Climate 18 Feb 2019 Mildest Ever Feb Weather for UK

"The coming weeks are predicted to be the mildest on record for February, and now the Royal Horticultural Society says it is likely to be the most fragrant, too. "Britain's gardens are going in to bloom earlier this year, with seasonal flowers including witch hazel,...

Economy 18 Feb 2019 China Car Sales Continue Slump

"Auto sales in China continued to fall in the first month of this year after the first full-year slump in sales last year following more than two decades of growth. "Wholesale passenger vehicle sales fell by 17.7% YoY to 2.02 million units last month to make seven...

Economy 14 Feb 2019 Italy Headed for Vicious Debt Crisis

"After the briefest and weakest of economic recoveries, Italy has succumbed to its third recession in a decade. This risks further undermining Italian support for the euro, particularly considering that Italian living standards today are below those enjoyed 20 years...

Economy 12 Feb 2019 Systemic Collapse Looms

"The gathering storm of human-caused threats to climate, nature and economy pose a danger of systemic collapse comparable to the 2008 financial crisis [considerably worse in my view, as we are way more indebted, and energy and resource-constrained, and the biosphere...

Climate 11 Feb 2019 Record Rain for Namibia

"The record books might very well have to be rewritten as farmers in the area of Aroab [of Namibia] measured up to 165 millimetres of rain in the past 24 hours. "Rain is measured in millimetres and one millimetre of rain represents one litre of water per square metre...


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