2007. Temperatures are running as much as 20 degrees above normal for this time of year…”


“Beryl leaves millions of Texans without power as dangerous heat descends on the region…

“Restoring power to millions of Texans slammed by the deadly and destructive storm Beryl could take days or even weeks, posing a dangerous scenario for residents who will not have air conditioning as sweltering heat settles over the state.”


“Hurricane Beryl today produced one of the most prolific and significant tropical cyclone-induced tornado outbreaks in US history.

“An incredible 110 tornado warnings have been issued since midnight. This is also the most tornado warnings issued in the US in a single July day since records began in 1986.”


“D.C.-area forecast: Brutally hot and humid through midweek…

“The heat is becoming relentless and the humidity is back as well after taking a short pause yesterday. Heat indexes — accounting for both the heat and humidity — are set to surpass 100 every day through Wednesday.”


“Amid extreme heat, US infrastructure and transportation systems buckle under pressure…

“”Trains move more slowly during the heat because the tracks are softer and the catenary wires are drooping,” said Clinton Andrews, director of the Center for Urban Policy Research at Rutgers University… Higher temperatures also put a strain on aging signal infrastructure and electric grids, which are needed to cool trains and stations.”


“It’s so hot in New York that the bridges stopped working. Well, one bridge anyway.

“The Third Avenue Bridge connecting the Bronx and Manhattan closed Monday afternoon as city agencies rushed to cool it down. That’s right, cool it down.”


“Holidaymakers stranded at Heathrow have hunkered down for the night in the terminal after storms across the Atlantic forced dozens of flights to be cancelled.

“Photos show passengers in Terminal 5 trying to get some sleep on the hard plastic chairs as many were not able to stay in the hotel opposite.”


“A plane heading into Heathrow Airport [from Stuttgart, Germany] was diverted when it was reportedly hit by lightning.

“The British Airways flight had to land at Gatwick following the strike, according to The Sun. BA confirmed to Sky News the flight had experienced “adverse weather conditions” without giving further details.”


“Vineyards in northwestern Spain hit by extreme weather.

“Following similar events in Catalonia, northwestern Spain has been hit by severe hailstorms with DOs Bierzo and Valdeorras likely to see both the 2024 and 2025 harvests severely affected.”


“Firefighters battle wildfires on 2 Greek islands as premier warns of a dangerous summer.

“Firefighters battled wildfires that broke out on the eastern Aegean islands of Chios and Kos Monday and injured five people, as Greece’s prime minister warned of a dangerous summer ahead and said the public’s help was essential in limiting the impact of wildfires.”



“MINIMUM 30.3C at Derbent is the 2nd hottest night ever recorded anywhere in Russia. 2 stations in European Russia had their hottest day in history: 40.7 Primorsko Ahtarsk (tie); 38.6 Anapa. Eastern Europe in in the grip of an exceptional heat wave.”


“Severe floods kills 2 in country’s north, east [Turkey]…

“Intense rainfall inundated the northern province of Ordu beginning the afternoon of July 7, with precipitation reaching approximately 100 kilograms per square meter in its two districts, İkizce and Çaybaşı.”


“Endless record heat in North Africa & Middle East. Today 50.7C [123.3F] in the Emirates; 49.8C Sunaynah OMAN (July record)

“In ALGERIA the extreme heat seems eternal; 49.8C Adrar (0.1C from all time high); 49.2C Timimoun; There is no end in sight of the extreme heat in any foreseeable future.”


“Rains batter Cape Town: Lwandle residents cry for help as extreme weather exposes neglect.

“Hundreds of Lwandle residents on Monday lined the streets for humanitarian aid and food. Damaging weather wreaked havoc in some areas in Cape Town. Some residents say they don’t know why they voted when their living conditions haven’t improved.”


“Extreme weather in South Africa is disrupting tourism – research tracks the impact on coastal areas.

“Coastal tourism has been hard hit by sea storms, tropical cyclones, heatwaves, rising sea levels, rough seas, cut-off lows, wildfires, coastal and fluvial flooding (where rivers burst their banks).”


“Zambia’s energy regulator approved the construction of the nation’s second coal-fired power plant, as its worst drought in decades cut output at the hydroelectric dams that account for most of its energy supply.

“The Energy Regulation Board awarded a construction permit for the 300 megawatt facility in the south of the nation.”


“East African health systems struggle to manage floods fallout.

“The recent floods in East Africa fuelled water-borne diseases such as cholera with vector-borne diseases like malaria, dengue fever, and chikungunya on the rise, said Dr. Martin Muchangi…”


“Kenya’s dramatic flooding sweeps away a central part of the economy: Its farms…

“The rains that started in mid-March have posed immediate dangers and left others to come… Now a food security crisis lies ahead, along with even higher prices in a country whose president had sought to make agriculture an even greater engine of the economy.”


“Pakistan Withers Under Deadly Heat and Fears the Coming Rains…

“In nearly every corner of Karachi, there are signs of the heat wave scorching the sun-baked city. Hundreds of patients suffering from heat-related illnesses pour into the hospitals every day, pushing them far past their capacity. Morgues overwhelmed by a surge in bodies are struggling to find space.”


“Record-low snow persistence threatens water security [Hindu Kush].

“The Hindu Kush Himalayan (HKH) region is experiencing a significant decline in snow persistence, affecting the water security of millions living within the HKH region and billions living downstream.”


“Tea prices risk boiling over as extreme weather disrupts harvest [India]…

“Heatwaves and flooding have driven the average price of Indian tea leaves to more than £2 per kg, up almost 20 per cent on last year, according to India’s Tea Board… Extreme weather events are hurting tea production. Excessive heat in May, followed by flooding in Assam, are reducing output.”


“Khatima toll plaza turned into ocean earlier today after historic 24hr Rainfall [Uttarakhand]

“Recent 24hr 400mm+ Rainfall from Uttarakhand Manual weather stations: Khatima 431.0mm on 8th July 2024; Rishikesh 434.6mm on 10th August 2023; Pantnagar 403.9mm & Nainital 401.0mm on 19th Oct 2021.”


“More than 130 wild animals, including at least six rare rhinos, have died in flooding at a national park in north-eastern India, officials say.

“The Kaziranga National Park in Assam is experiencing its worst deluge in recent years. The dead animals – many of whom died by drowning – include 117 hog deer, two sambar deer, a rhesus macaque and an otter.”


“Persistent rainfall in Nepal has caused flash flooding and landslides that have killed at least 14 people, authorities said on Sunday.

“Police said the deaths occurred in various locations and that at least nine people are missing… Nepal’s National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Authority says that at least 50 people have died since June due to extreme weather events.”


“China races time to combat floods, relocate residents.

“On Sunday, China activated a Level IV emergency response to flooding in Shandong and Sichuan provinces [Linyi, Shandong was hit by heavy rain, with rainfall reaching 376 mm / 14.8 inches in 10 hours! H/t Jim Yang].


“UNBELIEVABLE HEAT IN CHINA – NIGHT MINIMUMS 30/32C [86/89.6F] in dozens stations in 9 different provinces! Unprecedented.

“Many records of high minimums were broken, most important: ALL TIME HIGH TMINS: 31.6 Nantong; 31.2 Taizhou; JULY HIGH TMINS: 32.0 Chaozhu; 31.6 Changzhou, Shanghai and Nanjing.”


“A heatwave continues to dominate Japan. For the first time in recorded history, Shizuoka reached the forty-degree mark on Sunday, which is 11 degrees higher than normal.

“I’d like to emphasize that we are still a month away from the hottest time of the year.”


“Indonesian landslide triggered by heavy rain leaves 11 dead and dozens missing at illegal gold mine…

“More than 100 villagers were digging for grains of gold on Sunday in the remote Bone Bolango district in Gorontalo province when tons of mud plunged down the surrounding hills and buried their makeshift camps…”


“Endless record heat in OCEANIA. It’s the cold season in the Southern Pacific yet it’s stifling hot day and night.

“Insane MINIMUM of 27.5C [81.5F] today at Munda, hottest July night ever recorded in the SOLOMON ISLANDS. Records are falling in 100% of the tropics.”


“This Pacific island country is disappearing. What happens next? [Tuvalu]

“In the shadow of this immense existential threat lies a personal question for Tuvaluans: Should I stay or should I go? Some Tuvaluans are considering leaving to pursue more security, but the majority of those I spoke to plan to stay.”


“Families evacuated due to flooding and overflows caused by rains [El Salvador].

“Dozens of families were evacuated from their homes and taken to shelters. Several highways nationwide were blocked by landslides… the Minister of Government and Territorial Development, Juan Carlos Bidegain, indicated that they will continue to respond to incidents…”


“State of calamity declared in Guatemala due to rainy season…

“Last April, Arévalo de León also requested a state of calamity due to forest fires in the territory… According to Guatemalan law, a “state of calamity” is a mechanism that allows access to emergency funds from institutions responsible for dealing with crises of different kinds.”


“Polar warming may be underestimated by climate models, ~50 million year old climate variability suggests…

“…models underestimate polar amplification (1.1–1.3x)… “Our new study shows that the current warming is already on the same scale of some of these hyperthermals, which strongly impacted climate and oceans,” Fokkema concludes.”


“Can we reach climate goals despite new record heat?

“…While action needs to ramp up quickly, progress has been made to slow climate change. Renewables such as wind, solar and other green technologies like electric cars are expanding rapidly and falling in price.”


“Positive tipping points: A credible way to meet climate and nature goals…

“The good news is that we are starting to see positive tipping points unfold in our societies and technology. They happen when amplifying (positive) feedback takes over from damping (negative) feedback and gets strong enough to support self-propelling change.”


“Trauma-sensitive climate change education can develop truthful hope…

“Doom and gloom discourses encountered at school and through multimedia exposure risk evoking worry, fear, anxiety and hopelessness. To enhance a growing understanding of complex climate emotions, we think it’s important to notice feelings like climate anxiety and climate trauma…”


“Your semen is not immune to climate change… 

“Men exposed to increases in temperature during spermatogenesis exhibited a lower number of sperm with worse morphology compared to those who suffered the heat wave at the time of ejaculation.”


“Bird flu spread to cows takes ‘dangerous’ step towards infecting humans through respiration, scientists warn…

“New analysis of the version of bird flu which has spread to cattle on more than 100 farms in the US suggests that the virus has mutated, which could eventually lead to it being spread to humans by breathing.”


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