31st July 2021 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

Turkish fires sweeping through tourist areas are the hottest on record… The heat intensity of wildfires in Turkey on Thursday was four times higher than anything on record for the nation, according to satellite data passed on to the Guardian.

“At least four people were killed by blazes that swept through the tourist regions of Antalya and Muğla, forcing thousands of holidaymakers to be evacuated from their hotels by a flotilla of boats.”


Cyprus is sweltering under a sustained heatwave, which could last more than ten days, with maximum temperatures expected to soar to 44 degrees Celsius [111.2F] next week…

“In comments to the Financial Mirror, weather observer Eric Kitas said… Greece and Turkey could be in for their hottest days on record.” [Turkey just had its hottest day on record, so this would be pretty remarkable.]


Welcome to global warming… Greece warns against unnecessary work as temperatures soar

“”We are constantly recording maximum record temperatures all these years, which means that climate change is here,” said Stavros Solomos, researcher at the Centre for Atmospheric Physics and Climatology of the Academy of Athens.”


Mediterranean Heat Wave: Exceptional hot day at Kalymnos Island, Greece.

“The station of NOA (University of Athens) recorded a 24 hours minimum temperature of +32.7C [90.9F] on 29 July. This is arguably the highest 24 hours min. in Greece and only 0.5C from the European highest Tmin of July.”


Yorkshire skipper’s yacht ‘attacked’ by pod of killer whales in terrifying encounter off the coast of Spain

“The encounter with the jet-black marine mammals, also called orcas, happened last Wednesday (Jul 21) on what Mr Samples said was a lovely, sunny afternoon.” [These attacks have become quite the phenomenon. Anyone know what might be causing them?!]


Champagne growers struggle in one of the wettest summers on record. The rain gauges have been overflowing in Maxime Toubart’s vineyards and that is bad news for his champagne vintage.

“He says his corner of France has seen 300 mm [12 inches] of rain over the past two months, 10 times what he would normally expect…”


Growing patches of coloured snow in the French Alps could be a sign of the impact climate change is having in the mountains.

“…when the snow algae grow prolifically and are exposed to strong solar radiation, they produce red-coloured pigment molecules known as carotenoids, which act as a sunshield to protect their chlorophyll.”


Ireland’s largest fish kill of year linked to heatwave’s water temperatures

“Dr Milton Matthews, director of the north-western river basin district with Inland Fisheries Ireland, said: “Unfortunately, this is a very significant fish kill affecting several year classes of coarse fish…”


Finland’s worst wildfire in more than half a century scorched the country’s northwest for a fifth day on Friday, tearing through forests left dry by record summer heat

“Strong winds blowing flames from treetop to treetop had made the fire in the Kalajoki river valley the country’s second-biggest of all time.”


U.S. Colorado hit by record-breaking heat waves, mudslides.

“Colorado’s unpredictable 2021 summer weather showcased an extraordinary week, where record hot temperatures were recorded on the state’s flat eastern half, while monsoon-like weather in the mountains triggered record numbers of mudslides.”


An abnormally stormy week helped push Tucson to its wettest July in history with more than 7 inches of rain falling in the southern Arizona city so far this month.

“Tucson had recorded 7.08 inches of rain as of Wednesday, eclipsing the previous July record of 6.80 inches set in 2017…”


Drought worsens in California as region faces more triple-digit heat, making it tougher to control the wildfires.

“”There isn’t a ‘normal’ anymore. We need to be prepared for anything,” said Norm McDonald, the incident commander for the Bootleg Fire in Oregon, the nation’s largest blaze, which was ignited in early July and was only 53% contained as of Friday.”


Pacific Northwest in the grips of another heat wave amid worsening drought

“Temperatures are skyrocketing yet again in the Pacific Northwest… Drought conditions blanket over 93 percent of the Pacific Northwest, a 38 percent leap from just three months ago, according to the U.S. Drought Monitor.”


Heavy frost in Argentina on 29 July: the almost tropical town of Formosa (26N) not far from the Paraguayan border, dropped to -2.5C [27.5F] ,its coldest temperature on record.

4 days ago it was baking with 33C [91.4F]. -7.4C [18.7F] at Presidencia RS Pena (also 26N), monthly record. It was 34.6C [94.3F] 4 days ago!”


Brazil gets snow and ice, surprising residents… Brazilians braced themselves for the coldest day of the year on Friday after some locals in southern regions saw snow for the first time…

“While it gave some people the possibility of making their first snowmen, fears have grown that essential export crops like coffee, sugar cane and oranges could be damaged by frost.


Brazil’s water crisis adds to world’s supply-chain misery. Drought is making one of Brazil’s most important river systems unnavigable, making it more challenging and costly for the commodities powerhouse to get grains and iron ore out to global markets.

“The Parana River Basin in central Brazil is experiencing its worst water crisis in 91 years, according to the national grid operator…”


Flooding and landslides have left thousands of refugees cut off from food supplies in Ituango, the conflict-strewn municipality in north-western Colombia.

“Roads have been blocked by mud and debris after heavy rains, while helicopters have been unable to land. As a result, the delivery of food and medical supplies has been stymied, and communications cut off.”


New day in Hokkaido, Japan? New records of course! 29th July the coastal town of Wakkanai, quite famous for its long cold and snowy winters, recorded 32.7C [90.9F], pulverizing its all time highest temperature of 31.3C set on 22 August 1946.

“Even more records on the way!”


North Korea began the summer in a food crisis. A heatwave and drought could make it worse

“The heat in North Korea is tied to an unusually intense zone of high pressure over the western Pacific. The “heat dome” — similar to ones that have gripped parts of North America this summer — extends over northeast China, the Korean Peninsula and northern Japan, where numerous record temperatures were set Wednesday.”


China’s ‘Sponge Cities’ That Absorb Rainwater Pushed Past Limits

“…experts say the storm that drowned Zhengzhou was more than any city’s drainage system could handle. And because of climate change, these kinds of storms are becoming increasingly common around the world.”


Bangladesh floods displace more than 21,000 Rohingya refugees.

“Heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides and flash floods in refugee camps displacing thousands of Rohingya Muslims in southeastern Bangladesh this week, UN and other officials said on Friday, with further heavy rainfall expected.”


’10 times deadlier’: Floods devastate town in India’s Maharashtra

“At least 209 people are confirmed dead… The floods are reminiscent of a similar catastrophe that hit the region in 2005… But residents in Chiplun, home to about 150,000 people, say the tragedy this year was worse.”


Intensity of severe cyclonic storms in the North Indian Ocean region showed an increasing trend over the past four decades, the Union ministry of science and technology said

“The scientists expressed their concern over the impact of global warming due to climate change and its effect on extreme weather events…”


People in a remote part of eastern Afghanistan were buried under mud and debris when heavy rain brought flash floods during the night

“Afghan officials gave a death toll of 60 but the Taliban say 150 people died in the flooding, the Associated Press news agency reports.”


29th July was a terribly hot day in Muscat, capital of the Sultanate of Oman.

After a terrible minimum temperature of 38C [100.4F], the maximum reached a July record of 48.0C [118.4F] and once again Muscat beat a monthly record this year.


Enough ice melted in Greenland on Tuesday to cover Florida in two inches of water, scientists warn

While the number of gigatons lost is not as extreme as in 2019, a record melt year, the overall area of the ice sheet that is shedding mass is actually larger, according to Polar Portal…”


Climate change: Scientists call for ‘refreezing’ of the Arctic after several ‘never before’ events

“British scientist Sir David King, chair of the CCAG told Sky News, “We can manage this. I believe we’ve got five years to set in train a whole series of a programme of work. And if we do all of that, we will have a safe future for mankind going well into the next century.”

“Otherwise “we are looking at a situation in the near future that is really too grim to to contemplate,” he said.” [FWIW my feeling on this kind of geo-engineering is why not? We may bump up hard against the law of unintended consequences but it’s not like we have a huge amount to lose at this stage.]


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29th July 2021 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

Shocking satellite image shows Alaska’s formerly frozen Yukon Delta is completely green.

“The images, captured by the US Geological Survey’s (USGS) Landsat 8 satellite on 29 May, showed extensive greenery in former tundra conditions – yet further evidence of global temperature rise.

“Dr Uma Bhatt, an atmospheric science professor at University of Alaska Fairbanks, told The Independent that the explosions of plants and shrubbery, over what is typically a frozen tundra landscape, is linked to sea ice decline as the planet heats up.”


Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change.

“The study focused on sea ice in August 2020 in the Wandel Sea, an area that once was covered year-round in thick, multi-year ice. Satellite images showed extensive open water and a record low of just 50% sea ice concentration on August 14, 2020…”


The Arctic Is Now Leaking Out High Concentrations of ‘Forever Chemicals’… Polyfluoroalkyl and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) don’t originate in the Arctic, but they do settle there…

“The problem is that the planet warms up, cycles of melting and freezing form pockets of highly saline ocean water, packing PFAS into tiny pools. Eventually, those highly concentrated chemicals are released into general circulation.”


On 28th July there was another record of highest temperature in Greenland: This time in the eastern coast.

“The station of Danmarkshavn (lat 76N) recorded 19.8C [67.64F], its highest temperature on records. Incredible 23.2C at Constable Pynt (near Scoresbysund) at 70N [73.76F] (but short period of records).”


A ban has been imposed on hunting trout in Scotland’s longest freshwater loch as a heatwave is causing fish to die a painful death before they can be safely released

“…at the weekend, a number of large trout suffered unintended painful deaths…”


UK summers are likely to regularly see temperatures above 40°C even if humanity manages to limit global warming to 1.5°C, meteorologists have warned.

“The UK is already seeing increasingly extreme weather, with 2020 the third warmest, fifth wettest and eighth sunniest year on record – the first to fall into the top 10 for all three variables.”


More than 60 people rescued after Italy’s Lake Como hit by mudslides and floods.

“A spate of extreme weather in the region also saw hundreds of car windscreens smashed by hailstones ‘as big as apricots’.”


Temperatures will hit as high as 43 degrees celsius [109.4F] in southeast Europe, as authorities issue a weather warning ahead of an expected heat wave on Thursday.

“In North Macedonia, health officials have urged a pause in construction work and called for municipal-level initiatives to help the elderly and the homeless. All six of the country’s administrative regions are set to be hit by the rise in temperatures.”


New 2021 Tmaxes today 28th July in some countries: 42.8C [109.04F] at Gjorokaster, Albania (national all time record under threat in the next days), 42.7C at Danilovgrad in Montenegro, 40.1C [104.18F] at Baile Herculane in Romania.

“In Estonia on 27 July 31.7C [89.06F] at Ristna all time record.”


Extremely hot temperatures and drought conditions exacerbate European wildfires.

“Extremely hot temperatures and drought conditions worsen conditions to fire European wildfires. CNN Meteorologist Pedram Javaheri has the latest.” [Video]


Massive forest fire in Manavgat district [Turkey] leaves several injured, one dead.

““The fire has not yet been fully brought under control,” Bekir Pakdemirli told reporters at the fire control center in Antalya province.”


Lebanon battles wildfires in country’s north, firefighter dies.

“Raging wildfires have burned large swathes of Lebanon’s pine forests in the mountainous north of the country, killing at least one firefighter and forcing some residents to flee, the National News Agency said on Wednesday.”


A mother and her son were killed in Pakistan’s capital Islamabad where torrential rains triggered by a cloudburst wreaked havoc.

“Several videos on social media showed floodwater sweeping away cars and other vehicles after it rained heavily in Islamabad and Rawalpindi for hours.”


Dozens missing and seven dead after cloudburst triggers flash flood in India’s Jammu and Kashmir.

“Seven people have died and at least 30 are missing after a cloudburst triggered flash floods in India’s northernmost Jammu and Kashmir state. The cloudburst occurred near the remote Honjar village in the state’s Kishtwar district on Wednesday at 4am local time…”


Myanmar floods, coup, complicate growing COVID-19 outbreak.

“Heavy downpours since the weekend caused flooding in several areas… “Hundreds of houses are submerged in water and only their roofs can be seen,” Pyae Sone, a social worker in Hlaingbwe in Kayin State said by telephone.”


Six killed in landslide, flooding at Rohingya camps in Bangladesh.

“At least six Rohingya Muslims, including children, were killed and several others injured on Tuesday after heavy monsoon rains triggered landslides and flooding in refugee camps in southern Bangladesh, officials said.”


China floods: food security, inflation concerns with close to 1 million hectares affected in Henan

“Henan province accounts for almost a third of the national wheat supply and around a tenth of the nation’s corn, vegetable and pork production.”


Hokkaido, Japan: Another waterfall of all time (and many more monthly) records beaten on 28th July.

“For the longest (period of records stations Asahikawa beat its record again with 36.7C [98.1F] and Otaru with 36.2C. It’s not over yet, the extreme heat will go on for some more days at least.”


Record heat again in the middle of Australian winter: Today 29th July Wyndham in the Western Australia recorded 38.1C [100.6F] which is a new monthly record for the station and just 0.2C from the Australian highest temperature ever recorded in July.

“Record heat is expected to expand south.”


Drought and Fire Are Pushing Australia’s Platypus to the Brink…

“Following the driest period on record in many parts of southern Australia, the platypus has undoubtedly gone locally extinct in some creeks across its range, said Gilad Bino, an ecologist at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney.”


New Zealand records largest flood flow in almost century.

“Flood flows on South Island’s Buller River this month were the largest of any river in New Zealand in almost 100 years, the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) announced on Thursday. NIWA hydrodynamics scientist Richard Measures said records show even larger flooding of the Buller River in 1926.”


Bolsonaro’s 1,000km Amazon railway will cause climate chaos. It must be stopped.

“Despite increasing global concern, Jair Bolsonaro is determined to expand his exploitation of Brazil’s crucial natural resources. His latest project, one of the most destructive yet, would rapidly deforest large areas of the Amazon.”


Floods in Nogales, Mexico drag cars and leave one dead…

“On Tuesday afternoon, heavy rains were registered in Nogales, Sonora… As a result of these torrential rains, a waterspout was registered that dragged dozens of vehicles and left one person dead.”


Ferocity of US wildfires revealed as blaze engulfs forest camera in California.

“Several huge fires have destroyed dozens of homes in America’s west and the time-lapse video from Indian Falls in northern California shows the moment the camera is engulfed. Thick black smoke appears on the horizon before huge flames come into view, flaring into the sky.”


Latest heat wave prompts heat and air quality alerts across the US.

“Heat and smoke from wildfires are spreading across the country Tuesday, impacting air quality and prompting heat alerts from Canada to the Gulf of Mexico. A ridge of high pressure has expanded over the US bringing a heat wave with high temperatures above average to much of the central portion of the country.”


Severe storms in the Midwest could produce hurricane-force winds, bringing widespread damage and power outages.

“The Midwest including most of Wisconsin will be at risk from possible tornadoes, strong storms and hurricane-force winds Wednesday as the region is under a level 4 out of 5 threat of severe weather.”


Video shows salmon injured by unlivable water temperatures after heatwave.

“Salmon in the Columbia River were exposed to unlivable water temperatures that caused them to break out in angry red lesions and white fungus in the wake of the Pacific north-west’s record-shattering heatwave, according to a conservation group that has documented the disturbing sight.”


‘We need more people’: Exhausted firefighters battle Siberia blazes…. Fuelled by summer heatwaves, wildfires have swept through more than 1.5 million hectares (3.7 million acres) of Yakutia’s swampy coniferous taiga…

“Vast areas of Russia have been suffering from heatwaves and droughts driven by climate change in recent years, with numerous temperature records set.”


Record-Breaking Heat Waves Have Arrived Decades Earlier Than Predicted…

“We still have a chance to avert the worst possibilities with climate change, but we still have centuries of warming baked in because of greenhouse gas emissions we’ve already put out into the atmosphere. So we have no choice but to adapt.”


Thousands of scientists warn climate tipping points ‘imminent’…

“The researchers, part of a group of more than 14,000 scientists who have signed on to an initiative declaring a worldwide climate emergency, said in an article published in the journal BioScience on Wednesday that governments had consistently failed to address “the overexploitation of the Earth”, which they described as the root cause of the crisis.”


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27th July 2021 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

Soaring temperatures and strong winds have sparked wildfires across Greece, Spain and in Italy, where blazes on Sardinia forced 1,000 people to flee their homes.

“As temperatures hit 40C [104F] over the weekend, flames fanned by southwesterly winds reduced 50,000 acres in the Sardinian province of Oristano to a charred, blackened landscape.”

“This is a disaster without precedent,” said Christian Solinas, a local governor.


A severe heat wave is expected to blaze through Greece for the next week, the National Meteorological Service announced Monday

“…temperatures are supposed to skyrocket again to 43 degrees Celsius (109 degrees Fahrenheit) in some parts Greece, reminding many of the deadly 1987 heat wave.


Far-right accused of aiding German floods clear-up to win support.

“Far-right groups in Germany including Covid vaccine opponents and supporters of the rightwing, populist AfD party are reportedly attempting to win support by offering assistance to salvage operations in flood-stricken parts of the country.”


The southern Belgian town of Dinant was hit by the heaviest floods in decades on Saturday after a two-hour thunderstorm turned streets into torrential streams that washed away cars and pavements.

“It was the second time in just over a week that downpours have affected the region – more than 200 people died in flooding across Belgium and Germany last week.”


London floods: Hospital evacuates patients and cancels planned surgery, as more storms on way.

“Heavy rainfall yesterday flooded he basement of Whipps Cross hospital in Leytonstone, east London, damaging the hospital’s electrical system and causing a power outage.”


Will Boston have its wettest July in history? It’s already the second wettest.

“With just a few days left in the month, Boston is within spitting distance of breaking the record for the wettest July in history (or at least since records began in 1872).”


Tens of thousands of customers remain without power after tornadoes tore through Michigan.

“Thousands of customers are still without power after three tornadoes tore through Michigan over the weekend… The severe weather resulted in “significant damage to the electric infrastructure,” utility DTE said on its website.”


Utah: Great Salt Lake water levels hit historic low as ‘mega drought’ grips the region. Average daily water levels fell around an inch below the previous record of 4,191.4ft (1,278m) – set in 1963.

“Candice Hasenyager, deputy director of Utah’s Division of Water Resources, said the new record comes months earlier than when the lake typically hits its lowest level of the year.”


At least eight killed in 20-car pileup in Utah sandstorm.

“The crashes happened on Interstate 15 near the town of Kanosh on Sunday, the agency said in a news release. Several people were reportedly taken to hospitals in critical condition. Ground and air ambulances were used to transport crash victims.”


Lake Powell hits lowest level on record in climate change-fueled water crisis.

“As of Sunday, Lake Powell had fallen to roughly 3,554 feet in elevation — just 33% of capacity — according to the US Bureau of Reclamation, below the previous all-time low set in 2005. Lake Powell and nearby Lake Mead, the nation’s largest reservoir, have drained at an alarming rate this year.”


Thousands of Central Valley farmers [California] may lose access to surface water amid worsening drought.

“As California endures an increasingly brutal second year of drought, state water regulators are considering an emergency order that would bar thousands of Central Valley farmers from using stream and river water to irrigate their crops.”


At least 85 wildfires torch 1.5m acres across drought-hit US west.

“At least 85 active wildfires have torched roughly 1.5m acres across 13 US states, mostly in the west, where the parched landscape has fueled the fast-moving flames and caused extreme fire behavior that has proved difficult to contain.”


Heavy rains and floods leave 3 dead and hundreds of victims in Jalisco, Mexico (VIDEOS)

The intensity of the precipitation on July 25 reached 120 millimeters per hour [4.7 inches per hour], an amount “far above normal,” according to state government officials during a press conference on Monday.”


A lagoon in Argentina has turned bright pink due to pollution, a development that has alarmed environmentalists.

“Activists said that pollution in the lagoon in Argentina’s southern Patagonia region is caused by sodium sulfite — an antibacterial product used in fish factories. The chemical is typically used to preserve prawns for export.”


Hot end to July for Northern Territory [Australia]

Unprecedented heat across the Northern Territory has led to multiple records being broken, with more forecast as July daytime temperatures continue to be above average.”


25th July: Taiwan just recorded its highest temperature on record in the national CWB secondary nets of stations with 40.6C [105.1F] at Taimali (Taitung county).

This was 0.1C above the previous national record set at the same place just 1 year ago.”


Search for China flood survivors turns desperate as Typhoon In-Fa hits east coast.

“The painful search for survivors of China’s flood disaster continued in Henan province Monday, as grief and shock turned to frustration among some of the survivors scouring the debris for their relatives.”


‘The sky has fallen’: Chinese farmers see livelihoods washed away by floods…

“Chinese farmer Cheng wades through knee-deep water, pulling dead pigs behind him one-by-one by a rope tied around their ankles as he lines up the bloated carcasses for disposal.”


Sandstorm swallows western Chinese city in dramatic footage – video.

“A sandstorm has swept across Dunhuang City in China’s Gansu Province, reducing visibility to just five metres… Videos show the wall-like sandstorm covering urban areas and highways. It is believed to have reached over one hundred meters high.”


Incredible temperatures at high elevations in Kashmir [India]. The 38.4C [101.f] recorded at Kargil at 2804m above sea level is a world record of highest temperature for its elevation.

“Also remarkable 32.4C at Leh at 3520m asl.”


Nine people killed by landslide in northern India state, Himachal Pradesh, as country battles days of heavy rain.

“Nine people have been killed in a landslide in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh after boulders fell and hit a vehicle they were travelling in… Video footage showed boulders falling, hitting vehicles and even causing a bridge to collapse.”


Rescue teams in India were digging through thick sludge and debris on Monday to find over 60 people trapped in landslides caused by torrential monsoon rains that have so far claimed more than 160 lives four days.

“The western states of Maharashtra and Goa, as well as Karnataka and Telangana in the south are the most affected by heavy rains that have flooded croplands over thousands of hectares and forced authorities to move over 230,000 people to safer places.”


Iran seems in a perennial record heat wave, one after another. Today 26 July it was the turn of the city of Khorramabad (1150m above sea level) to record its hottest day in history with a temperature of 46.4C [115.5F].

The city has broken or tied its record for 4 years in a row!


Middle East heat Wave: 26th July the Saudi Station of Dammam, located in the NE of the country, recorded a maximum temperature of 50.4C [122.7F] which ties the highest temp. ever recorded which was just 1 year ago.”


Heavy rainfall set to hit Turkey’s flood-prone Black Sea region [yet again]

“There is seemingly no respite in sight for locals reeling from floods and landslides over the past two weeks, as authorities warn that heavy precipitation is likely to affect central and eastern parts of the Black Sea region in northern Turkey on Tuesday.”


Russia’s Sochi region hit by floods for second time in a month.

“Emergency sirens sounded in the southern Russian region of Sochi overnight after rivers burst their banks in heavy rain for a second time this month and flooding closed a motorway.”


Volunteers pitch in to fight Russia’s raging forest fires.

“More than 5,000 regular firefighters are involved, but the scale is so large and the area is so enormous that 55% of the fires aren’t being fought at all, according to Avialesookhrana, the agency that oversees the effort.”


Climate change: The Arctic reindeer herder whose livelihood is threatened by warmer winters

“Kemlil lists the ways in which he has noticed changes to the tundra environment… New lakes appearing or disappearing as the permafrost thaws, forcing the reindeer to adopt new migratory routes; less fish in the rivers; fawning season starting 10-15 days earlier with the earlier spring.”


Global shipping industry disrupted again, this time by floods in Europe and China.

“The floods in China and Europe are yet “another body blow” for global supply chains, the CEO of a shipping firm told CNBC on Monday. “Rarely does a week go past without something new,” says Tim Huxley, CEO of Mandarin Shipping.”


Timeline of temperature extremes reveals global pattern of record highs

“FT analysis of national temperature records compiled by weather historian Maximiliano Herrera shows that in 180 of 222 locations, the most recent records have been for highs rather than lows.”


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24th July 2021 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

UK weather: Northern Ireland ‘breaks temperature record’ for third time in a week.

“The all-time temperature record in Northern Ireland edges up for the third time in seven days as 31.4C (88.5F) is recorded in Armagh, while other parts of the UK also continue to swelter during the hottest period of the year so far.”


Historic and exceptionally rare tropical night in Ireland on 22nd July.

The SW coastal town of Valentia had its first tropical night on record with a Tmin of 20.5C [69F] and tied the second highest in Irish history after the 20.9C at Derrygreenagh of 25 July 1989.”


Yesterday [22nd July] the island of Islay in the Hebrides recorded its highest temperature on record with 26.8°c [80.2F].

“Other figures which were not new records: 30.2°c was the Scottish hot spot in Dumfries; 28.3°c the Highland hot spot at Achlain (Glenmoriston); Glenmore came second with 28.1°c.”


“…the average temperature in Akureyri, North Iceland this July was 14.4°C [57.92°F], more than one degree higher than ever recorded at this time of year.

“Data is available as far back as 1936. The average temperature is 3.6°C [38.48°F] higher than the average for 1991-2000.”


Arctic community of Old Crow in northwestern Canada sets temperature record amid 2nd summer heat wave… ‘Arctic people… aren’t used to this kind of weather,’ says Brandon Kyikavichik

“Old Crow resident Brandon Kyikavichik says it “feels quite uncomfortable” in his hometown this week as temperatures hover around 30 C [86F].”


Arctic Lightning sparks nine blazes near Inuvik, Tsiigehtchic and Fort McPherson [NWT, Canada] overnight.

“Four new fires are burning within 60 kilometres of Fort McPherson, four more are burning less than 100 kilometres east of Inuvik and the Dempster Highway and one fire is burning just over 70 kilometres east of Tsiigehtchic.”


Russia deploys military to help contain raging Siberian wildfires.

“The vast region has had a long spell of extremely hot and dry weather this summer, with temperatures reaching 39 [102.2F] degrees Celsius and setting records for several days… The defense ministry deployed transport planes and helicopters to help douse the flames.”


Melting ice within permafrost in the Russian arctic is revealing ancient life that has been buried there for thousands of years

“But any revelations about the Russian arctic’s fascinating natural history comes at a huge price. Climate change is causing the permafrost to melt, releasing large amounts of pent-up methane gas into the atmosphere and causing the ice to thaw even more quickly.”


Abnormal heatwave in Russia threatens this year’s harvest…

“…the biggest problem is that July is expected to not only be hot but also dry. For a month, in Central Russia, at best, just 20-30% of precipitation from the climatic norm will fall. In the northwest of the region, no rainfall may be seen at all.

“With this in mind, analysts said that this year’s drought could be unprecedented.”


Germany floods: Dozens still missing as more heavy rain forecast for weekend.

“Germany’s national weather service has said that regions hit by deadly floods last week could see more heavy rain this weekend. Localised storms were likely to occur on Saturday before reaching large parts of Rhineland-Palatinate state…”


23rd July was another record day in Morocco:

The stations of Kasba Tadla with 47.0C [116.6F] and of Taza with 46.4C recorded their hottest day on records. Heat is expected to ease starting from tomorrow.”


‘Nothing left’: A catastrophe in Madagascar’s famine-hit south… more than one million people in Madagascar are in need of food in a vast area spread over 110,000 sq km (42,000 square miles).

“Years with little rain have made farming impossible, while sandstorms have turned huge stretches of arable land barren – effects the United Nations has linked to climate change.”


Turkey: cars float down flooded streets as residents rescued – video.

“Rescuers pulled inflatable boats in flood waters gushing through streets of Turkey’s Black Sea district of Arhavi on Thursday to bring those stranded to safety. Footage released by the country’s interior ministry showed distressed residents being evacuated from flooded homes.”


Nonseasonal floods kill 14 people in south and east of Yemen.

“Flooding in Yemen killed at least 14 people this week after nonseasonal rainstorms hit parts of the country, security officials said… The storms are not seasonal for the south and the east of Yemen, which is usually dry this time of year.”


Seven people were killed by floods and another one was killed by lightning in 16 provinces [of Iran], Mahdi Valipour, an official with the Iranian Red Crescent Society, said on Friday…

“[However] Iran is ranked among the world’s arid countries with its annual precipitation levels at about one-third of the global average. More than 200 Iranian cities and a very larger number of villages, mostly in the central and southern parts, are water-stressed.”


Over dozen killed in rain related incidents in KP [Pakistan] Some two dozen wounded, several houses destroyed

“As the torrential rain coupled with thunder and hail storms and low flooding played havoc through the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, more than a dozen people were killed and scores other wounded seriously…”


Frantic search for survivors as India flooding toll rises [currently 125 killed].

“Rescuers in India have combed through mud and debris in a frantic search for survivors after heavy rains lashed the western state of Maharashtra, triggering landslides, flooding and a building collapse and causing dozens of deaths.”


The popular hill station of Mahabaleshwar which is located in the Satara district of Maharashtra has received a record 380 mm rainfall [nearly 15 inches] in just 12 hours.

“Mahabaleshwar is very popular among tourists who wants to enjoy the natural beauty of Western Ghats during the monsoon season.”


Russia’s Trans-Siberian railway blocked after flooding damages bridge.

“Flooding has damaged a bridge on Russia’s Trans-Siberian railway in its Far East, suspending traffic in the area, officials said on Friday, and President Vladimir Putin said full track repair would take five days.”


From coal to cars, Chinese floods tangle supply chains.

“The floods drenching central China and submerging swathes of a major economic and transport hub are threatening supply chains for goods ranging from cars and electronics to pigs, peanuts and coal.”


China evacuates tens of thousands as storm spreads north, death toll rises

“Tens of thousands of people were being evacuated from flood-hit regions of central China on Thursday as officials raised the death toll to 33 people from heavy rain that has deluged Henan province for almost a week. More cities were inundated and crops destroyed…”


Philippines evacuates thousands as monsoon rains flood Manila

“Philippine authorities moved thousands of residents of the capital, Manila, out of their low-lying communities on Saturday as heavy monsoon rain, compounded by a tropical storm, flooded the city and nearby provinces”


We talked about the cold spell in South Australia. But in the Northern Territory it’s record heat: 37.7C [99.9F] on 23rd July at Victoria River Downs.

“This is the 2nd highest temp. ever recorded in Australia in July and the 1st in NT. National record is 38.3C at Kalumburu on 27 Jul 2016.”


Amazon and Cerrado deforestation, warming spark record drought in urban Brazil… Southern and central Brazil are in the midst of the worst drought in nearly 100 years…

“…the drought, now in its second year, likely has two main causes: climate change, which tends to make continental interiors both hotter and drier, and the deforestation of the Amazon rainforest and Cerrado savanna biomes.”


NASA study finds tropical forests’ ability to absorb carbon dioxide is waning.

“…the ability of tropical forests to absorb massive amounts of carbon has waned in recent years. The decline in this ability is because of large-scale deforestation, habitat degradation, and climate change effects.”


Chilean Raisins Are Latest Crop Hit by Extreme Weather. As tumultuous weather patterns take hits on crops across the world, raisins have become the latest victim of the volatility.

“Heavy rains hit grape vines in Chile, one of the world’s key producers, back in January. The excess moisture ended up damaging a large swath of the crop.”


A flash flood watch and exceptional drought: Arizona’s in both at the same time.

“Flash flooding and dust storms are threatening Arizona as it braces for a potentially significant flooding event this weekend amid an exceptional drought.”


The drought-stricken Western U.S. braces for ‘water wars’.

“Tourism, landscaping, homebuilding and farming are just some of the businesses that feel the economic crunch of a devastating drought in the U.S. West. Agriculture is particularly affected by water scarcity during these periods.”


Drought forces North American farmers to turn food crops to hay.

“Drought is withering crops on both sides of the U.S.-Canadian border, prompting farmers to take the rare measure of baling up their wheat and barley stems to sell as hay… The dry conditions highlight how extreme weather is affecting agriculture and stoking higher prices that have fueled food-inflation concerns.”


Wildfire smoke blowing across the U.S. is more toxic than we thought

“…as the smoke spreads across the country and exposes millions of people, the health impact becomes more widespread among the most vulnerable. In addition to causing respiratory issues, air pollution can lead to poor heart health.”


Fire tornadoes, haze, clouds: US blazes create their own weather systems.

“In southern Oregon, the Bootleg fire has now burned a swath of land larger than the city of Los Angeles… Some of these fires are now so intense and large they can create their own weather systems, including fire tornadoes, clouds and other weird phenomena…”


Sweltering temperatures expected across U.S. next week as heat dome descends on Midwest, Great Plains.

“Stifling heat is forecast to spread across much of the continental U.S. next week, with areas like the Great Plains and Midwest set to see temperatures climb 10 to 15 degrees above average, according to the National Weather Service.”


Three degrees of global warming is quite plausible and truly disastrous.

“Rapid emission cuts can reduce the risks but not eliminate them…

“We’re in for nasty weather.”


Extreme weather takes climate change models ‘off the scale’

“I think I would be speaking for many climate scientists to say that we are a bit shocked at what we are seeing,” said Chris Rapley, professor of climate science at University College London. “There is a dramatic change in the frequency with which extreme [weather] events occur.”


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22nd July 2021 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

Turkey’s all time temp record from 1961 falls – the new record: 49.1C [120.4F] recorded at Cizre.

No English language articles on this yet – only one passing mention in the WaPo – but GoogleTranslate should oblige:


As floods stir climate change fears, Israel may be up a creek without a plan

“The report confirmed that extreme flooding events in Israel have risen in number and intensity over recent years, and that construction has reduced the availability of land that can absorb rain.”


“‘The desert is covered in rivers’: Severe flooding in Oman causes evacuations and widespread damage

“…the coastal city of Sur, south east of Muscat… recorded more than 200mm [8 inches] of rain over two days – more than two year’s worth – and more rain is forecast according to the BBC.”


Kazakh social media rings alarm about drought, livestock die-off

“The months-long drought gripping Central Asia has turned into catastrophe for herders in western Kazakhstan. Without grass or fodder, thousands of cows and horses are starving to death.”


‘Extraordinary Rainfall’ Drops Year’s Worth In Just 3 Days On China’s IPhone City… Zhengzhou… has seen over two feet (617 millimeters) of rain since Saturday, which forecasters say will continue throughout the week.

“The result has been deadly and devastating floods in Henan province, with at least 25 people killed as of Wednesday.”


China’s military has blasted a dam to release floodwaters threatening one of its most heavily populated provinces, as the death toll in widespread flooding rose to at least 25.

“The dam operation was carried out late Tuesday night in the city of Luoyang, just as severe flooding overwhelmed the Henan provincial capital of Zhengzhou…”


China’s port city Qingdao suffers worst ever algae infestation.

“China’s eastern port city Qingdao is experiencing the worst ever algae infestation in the region, with more than 1,700 square km of coastal area blanketed by harmful green seaweed, also known as “green tide”.”


Typhoon Cempaka makes landfall in China’s Guangdong, says Xinhua.

“Typhoon Cempaka made landfall in the coastal area of south China’s Guangdong Province on Tuesday night, becoming the first typhoon to make landfall in China this year, according to state media.”


Tokyo Olympics: fears athletes could face hottest Games on record

“… athletes competing this year face potentially the hottest Olympics on record, with high temperatures combining with brutal humidity to make every moment spent outdoors an endurance test.”


Perth has smashed its 20-year rain record for July with more wet weather on the way while Australia’s south-east shivers through even more hazardous wind conditions over the coming days.

“The Western Australian capital city has copped 184.2mm [7.3 inches] of rain so far this month after 18 straight days of downpour – eclipsing the previous record of 182.6mm in 2001.”


Millions of people in southern Angola are facing an existential threat as drought aggravated by climate change continues to ravage the region, Amnesty International said today…

Millions of people in southern Angola are on the brink of starvation, caught between the devastating effects of climate change and the land diversion to commercial cattle farming,” said Deprose Muchena of Amnesty International…”


For the First Time Ever, Scientists Witness Chimps Killing Gorillas

“New research details two fatal encounters in which wild chimpanzees attacked and killed gorillas. It’s a rare example of one great ape species attacking another—and scientists are worried that climate change might have something to do with it.


Germany counts cost of floods as hopes of finding survivors fade.

” A relief official dampened hopes on Wednesday of finding more survivors in the rubble of villages devastated by floods in western Germany, as a poll showed many Germans felt policymakers had not done enough to protect them.”


Britain’s rivers are suffocating to death… Water that should be crystal clear has become a green-brown slop of microscopic algae because of industrial farm waste

“On the border between Wales and England, we found a great river dying before our eyes. The Wye is covered by every possible conservation law, but in just a few years it has spiralled towards complete ecological collapse.”


Rare “lightning rainbows” have been photographed during the thunderstorm across parts of the East of England on Tuesday night.

“The pictures were taken by BBC Weather Watchers in Hertfordshire and Bedfordshire. Several roads in the East of England also flooded as temperatures of 30C (85F) turned to heavy rain and hail.”


Extreme heat: Northern Ireland records hottest day ever for second time in week

“Met Office thermometers hit 31.3C [88.3F] in Castlederg in County Tyrone on Wednesday afternoon. The previous record was 31.2C, set at Ballywatticock in County Down on 17 July.”


New York air quality among worst in world as haze from western wildfires shrouds city

“State officials in New York advised vulnerable people, such as those with asthma and heart disease, to avoid strenuous outdoor activity as air pollution soared to eclipse Lima in Peru and Kolkata in India to be ranked as the worst in the world on Tuesday.”


Mandeville [Louisiana] flooding: Up to 11 inches of rain floods roads and businesses.

“Early morning thunderstorms dumped up to 11 inches of rain in parts of West St. Tammany Parish on Tuesday, flooding businesses and stranding drivers in their cars. The National Weather Service in New Orleans says up to 11 inches of rain fell in some areas…”


One dead, two missing after flash floods in Colorado canyon… Emergency evacuations were issued for parts of Larimer County because of floods in the Poudre Canyon, west of Fort Collins.

“The electric co-op Poudre Valley REA tweeted that mudslides took down power lines, and bridges were out, making damage assessment difficult.”


In California’s agricultural heartland, thousands of wells could soon run dry

“Well failure is a catastrophe becoming more and more commonplace in communities up and down the San Joaquin Valley, who are facing critical timelines as renewed drought and intense, record-breaking heat waves create drier and hotter conditions…”


Western Drought Has Lasted Longer than the Dust Bowl. It has lasted longer than the Dust Bowl of the 1930s.

“It’s dropped water levels perilously low at two of the nation’s largest reservoirs, forced ranchers to sell off herds and helped propel scorching wildfires. And worst of all, the drought blanketing the western United States is not going away.”


A forest fire in Oregon is so huge that it’s generating freak lightning storms.

“”Normally the weather predicts what the fire will do. In this case, the fire is predicting what the weather will do.” …The Bootleg Fire in Southern Oregon has already burned 530 square miles of forest and grasslands…”


Today’s Wildfires Are Taking Us into Uncharted Territory

“Fire Paleologist, Philip Higuera finds the recent unprecedented fire seasons unsurprising but still agonizing. “I’ve spent 20 years writing about this,” he says. “But I have not spent 20 years thinking about how this would feel.””


‘Nowhere is safe’: heat shatters vision of Pacific north-west as climate refuge.

“The recent heatwave that broiled the US Pacific north-west not only obliterated temperature records in cities such as Seattle and Portland – it also put a torch to a comforting bromide that the region would be a mild, safe haven from the ravages of the climate crisis.”


Canada’s BC declares state of emergency as wildfires surge.

“The Canadian province of British Columbia (BC) has declared a state of emergency amid a surge in wildfires that have forced hundreds of people from their homes and could worsen in the coming days.”


A northern Siberian region plagued by unprecedented fires is experiencing one of the world’s “worst ever” air pollution events

“The republic of Sakha’s capital of Yakutsk has been under stay-home orders due to fast-spreading wildfires that blanketed dozens of cities with smoke and prompted regional authorities to declare a state of emergency nearly a month ago.”


Glacier Ice Reveals Previously Unknown Viruses

“Scientists who study glacier ice have found viruses nearly 15,000 years old in two ice samples taken from the Tibetan Plateau in China. Most of those viruses, which survived because they had remained frozen, are unlike any viruses that have been cataloged to date.”


Top US scientist on melting glaciers: ‘I’ve gone from being an ecologist to a coroner’

“A recent trip to Glacier national park spurred her to vent some of this emotion in a tweet that went viral and resonated with many: “Glacier National Park. 97F in June. Little snow left. 75F degree water. Glaciers disappearing. That is what we hear. But the worst is what most never see.””


Scientists are worried by how fast the climate crisis has amplified extreme weather.

“Until recently, climate change had been talked about as a future threat. Its frontlines were portrayed as remote places like the Arctic… But in the past month, it’s been the developed world on the frontline.”


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20th July 2021 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

Hottest day ever for Northern Ireland… [Saturday] was the hottest day on record with Ballywatticock, near Newtownards in County Down, recording a temperature of 31.2C / 88.2F.

“The previous high was 30.8C set in the summers of 1976 and 1983.”


Flooded German villages are left without drinking water, power or gas

“It looks like the infrastructure is destroyed so badly that some places won’t have drinking water for weeks or months,” the mayor of the town of Altenahr, Cornelia Weigand, told the newspaper Bild.”


Record rainfalls and flooding reaches Austria

“After Western Germany, Luxembourg, Belgium and the Netherlands were hit by hit by unprecedented flash floods on Thursday, record rainfalls also triggered severe floods in Austria during the weekend. Multiple regions were hit by heavy rainfall…”


High weekend temperatures ignite raging forest fires across Spain.

“The high temperatures registered this weekend in practically all of Spain have facilitated the spread of several forest fires that struck several areas of Catalonia, the Valencian Community, Galicia, La Rioja and Castilla-La Mancha.”


49.9°C [121.8F] in Adrar [Algeria] today [July 18th], new all-time record for the location and highest temperature in Africa in 2021.

“49.5°C in In Salah.”


Kenya: Millions in Need of Relief Food Amid Searing Drought.

“More than 10 counties in Kenya’s north are affected by the prolonged drought, and, according to the government, at least 2 million people are in need of clean water and food. Worsening by the day… with desperate families trekking long distances in search of food, water and pasture…”


Severe drought culprit of fish deaths in Turkey’s longest river.

“Rising in the steep mountains of Eastern Anatolia and reaching the Black Sea by collecting water from many streams as it passes several provinces, Kızılırmak, Turkey’s longest river, has been on the agenda with mass fish deaths seen in recent weeks.”


A strong heat wave in affecting Eastern Turkey, The Caucasus and Western Middle East. Cizre in Turkey recorded 46.7C and it’s expected to attack the Turkish national record of 48.6C [119.5F] on 20 July.

“In Georgia 40.5C at Muhrani. Very hot in Jordan and Syria as well.”


Kazakhstan to restrict animal feed exports amid drought.

“Kazakhstan plans to limit exports of barley and wheat used for animal feeds and completely ban exports of rye for six months amid feed shortages caused by drought across Central Asia, a Kazakh government source told Reuters”


Unseasonal rains hit Oman, causing severe floods.

“…severe floods disrupted traffic and electricity supply, swept away crops, particularly in the Al Dakjhaliya governorate, and left 4 people dead and 3 missing. Oman meteorologists said such heavy rains are unusual in July.”


Flood hits 10 Iranian provinces, leaving 6 dead, 2 missing.

“Some 30 cities in 10 provinces of East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Alborz, Kerman, Fars, Sistan and Baluchestan, Semnan, Mazandaran, Hormozgan and Kurdistan were affected by floods and inundations in the last four days.”


At least 34 killed in landslide, wall collapse in India monsoon rains

Rainwater also inundated a water purification complex, disrupting supply “in most of the parts of Mumbai”, a megacity of 20 million people, civic authorities said.”


Two dams in Inner Mongolia collapse after heavy rain

“On July 18, the dams on the open spillway of Yong’an Reservoir and Xinfa Reservoir in the Daur Autonomous Banner of Morin Dawa, were breached and collapsed as the water level of the Nuomin River continued to rise because of heavy rain, according to People’s Daily.”


Two major storms form in East Asia, threatening China, Japan and Taiwan.

“Two big storms have formed in the waters of East Asia, both of which are expected to lash the region with strong winds and heavy rains in the coming days.”


Update on the Japanese Heat Wave:

19th July more all time records of highest temperatures fell in Hokkaido. All time record also tied at Esashi, in Iwate Prefecture with 37.3C [99.1F]. See charts and tables courtesy of JMA.”


Marlborough and Buller Floods [NZ]: Thousands wait to return home.

“Yesterday parts of the West Coast and top of the South Island had been cut off due to flooding, while states of emergency were declared in Marlborough and Buller districts. The Wairau River overflowed its banks…”


Brazil power operator asks for maintenance delays amid drought

“Brazil’s national power grid operator has asked electricity generators to postpone maintenance and technical work for as long as possible to help avoid worsening the energy crisis stemming from the country’s worst drought in almost a century.”


Drought puts Amazon at risk of ‘large-scale dieback’, researchers warn.

“Increasingly severe climate conditions threaten to accelerate a “large scale dieback” of the Amazon rainforest, according to the authors of a new study finding that 2.5bn trees perished in the biome following a drought several years ago.”


They stimulate rains in seven states of Mexico to combat the drought.

“The scheme, which consists of releasing silver iodide molecules in the clouds to precipitate rain, is currently being carried out through three polygons that include the states of Sonora, Sinaloa, Chihuahua and Durango, the federal agency reported.”


US megadrought could trigger arsenic ‘death cloud’ and unleash catastrophe on West Coast.

“Great Salt Lake water level, Utah According to the company, it is at a record low… Vast lakes usually do not reach their lows until October. Kevin Perry, president of the University of Utah’s School of Atmospheric Sciences, warned that arsenic could be picked up by the wind when the soil dries.”


Stifling temperatures hit Northern Rockies and parts of Idaho, Montana, Utah and Wyoming; heat is expected to last into the week

“…dry air made matters worse for firefighters working to control dozens of wildfires burning across the parched West.”


In the US state of Oregon, the nation’s largest active wildfire has burned through more than 300,000 acres, prompting thousands of evacuations.

“Over 2,000 firefighters are tackling the so-called Bootleg Fire – one of the largest blazes in Oregon’s history. It is one of more than 80 major fires raging across 13 US states…”


Heavy Smoke From Western Wildfires Leads To Flight Delays And Cancellations At Denver International Airport.

“More than 300 flights were delayed and eight flights were cancelled at Denver International Airport Monday as heavy smoke and haze from major western fires in California, Oregon and Idaho obscured runways making it difficult for planes to land.”


In summer of record-breaking rain, these New Orleans neighborhoods reported most street flooding.

“A summer that has brought unprecedented heat waves to the Pacific Northwest, flooding to Germany and rainfall to Louisiana is also bringing a surge in street flooding issues in New Orleans.”


Record July for rainfall in Worcester as Boston [Massachusetts] approaches historic mark.

“The National Weather Service said 1.74 inches of rain fell in Worcester on Sunday, bringing the total to 12.67 inches for July, shattering the previous 11.24-inch mark set in 1938. The new record could climb higher…”


“The heatwave in Finland has ended, at least for now. Kouvola Anjala saw 31 consecutive hot days with daily maximum temperature over 25°C [77F].

“This is now the longest streak of hot days recorded at any station in Finland.”


‘We can’t see each other’: Fires rage across Siberia amid driest summer in 150 years… Russian emergency officials are continuing to battle a series of wildfires in the country’s Far East region.

“Heavy smoke from wildfires covered the city of Yakutsk and fifty other Siberian towns on Sunday, temporarily halting operations at the city’s airport.”


As temperatures rise and pollution increases, wildfires, floods and extreme winds have battered many parts of the world in the last six months.

50 photos of extreme weather:


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