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22nd June 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“Historic flooding in southern China kills 47, with more floods feared.

“The extreme weather also destroyed some 221 miles of road, damaged more than a hundred bridges and flooded farmland… Henan and Anhui provinces in central China, as well as Jiangsu province on the coast and the southern province of Guizhou, all are expecting hail and strong thunderstorms,”


“Southern Anhui was hit by the heaviest rainstorm in history, with more than 400mm [15.7 inches] of rainfall in 12 hours.

“The famous Huangshan scenic area was closed urgently.”


“Northern China’s dry summer will be gone as climate change hits hard: study…

““The acceleration of wet bulb temperature increases in northern China challenges the conventional understanding of China’s regional summer climates, which historically categorised the south as hot and humid and the north as dry,” the team wrote in a paper…”


“Severe drought forces corn farmers in China’s east to delay planting…

“Record high temperatures have swept across northwest and east China, a key grain producing region, during the crucial corn sowing season, threatening to curb production in the world’s second-largest producer and consumer of the grain.”


“Warnings of heavy rain, flooding and landslides issued for Kagoshima [Japan]…

“In the city of Ibusuki, 418 millimeters [16.5 inches] of rain were recorded over 24 hours as of 7:20 a.m. on Friday, setting a new all-time high for the location. Some cities, towns and villages in the Satsuma and Osumi regions have also issued warnings for heavy rain.”


“SOUTHEAST ASIA LATEST RECORDS – THAILAND: Tmax 39.0 [102.2F] Chok Chai hottest June day on record.

“MYANMAR: Tmax 33.0 Loilin Hottest June day on record; Tmin 16.8 Kyaukmae and 19.0 Taungkok Lowest June temperatures on record.”


“Coldest start to winter in decades in some areas with polar air mass predicted across Australia next week…

“It has been the coldest start to winter in decades for parts of Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria, and temperatures are expected to remain cooler with a polar air mass predicted to sweep through the entire country in the coming week.”


“TUVALU AGAIN! Historic MINIMUM temperature of 29.3C [84.7F] at Funafuti it’s the HOTTEST JUNE NIGHT EVER RECORDED IN THE SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE (it beats the record set earlier this month).

“Despite the end of Nino, all Pacific Islands are breaking heat records non-stop, every day.”


“Record heat in PARAGUAY never ends – while Patagonia is freezing with near record low temperatures, it’s like an eternal summer in Paraguay.

“More June records: 37.7 [99.9F] Base Adrian Jara; 37.4 Bahia Negra; 36.0 Mariscal; Estigarribia and Puerto Casado 35.0 San Pedro.”


“Floods are recorded in the Valparaíso region [Chile]: homes in the Concón sector are completely flooded.

“The frontal system has caused great havoc in the coastal commune, causing flooding, rockfalls and flooding in irrigation canals… Authorities continue to closely monitor the situation and work to mitigate the damage…”


“Death toll rises to 19 as torrential rains continue in El Salvador…

“The torrential rains hitting El Salvador caused the deaths of another six people on Friday when two girls and four adults were killed after being buried in their homes. Wall collapses and landslides on the outskirts of the capital brought a total of 19 dead.”


“Latin America and the Caribbean experiences record dengue cases…

“The Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) has revealed that Latin America and the Caribbean has reported 9.3 million cases of dengue so far this year, twice the number of cases reported in all of 2023.”



“Still relentless record heat day and night; today St Eustatius, Dutch Antilles had its hottest June night on record with Tmin 28.2C [82.8F]. The warm sea is keeping air temperatures at perennial record levels.”


“A 400% Jump in Cilantro Prices Forces Mexican Taquerias to Get Creative…

“Most of the country’s cilantro supply comes from the central state of Puebla, which like much of the country has suffered from a lack of rain and record-breaking heat. The herb is a staple of Mexican cooking…”


“Just in: HISTORIC IN MEXICO 52 DEGREES [125.6F] – yesterday Tapache, Sonora State ties the HIGHEST RELIABLE TEMPERATURE IN MEXICAN HISTORY (=Mexicali Sur, Rancho Williams and Delta July 1995).

“3 stations >51C. This exceptional heat will sweep SW USA: Phoenix can have record hot nights.”


“Mexico recovering from tropical storm which has left several dead…

“Strong winds and heavy rain have brought destruction and death to Mexico… Many people have sought refuge in shelters, as others assess the damage done to businesses by the storm.”


“South Texas still grapples with severe drought despite recent rains…

“Signs of the current drought in our area are evident everywhere we turn. From dry, brown, crispy grass; to rivers, creeks, streams, and lakes running really low. South central Texas has dealt with some level of drought, for almost three years now, that’s over one thousand days.”


“Supreme Court rejects settlement in water dispute between parched New Mexico and Texas…

“The 5-4 decision rebuffs an agreement that had come recommended by a federal judge overseeing the case over how New Mexico, Texas and Colorado must share water from the Rio Grande.”


“Scenes of devastation emerge in New Mexico as ‘dangerous’ floods follow wildfires…

“A total of 8,000 people in the region have been evacuated, with many of them staying in emergency shelters. The larger South Fork fire destroyed some 1,400 buildings in the area, including 500 homes, said New Mexico Governor Lujan Grisham.”


“A record-breaking number of mosquitoes are carrying West Nile virus around Las Vegas…

““These are huge numbers of mosquitoes, and we’ve already identified a concerning number of them carrying the West Nile virus,” said Vivek Raman, an environmental health supervisor for the Southern Nevada Health District.”


“Heatwave continues to roast 65m people in US midwest and north-east…

“Record temperatures were set in some areas, with heat indexes that combine temperature and humidity hitting 100F and 110F. Calendar-day highs were broken across Maine, New Hampshire and Pennsylvania.”


“Monthly and all-time records were set today in Atlantic Canada, just above 35°C [95F] at Terra Nova Natl Park and Saint John airport (both all-time record highs).

“[Not on map] All-time humidex record in Halifax (42.5), and 0.2 below all-time in Gander (40.3).”


“It’s just natural variability, they said.

“Don’t be a doomer, they said.

“The truth is bad enough, they said. Graph is North Atlantic sea surface temps, June – May, 12-month averages.”


“Floods, Mayenne, NW France…

“In the Mayenne town of Craon, the flood of the Oudon far exceeded the historic level of 1996, reaching 3.25 meters, compared to 2.86 meters previously… “Since I have lived here in 1948, I have never seen this ,” assures Henri Robert, 78 years old…”


“Severe hailstorm damages vineyards in Beaujolais.

“One winemaker remarked how the large hailstones had broken branches off the vines and left them looking “gnawed”…Local media reported that one wine grower had lost €200,000 (£169,067) worth of their harvest in the storm.”


“Landslide and Flooding Cuts Off Zermatt, Switzerland, From Rest of the World…

“The famous Swiss ski resort Zermatt has been cut off from the rest of the world after a landslide and flooded rivers made roads impassable today, June 21… The river Vispa as well as the Triftbach Creek that runs through the center of the village, have turned into a muddy torrents.”


“A major electricity blackout has hit Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania and most of Croatia’s Adriatic coast, leaving people sweltering in the middle of a severe heatwave.

“Temperatures in Montenegro’s capital, Podgorica, reached 38 degrees Celsius (100 degrees Fahrenheit) on Friday.”


“It’s a historic heat wave for Balkans and Eastern Europe. Today insane MINIMUMS in CROATIA; 29.3 [84.7F] Tmin and 29.1 Dubrovnik airport – HOTTEST JUNE night in Croatian history. Records are falling in a huge area in Eastern Europe.”


“A man died on Friday as several forest fires fanned by gale-force winds battered Greece’s southern tip and forced evacuations, the fire brigade said.

“The 55-year-old man was injured in a blaze in the region of Ilia on the Peloponnese peninsula and died at a hospital, said a fire service official.”



“Heat in Turkey in the past weeks has been unreal with 44/47C every day for weeks and won’t end in any foreseeable future.”


“At least 11 killed in southeast Turkey wildfires…

“Health Minister Fahrettin Koca reported the deaths from the overnight blaze between the cities of Diyarbakir and Mardin on Friday. Seventy-eight people were injured, he said on X, with at least five people in intensive care units.”


“MEDITERRANEAN HEAT WAVE – 49.4 Adrar ALGERIA June record again!”


“Fears of ‘catastrophe’ in Egypt as Ethiopia prepares to fill Nile dam for fifth time…

“Satellite photos taken last Monday have revealed Ethiopia’s preparations to fill the controversial Great Renaissance Dam (GERD) on the Nile for a fifth time, amid Egyptian fears that this could have a catastrophic effect on the amount of essential Nile water it receives.”


“Why the recent floods in Abidjan [Ivory Coast] are unprecedented…

“…the most significant damage was recorded in the residential commune of Cocody, where 205 millimeters [8 inches] of rain fell in 72 hours , or a quarter of the precipitation expected over the entire three months of the rainy season.”


“How ‘Searching For Amani’ spotlights climate change through a tragic personal story [Kenya]…

“Aspiring journalist Simon Ali, 12 when the filmmakers first met him, is devastated after his father, a very well respected nature guide in Laikipia’s largest wildlife conservancy, is shot dead. Simon’s investigations into the crime reveal some uncomfortable home truths about land ownership, grazing rights and climate change.”


“One man’s desperate search for wife as more than 1,000 hajj pilgrims die in extreme heat…

“Hoda Nagib and her husband had walked 20km in the baking sun in Saudi Arabia when she told him that she needed to rest. The couple, who are in their 60s, had just scaled Mount Arafat, along with thousands of other white-robed pilgrims…”


“Exceptional heat in BAHRAIN = Yesterday MINIMUM temperature was 36.6C [98F] in the International Airport, hottest June night ever recorded in Bahrain.

“Minimums >35C are currently being exceeded in 12 countries!”


“Record heat is ALL OVER Middle East:

“51.7C [125F] today at Rabiya KUWAIT all time high; up to 51C at Nassirya in IRAQ ties June record; >49C again in Algeria, Oman, Emirates. June record again at Alula SAUDI ARABIA 47.1”


“An unprecedented heatwave has pushed temperatures in several Iranian cities to record highs, with Ahvaz in the southwestern province of Khuzestan registering as one of the world’s hottest spots…

“Iraq’s capital, Baghdad, is also facing temperatures of 50 degrees Celsius, causing power cuts and increasing numbers of people headed to hospital, INA reported.”


“Rise in night temperatures amid relentless heatwave leaves Indians sleepless…

“The analysis comes just a couple of days after Delhi recorded its hottest night ever on Wednesday with the minimum temperature staying at 35.2C, eight degrees above normal.”


“As climate change imperils Taliban’s shift from opium, impact could be felt worldwide…

“Two years after the Taliban banned opium, Afghan farmers turning to alternative crops are discovering that many no longer grow easily here because of the impact of climate change, imperiling poppy eradication efforts.”


“Global warming has significantly altered plant growth patterns on the Tibetan Plateau (TP) over the past three decades.

“Plants adjust their growth trajectories in response to climate change, prioritizing leaf and stem growth or root extension to better absorb nutrients from the sun, atmosphere, or soil.”


“Floods strand over 2m people in Bangladesh…

“The south-Asian nation is among the world’s most densely populated and highly prone to flooding. Swelling rivers are fed by monsoon rains and Himalayan snowmelt, aggravated by global warming. The country’s north-east has been especially hard hit.”


“Climate activists bemoan scant progress on finance as COP29 looms.

“Finding the finance needed to stave off the worst impacts of the climate crisis will be “a very steep mountain to climb”, the UN has conceded, as two vital international conferences failed to produce the progress needed to generate funds for poor countries.”


“How companies are starting to back away from green targets…

“This year, corporate leaders in a range of sectors have acknowledged they cannot meet their greenhouse gas emissions targets set, in some cases, several years ago. Large corporations, including Unilever, Bank of America and Shell, have in the past year dropped or missed goals…”


“Climate engineering off US coast could increase heatwaves in Europe, study finds…

“The paper shows that targeted interventions to lower temperature in one area for one season might bring temporary benefits to some populations, but this has to be set against potentially negative side-effects in other parts of the world and shifting degrees of effectiveness over time.”


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20th June 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“Relatives search for missing in Saudi Arabia as hajj death toll tops 900…

“Relatives scoured hospitals and pleaded online for news, fearing the worst after temperatures hit 51.8 degrees Celsius (125 Fahrenheit) in Mecca…

“An Arab diplomat told AFP that deaths among Egyptians alone had jumped to “at least 600″, from more than 300 a day earlier, mostly from the unforgiving heat.”


“Extreme heat in MIDDLE EAST: IRAN 51.2 [124.2F] Gotvand; KUWAIT 51.2 Al-Rabya; IRAQ 50.7 Nassirya; Brutal minimums up to 37C.

“Including Kahnuj IRAN 470m and MIN of 36.4C. Alula SAUDI 624m MIN 35.2 max 47.0 double [June] record!”


“EXCEPTIONAL MINIMUMS 29.1C [84.4F] at Kulsary KAZAKHSTAN at 46:5N latitude.

“Central Asia is living an absolutely extreme heat wave with mins locally over 30C and maxes >45C. Nights >29C and days >44C were recorded as north as 47N. Russia is reaching 40c since the beginning of June.”


“Scientists Warn About Glacier Melt from Aral Sea [causing] Sand Storms…

“Altai glacier melting is worsened by sand and dust storms blown thousands of kilometers from the Aralkum desert, scientists say at a seminar for journalists in Bonn dedicated to the United Nations (UN) Desertification and Drought Day, marked annually on June 17.”


“Water shortages in Iran cause ground to give away…

“The ground beneath Tehran sinks by up to 22 centimeters (around 9 inches) every year, which is seven times higher than what would be normally expected. The reason, experts say, is the country’s acute water shortage.”


“India reports over 40,000 suspected heatstroke cases over summer…

“Billions across Asia are grappling with extreme heat this summer in a trend scientists say has been worsened by human-driven climate change, with temperatures in north India soaring to almost 50 degrees Celsius (122 degrees Fahrenheit) in one of the longest heatwave spells recorded.”


“Brutal heat… New Delhi, India just recorded its hottest night on record [35.2C / 95.4F] at the Safdarjung Observatory (data since 1901).

“The heatwave has been rewriting many records. New Delhi has hit 40°C or greater for 37 consecutive days now.”


“Heatwave, dry conditions push Uttarakhand forest fires to new high.

“A combination of heatwave conditions, dry weather, and poorly equipped responders has led to a fivefold increase in major forest fires in Uttarakhand since January 1 this year, when compared to the corresponding period in 2023…”


“Landslides kill at least 15, displace millions, in Bangladesh and India.

“Hundreds of thousands of people are stranded by flash floods and heavy rains with the country’s refugee camps for Rohingya Muslims being the most affected.”


“China floods: Destructive landslide triggers evacuation as at least 9 killed. Torrential rain pounded south China, triggering destructive floods and landslides that destroyed roads.

“The provincial headquarters for flood, drought and wind control said at least nine people were killed in Meizhou.”


“Guilin, Guangxi, was hit by extreme rainstorms, with 945mm [37.2 inches] of rainfall in 6 days and 304mm of rainfall in 6 hours!

“The Li River flowing through Guilin experienced the largest flood in history, with the water level 1.23 meters higher than the highest record in history!”


“Central China farmers face crop failures in ‘withering’ drought…

“The weeks-long dry spell striking central China has led many farmers to hold off on planting as agricultural authorities warn of damage to crops. A short drive down the road from Bao’s home, 70-year-old reservoir manager Liu told AFP that the area hadn’t seen any significant rain since April.”


“South Korea hit by hottest June day on record…

“Heat wave warnings were issued in 92 regions across South Korea, due to the influence of high pressure and warm westerly winds bringing higher temperatures compared to typical years.”


“Weather officials are calling on people in central and eastern Japan to be on the alert for landslides, as heavy rainfall continues to pound the regions…

The city of Atami in Shizuoka saw record rainfall of 255.5 millimeters [10 inches] for the 12-hour period through 5:50 p.m. on Tuesday. Izu City, also in Shizuoka, got more than 300 millimeters for the 12 hours until 6 p.m.”


“SOUTH AMERICA WINTER HEAT WAVE – another day >37C [98.6F] in PARAGUAY and also 36C in Bolivia and Peru.

“36.1C Tarapoto PERU is the highest temperature ever recorded in June, tying the same value recorded few days ago. The abnormal winter heat will go on for the rest of the week.”


“THE CARIBBEANS keep beating records like they have done the past 500+ days.

“33.8C St Eustatius HOTTEST JUNE DAY; 35.0C [95F] Roatan Island HONDURAS, also June record; MIN. 28.2C San Pedro Sula HONDURAS Record hottest night.”


“Historic heat in MEXICO continues into June.

“Incredible all time record yesterday at Chihuahua with 43.1C/110F at 1500m asl: it’s extreme at that elevation. Record also at Hidalgo del Parral with 42.0C. Chihuahua has >100 years of data and its old record was set just last year.”


“Tropical Storm Alberto Brings Floods to Texas as Mexico Braces for Landfall…

“…the main concern was rainfall of a foot or more that was predicted for parts of Texas and Mexico. Tropical storm warnings were issued for coastal areas on both sides of the border.”


“Drone video: Tropical Storm Alberto leaves Texas beach towns underwater…

“FOLLET’S ISLAND, Texas – The first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season punished Texas beach towns with storm surge that put communities underwater.”


“Rainfall records shattered in Oklahoma Panhandle…

“By Wednesday morning, the Oklahoma Mesonet’s Climatologist Gary McManus reported Goodwell had recorded 7.52 inches. “Goodwell’s highest daily rainfall total on record is 5.38″ from June 8, 1942, so that’s also blown completely out of the water…pardon the pun,” he wrote in his daily Mesonet column.”


“Satellite imagery shows massive haboob overtaking parts of Desert Southwest, Mexico…

“Winds from strong to severe thunderstorms that impacted West Texas and New Mexico on Wednesday evening triggered a massive dust storm, known as a haboob, which was even visible from space.”


“New Mexico town, battling wildfires, now faces flash floods…

“Rescue efforts were ongoing around Ruidoso, N.M., the National Weather Service’s Albuquerque office said around 7 p.m., as floodwaters surged down slopes charred by the fires that have burned since Monday… About 2½ inches of rain fell in 30 minutes.”


“Emergencies Declared Across the Northeast as Heat Index Hits Triple Digits…

“Record-breaking temperatures are expected in parts of the country every day this week… A rare June heat wave drove New Englanders to drag fans and air-conditioning units out of closets and attics on Tuesday and prompted concern for vulnerable residents…”



“Dozens of monthly records fell in NE USA (98 Fryeburg, 95 Presque Isle,etc) some remarkable all time. 96 Caribou ties all time high.”


“Record high temperatures in Eastern Canada!

“PE: 34.9°C [94.8F] North Cape, all-time record & new June provincial record! NB: 37.6°C Bathurst, all-time record & new June provincial record! 37.2°C Miramichi. 36.8°C Kouchibouguac. 36.5°C Charlo. 36.3°C Gagetown & Red Pines.”


“Why Scotland is one of the most sensitive places in the world to climate change…

“Scotland is several degrees warmer than it would otherwise be because of this warm water circulation [AMOC]. If it switched off completely, our climate would be more like that of Labrador in Canada, which is at the same latitude as Scotland.”


“Fewer swallows grace summer skies in Britain amid changing climate…

“A mixture of wet springs and summer droughts, leading to major falls in numbers of the flying insects on which they feed, has reduced the swallow’s breeding population by almost a quarter in the past 25 years or so.”


“Britain’s Stonehenge sprayed with paint by environmental protesters…

“In video released by environmental group Just Stop Oil, two protesters were seen running towards two of Stonehenge’s megaliths and spraying paint as another person attempted to stop them.”


“Ryanair and easyJet have lashed out at a decision by the EU to exclude long-haul flights from its crackdown on jet emissions…

“It comes after Brussels bowed to pressure from long-haul airlines and dropped plans to include all flights from its study into the effects of non-CO2 emissions.”


““The sky was black”: roofs torn off and residents in shock after a tornado passed through the Oise [France].

“This Tuesday, June 18, shortly after 5 p.m., a storm gave birth to an impressive meteorological phenomenon: a small tornado crossed the village of Carlepont, fortunately only causing material damage. Around thirty houses were affected.”


“Fan zones have been shut and Tartan Army fans told to “get to safety” amid a tornado warning in Cologne a day before Scotland’s game against Switzerland on Wednesday…

“Outdoor pre-match events have been cancelled, including a sing-along with local band Die Hohner, which was due to perform its own version of Loch Lomond…”


“Europe is being battered by extreme weather with record-high temperatures and severe storms. Serbia and Romania face heat waves reaching 40ºC, while Germany is experiencing severe thunderstorms.

“Extreme weather continues to wreak havoc in Europe, where high temperatures and intense storms are affecting various regions.”


“Sicily turns tourists away as heatwave follows weeks of drought…

“Crops are dying, farm animals face slaughter and bed and breakfasts with no water are turning away tourists in Sicily as a brutal heatwave follows weeks of drought.”


“Wildfires erupt in four cities in western Turkey.

“Wildfire season has started earlier than usual as the country is going through a heatwave. Fires erupted in four cities on Wednesday as the efforts to contain the Çanakkale fire continue.”



“Also: 49.3 Adrar; 47.3 Krechba; ALL TIME HIGH MINIMUM (for any month) like tmin 33.0 Bou Saada.”


“Morocco poised to become top wheat importer due to drastic production decline… This substantial increase in import demand positions Morocco to become the world’s sixth-largest wheat importer.

“The FAO report attributes the decline in wheat harvest across North Africa, including Morocco, to significant rainfall deficits and high temperatures that damaged crops.”


“Nigeria Says Drought Has Severely Impacted 40 million Citizens…

“Nigeria’s Minister of State for Environment, Dr. Iziaq Salako has said drought has seriously impacted about 40 million Nigerians negatively and has led to loss of livelihood and thrown many into adverse poverty especially around the Lake Chad region.”


“Southern Africa drought crisis demands fresh solutions…

“February was the driest in 100 years, with just a fifth of the usual rainfall for the month, in a region where 70% of people depend on rain-fed agriculture to survive, according to the World Food Program… Now, the window of opportunity is rapidly closing to prevent a large-scale humanitarian crisis…”


“Record rains in UAE: Two months on, car insurance claims continue to be filed…

“Industry executives said that many disputes are also arising due to claims, especially related to big sums, as many cars that were submerged in the floods were written off.”


“From Texas to Dubai The Era of Super-Wild Weather Is Already Here…

“The term “global warming” itself suggests a kind of predictability that may no longer suit the times. “These days I think it’s much more appropriate to call it ‘global weirding,’” Katharine Hayhoe says. “Wherever we live, our weather is getting much weirder.””


“Fossil fuel use, emissions hit record highs in 2023, industry report says…

“Nick Wayth, CEO of the Energy Institute, said that while demand for fossil fuels is peaking in advanced economies, economic development and improvements in quality of life in emerging economies continue to drive fossil growth.”


“Climate change is helping the H5N1 bird flu virus spread and evolve…

“As global climate conditions change, avian migratory patterns and routes are …changing. Higher temperatures and extreme weather has resulted in large-scale population shifts in a range of temperate species. These changes have led to diseases emerging in areas — and in genetic configurations — entirely unique and unprecedented.”


“Bird flu cases among animals continue to rise as US officials warn about the role of humans in spreading the virus.

“There are now 102 herds in the US with H5N1 cases, though given the prevalence of inactivated virus in commercially available pasteurized milk, experts believe the true number may be even higher.”


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18th June 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“With half the month now behind us, June 2024 is very likely to be the warmest June on record.

“It is on track to beat 2023’s record by nearly 0.2C, and may represent an ominous sign that global temperatures are not falling very quickly despite the fading of El Nino conditions.”


“This past Thursday, June 13, 2024, was the hottest June day in Earth’s recorded history, with an average global surface air temperature of 16.80°C (62.3°F).

“This beats the old record from the previous day… Record-smashing heatwaves are ongoing in India, China, the Mediterranean, and the Caribbean, just to name a few places.”


“We are now at 459 consecutive days (and counting) of record global sea surface temperatures, beginning March 14, 2023.

“This mayhem started well before last year’s El Niño had any influence. Expecting ocean temperatures to return to their pre-2023 levels this year is a fantasy.”


“Fierce heat wave in RUSSIA – Temperatures up to 40C and even 39C at 52/53 latitudes, at record levels for mid June (some close to full monthly records).

“Also tropical nights Tmins >20C) as north as 57N latitude, unheard for this time of the year.”


“Climate change casts a shadow over Britain’s biggest food export… Scottish salmon farms endure a rising mortality rate…

“…according to the Scottish government, the industry is worth more than £1bn ($1.3bn) annually and supports around 12,000 jobs. Last year salmon—almost all of it reared in Scotland—was Britain’s biggest food export, well ahead of cheddar and lamb.”


Potato shortages: ‘The way the weather is going, it’s a bit frightening’ [Ireland]…

““I’ve never seen anything like it in 35 years, I’ve never seen such a shortage,” says Dan Horan, owner of Horan’s Fruit and Veg in Tralee and Killarney, Co Kerry… Last year’s growing season was described by the Irish Farmers’ Association (IFA) as “the worst in living memory” due to similar conditions…”


“Jeremy Clarkson issues worrying update on future of Clarkson’s Farm ahead of season four…

“Clarkson …took to Instagram to share an aerial photo of Diddly Squat Farm showing how the rain has already ruined some of this year’s plans, meaning the farm is at risk of not producing any profitable crops. He told fans: “It’s going to be a rough year. All that seed sowed, drowned with the constant rain.”


“Spinach shortage looms as rain continues to waterlog fields [Netherlands]…

“Spinach takes four to five weeks to reach maturity, so farmers sow their fields continually to be sure of enough stock. But the continual rain means “we are still starting up,” spinach grower Edwin van Uijen said. “The spinach still in the fields has had it. The soil is too wet so the roots die and then the crop fails.””


“Athletes warn ‘hottest Games on record’ could threaten lives at Paris Olympics…

“The Paris Olympics could be the hottest Games on record, with leading athletes warning that the intense heat forecast for competition could lead to athletes collapsing or – in a worst-case scenario – dying in competition.”


“Death toll rises as heatwaves hit Cyprus, Greece and Türkiye: Will this be Europe’s hottest summer?

“A missing American tourist was found dead on the beach on a small island west of Corfu on Sunday, according to local media reports. The remains of a Dutch tourist were found on the eastern Greek island of Samos on Saturday. These are just the latest…”


“Historic hot night in EGYPT – MINIMUM TEMPERATURE of 34.6C [94.3F] at Aswan today is the HOTTEST JUNE NIGHT EVER RECORDED IN EGYPT.

“That happens a few days after the Egyptian hottest day ever.”


“Photos: Once fruitful, Libyan village suffers amid climate crisis…

“In the Libyan village of Kabaw in the Nafusa Mountains, Mohamed Maakaf waters an ailing fig tree… Kabaw was once flourishing and known for its figs, olives and almonds. Now its fields are mostly barren and battered by climate change-induced drought.”


“Water crisis batters war-torn Sudan as temperatures soar…

“War, climate change and man-made shortages have brought Sudan—a nation already facing a litany of horrors—to the shores of a water crisis. “Since the war began, two of my children have walked 14 kilometers (nine miles) every day to get water for the family,” Issa, a father of seven, told AFP from North Darfur state.”


“Too Hot for Peace: Desertification, Global Warming Fueling Middle East Unrest…

“The increasing temperatures in the region are making natural resources, especially water, ever scarcer and making warfare conditions harder than ever… the extreme heat is becoming a common enemy to Israelis, Palestinians, and neighboring countries, regardless of what side they take in the current war.”


“14 Jordanian, 5 Iranian pilgrims die at Saudi Hajj from extreme heat [50+C and tmin 33C at night].

“Climate change is having a significant impact on the Gulf. In addition to the effects of rising temperatures, the Gulf experienced record rainfall during the spring. Cities in the region are ill-equipped to deal with some of the effects of climate change.”


“Southern Iraq’s marshlands face severe drought…

“Abu Ahmed Abbas, a water buffalo breeder, told Kurdistan 24, “We ask the local authorities to provide us with our share of the water that we once had. We are facing a dire situation. The color of our water has changed and is no longer useful for drinking for animals and agriculture.””


“Record heat all over the tropics including all Indian Ocean islands:

“MAURITIUS 33.4 [92.1F] Agalega Island Hottest June day in Maurutius history. REUNION ISLAND: Tmin 25.0 Le Port Hottest June night in Reunion.”


“Skies are raining fire, Delhi on red alert: When will the heatwave end?

“…The primary cause of the heatwave in Delhi is the dry and warm westerly winds from Rajasthan and southern Haryana. These winds continue through the night, raising night-time temperatures. Additionally, a western disturbance has led to partly cloudy skies, which hinder night-time cooling…”


“Delhi water crisis: DJB office vandalised, 3 injured in clash over tap access…

“The ongoing water crisis in Delhi has sparked protests, vandalism, and heated political exchanges across the capital. On Sunday, unidentified individuals vandalised the Delhi Jal Board (DJB) office in Chhatarpur amid the severe water shortage, reported ANI.”


“HISTORIC IN INDIA – Brutal MINIMUM TEMPERATURE of 37.0C [98.6F] at Alwar today IS THE HOTTEST NIGHT EVER RECORDED ANYWHERE IN INDIA, tying 2 same minimums recorded previously at Gwalior.

“Also tmin 34.6 Phlalodi, 34.5 Churu, 34.0 Narnaul.”


“Flood situation worsens in Assam, more than 100,000 people affected.

“According to the daily flood report of the Assam State Disaster Management Authority (ASDMA), more than 1,05,700 people are hit due to the floods in Baksa, Barpeta, Darrang, Dhemaji, Goalpara, Karimganj, Nagaon and Nalbari districts.”


“Four missing in China’s Xinjiang after flash floods, mudslides…

“Flash floods in China’s Changji on Tuesday engulfed a car, and four people are missing, Chinese state media reported, as heavy rains and mudslides in several parts of the country cause widespread destruction and trigger mass evacuations.”


“Since June 16, extreme rainstorms in Longyan, Fujian and Meizhou, Guangdong have caused nine deaths and 17 missing [429 mm / 16.9 inches of rain fell in 20 hours].

“The Hanjiang River experienced the largest flood in history, with a peak flow of 12,400 cubic meters per second, more than 10 times the usual level.”


“Hong Kong to keep stock market open during typhoons…

“Hong Kong regularly experiences typhoons between June and October, but officials have warned residents to expect more powerful and unpredictable storms in the future due to climate change.


“HISTORIC HEAT IN TAIWAN – For the first time >40C [104F] in June. 40.1 Tea Farm in Taitung county, 40.0 Taimali.

“140 countries/territories are breaking records these days in dozens of thousands of stations.”


“This summer could be Japan’s hottest yet…

“Scorching heat is looking to be the norm for the next few months, as Japan is likely to go through another sweltering hot summer following last year’s. Summer 2023 was the hottest summer in Japan on record, and this year’s average centigrade is expected to rise…”



“CRAZY MINIMUMS too: 27 San Pedro and Puerto Casado, 26 Concepcion, 24.6 San Estanislao and Asuncion, 24.2 Caaazapa, 23.8 Villarica, 23.5 Pedro Juan Caballero. AC 24/7 in winter.”


More flooding in Brazil’s Rio Grande Do Sul – “Paranhana River overflows in Três Coroas and hits neighborhoods…

“…the city hall announced, at 5 pm this Sunday (16), that the level of the Paranhana River is at an overflow alert level, at 3.50 meters. According to the city’s Civil Defense, the river overflowed its banks in the late afternoon and reached some neighborhoods.”


“Oranges just the latest food hit by climate change… After bananas and coffee, citrus fruits are now succumbing to disease and weather as Brazil’s crop collapses…

“In Brazil, cultivator of over a third of the world’s oranges and by far the biggest exporter of orange juice at 70 per cent, experts are warning of a crash in orange production…”


“SOUTH AMERICA HEAT WAVE – Another historic record in Brazil with 37.2C [99F] yesterday at Cuiaba which tied its June record set in 1943.

“June record also at Cobija, Bolivia, which broke the monthly heat records of every single month since mid 2023.”


“One dead, thousands of homes damaged after storm hits Chile.

“An ongoing storm lashing south-central Chile left one person dead and forced over 11,000 people from their homes, local authorities said on Monday. Heavy rains impacted nine regions…”


“Rescuers find more victims after a landslide in Ecuador, rising the death toll to 8…

“Heavy rains over the weekend drenched several provinces of Ecuador, but the community of Baños was one of the most affected when a hill partially collapsed Sunday and swept over some houses and vehicles.”


“At least 13 killed in Central America as heavy rains trigger floods, landslides…

“In El Salvador, the hardest hit country so far, five people died Monday in a landslide in the western district of Tacuba, in the department of Ahuachapan, Civil defense chief Luis Amaya said. Those deaths follow two fatalities recorded on Sunday…”


“CARIBBEANS RECORD HEAT – One day without records in MARTINIQUE? Possible? No way! Monthly territorial again with 35.7C [96.3F] at Ducos…

“And….HOTTEST JUNE night again in HONDURAS: Tmin 29.5C Roatan.”


“A water war is looming between Mexico and the US. Neither side will win…

“…experts say the pray-for-rain approach is a risky, short-term strategy in the face of a knotty long-term problem. The conflict underscores the immense difficulties of navigating how to share shrinking water resources in a hotter, drier world.”


“Wildfire forces New Mexico town of Ruidoso to evacuate…

“The South Fork Fire was spreading just northwest of the town of 7,700 people. As of Monday evening, it had grown to an estimated 360 acres and was threatening multiple structures, according to the New Mexico Forestry Division…”


“Homes now threatened as LA wildfire grows to 15,000 acres and 1,200 are evacuated…

“By Monday morning, the blaze had grown to 15,610 acres, with some 50 homes being threatened. Over the weekend, authorities evacuated residents who live in Hungry Park Lake, as crews worked to construct perimeter fire lines around the blaze.”


“A heat wave not seen in decades will send temperatures soaring for more than half the US population…

“Hundreds of records could be tied or broken this week as a massive heat dome parks over part of the East. Multiple all-time June high temperature records could fall as the heat rises to levels normally seen only on the hottest July days.”


“How’s the water in Charlottetown Harbour? It’s already warm — and swarming with jellyfish [Prince Edward Island, Canada]…

“”Usually swarms of this size happen later in August, sometimes in the early fall,” said aquatic science biologist Jeff Clements… The sheer amount is also attracting tourists. People along the boardwalk are stopping to take photos and ask why there are so many.”


“How a microscopic coastal creature may become deadlier in our changing climate.

“Between 2014 and 2015, a “blob” of record-breaking warm water traversed the west coast of the U.S… amid this devastation, one microscopic creature thrived or “bloomed”—a neurotoxin-producing diatom called Pseudo-nitzschia…”


“UN food chief: Poorest areas have zero harvests left…

“Martin Frick told the BBC that some of the most deprived areas had now reached a tipping point of having “zero” harvests left, as extreme weather was pushing already degraded land beyond use. He said that as a result, parts of Africa, the Middle East and Latin America were now dependent on humanitarian aid.”


“‘Scared as hell’: Climate scientists risk jobs, jail to save dying planet…

“Potential impacts on employment, health and professional reputations are real considerations when scientists speak out publicly about climate change, particularly when emotions run high.”


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15th June 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“Record rainfall has battered wheat crops in the UK and France, Europe’s largest producer, and is expected to drive up prices significantly this year…

““After the UK’s record-breaking wet winter hit crops here, farmers in France are now contending with the impacts of ceaseless rains this spring,” said Tom Lancaster, land, food and farming analyst at the Energy and Climate Intelligence Unit (ECIU), a think-tank…

“The problems in Europe come as farmers in other major wheat-growing regions also struggle with weather events related to climate change, from frost damage in Russia to drought in Australia, reducing global supplies.”


“How the Paris Olympics could become a super-spreader event for dengue…

“This is not the first time the Olympics has been identified as a risk factor for viral epidemics. The 2016 Olympics in Brazil were almost postponed because of fears about Zika – another virus transmitted by the Aedes mosquito.”


“Cars and houses submerged in severe flooding in Moscow.

“Roads left flooded and vehicles underwater in parts of the capital after heavy showers on Thursday, according to Russian media.. Russian state media reported that almost a month’s worth of rain fell in some areas of Moscow in a few hours, citing the capital’s authorities.”


“An entire summers worth of rain …in just 20mins! That’s what fell during severe storms in Murcia, Spain yesterday according to the national weather service there.

“Tomorrow, storms are focused on Romania, Bulgaria and Moldova.”


“Devastating Hailstorm Strikes Bulgaria’s Botevgrad Region…

“Reports indicate that hail, some as large as eggs, wreaked havoc in Botevgrad and neighboring villages. The initial assessments detail widespread destruction, including shattered roof tiles and windows.”


“Several fires have broken out on Friday in central and northern Greece, with residents of some towns and villages receiving a message from 112 to evacuate or stay alert.

“Currently, the fire department fights wildfires in Pella and Kilkis, in northern Greece and in Agrinio, Larissa, and Livadia, in central Greece.”


“BRUTAL MEDITERRANEAN HEAT WAVE. Yesterday 44.0 Milos and 43.6 Rhodes GREECE – Hottest day EVER in Southern Aegean and in Rhodes Islands. Up to 38C [100.4F] at 3am in the night!

“45.3 Astromeritis CYPRUS; TMIN 33.9 Kas TURKISH JUNE HIGHEST MIN SYRIA: tmin 28.2 Aleppo HOTTEST JUNE NIGHT.”


“People cool themselves in Nile River amid heatwave in Egypt.

“Boys jump into the Nile River to cool themselves during a heatwave in Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt, June 14, 2024. (Xinhua/Ahmed Gomaa).”


“MIDDLE EAST HEAT WAVE – Crazy 47.8 at Aqaba JORDAN on Red Sea coast June record destroyed. 48C in Israel and at Jericho in the West Bank

“COMING NEXT: HORRIFIC Heat wave in IRAQ with 50/53C [127.4F] all over the country and 30/35c at night for 7/10 days.”


“Biblical plague of locusts hit northern Iraq devastating farms…

“A massive locusts infestation in Iraq’s Sulaymaniyah has left farmers grappling with unprecedented crop damage, particularly watermelons and tomatoes, a staple of the country’s food production… This latest infestation is part of a growing trend of pest-related agricultural challenges linked to climate change.”


“Heavy rainfall triggered a devastating flood in the Kandovan area of Iran, causing significant damage and sweeping away at least four vehicles…

“The intense downpour, which occurred over a short period, led to severe flooding in the Dezdban area, Darband and Owshan Bridge along the Chalus-Kandovan road.”


“HISTORIC HEAT IN INDIA – The current heat wave is the longest India has ever experienced and it will just get worse.

“MINIMUM temp. today was a brutal 36.4C 97.5F] at Alwar [Rajasthan], it’s one of the hottest nights ever recorded anywhere in Asia outside Middle East.”


“At 34.3 degrees Celsius, Prayagraj [Uttar Pradesh, India] recorded its warmest June night ever on Friday in its 127-year observational history (1898-2024)…

“The IMD has warned that heat wave (Loo) to severe heat wave conditions are likely to continue in most places across the state, with warm night conditions very likely…”


“Working in ‘hellfire’: Gig workers bear the brunt of India’s heatwave…

““When I am driving my two-wheeler during work, the hot air blowing on my body makes it feel like I am sitting outside a furnace,” says Aman, who goes by a single name. Last month, he fainted…”


“Frog wedding held in Varanasi to appease Indian rain god during heatwave as temperatures hit 45C /113F [Gorgeous couple; I just know they’re going to be happy].

“Two frogs were thrown a lavish wedding ceremony to “appease the rain gods” into ending sweltering heatwaves in north India as temperatures reached 45 degrees Celsius (113 degrees Fahrenheit).”


“4 forest officials killed while extinguishing fire in India’s Uttarakhand.

“Four forest officials were killed and four others suffered burns while extinguishing a fire at a wildlife sanctuary in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand, Xinhua reported citing the local officials.”


“Himalayan region landslides kills 10, leaves 2,400 tourists stranded in northeastern India…

“At least 10 people have died in flooding and landslides across Himalayan regions of India and Nepal following heavy rainfall on Thursday, according to local officials. The severe downpours have also left 2,400 tourists stranded in the northeastern Indian state of Sikkim.”


“EXTRAORDINARY HEAT IN CHINA – 191 stations in the North above 40C [104F], 21 had their hottest day in history.

“Temperatures up to 46.3C in the secondary net at Jiaozuo. Dozens of thousands of records are falling from Turkey to Korea all over.”


“Scorching weather is hitting Japan. Kyoto had 35.9°C, nation’s highest temperature so far this year. Waniura had its hottest June day on record.

“Recently, Japan has been receiving the highest number of tourists in its history. If you visit Japan, please take care in the heat!”


“Japan: Torrential Rain Causes Severe Flooding In Okinawa 7…

“The Japan Meteorological Agency announced that record short-term heavy rainfall of about 110 mm [4.3 inches] fell in the vicinity of Tomigusuku City and Itoman City at 10:30 am on the same day, and about 110 mm fell in the vicinity of Haebaru Town and Yaese Town at 10:40 am.”


“Eternal record heat in THAILAND – Surin broke both the June records of hottest night and hottest day with 28.5/39.5

“June Records heat also in the tourist island of Koh Samui with 29.2/37.9 [103.1F]. Thailand has been breaking records for over 500 consecutive days, every single day.”


“Toxic mould wreaking havoc on Australian homes after record rain.

“A humid summer and months of record rains have created the perfect breeding ground for toxic mould in homes across Australia. A number of Australians have written in to Today to report having mould “everywhere” that keeps coming back despite repeated cleaning.”


“Brazil’s devastating floods hit ‘Black population on the periphery’ hardest…

“Porto Alegre’s poorest neighborhoods, often closest to rivers and with the worst infrastructure, bore brunt of crisis. It had been raining for nearly a week when the floodwaters first reached Marcelo Moreira Ferreira’s home in Porto Alegre…”



“June records broken in Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina and Paraguay, including 32.4 Porto Alegre (>100 years of data).”


“Monkeys and snakes unable to escape as raging wildfires scorch wetlands in Brazil.

“The scorched carcasses of monkeys, snakes and caimans dot the charred expanses of the once-green Brazilian Pantanal, the world’s largest tropical wetlands… “The fire is on a very large scale, there is no time for them to escape,” said Delcio Rodrigues, head of the ClimaInfo Institute.“”


“Brazil’s Amazon could be in for severe drought double-header.

“In many parts of the Amazon, 2023 was the most intense drought in history. And, according to forecasts from the Amazonas State Civil Defense force, this year’s drought is gearing up to be even worse.”


“Photos: State of ‘catastrophe’ as downpours hit Chile.

“Heavy rains lashed much of the country, damaging homes, flooding roads, knocking out power and causing mudslides. Chile’s weather service issued the highest level of alarm, covering some 14 million of the 20 million people living in six of the country’s 16 regions…”


“Shocking! Today’s rains cause chaos in Tegucigalpa [Honduras]…

“Today, Tegucigalpa has been severely affected by intense rains, which have caused flooding on the main roads of the capital. Videos shared on social networks show huge pools of water that have caused road chaos and damage in several areas of the city.”


“Massive flood event forecast for Central America over the next two weeks!! Certainly possible some locations will receive >4 feet of rain!!

“Terrain makes it life-threatening with flash flooding. The reason: a common, but unusually strong and persistent, Central American Gyre.”



“37.4 [99.3F] San Jorge COSTA RICA JUNE HOTTEST DAY IN HISTORY; 34.6 Lamentin AP MARTINIQUE JUNE RECORD; Tmin 27.8/82F San Juan PUERTO RICO ties again the June Hottest night.”


“Power Outages Affect 350,000 in Puerto Rico Amid Extreme Heat Wave…

“In Puerto Rico, the mayor of San Juan declared a state of emergency as the island reported widespread power outages, leaving some 350,000 customers without electricity Wednesday night amid soaring temperatures.”



“Dozens of thousands of records are being brutalized all over Americas from Mexico to Argentina.”


“Connecticut-sized “dead zone” expected to emerge in Gulf of Mexico, potentially killing marine life, NOAA warns.

“Dead zones are areas in the water where oxygen levels are so low that they can kill fish and other marine life. These zones typically emerge because of excessive nutrient pollution caused by human activities, NOAA said.”


“Parts of Florida still reeling from severe flooding…

“Extreme flooding is causing major problems for portions of southern Florida after some areas saw nearly two feet of rain. Meanwhile, millions in the northeast were under threat for severe weather.”


“An intense heat dome is poised to build across much of the central and eastern United States, bringing triple-digit heat index values all the way into Canada as temperatures reach record levels.

“The National Weather Service is calling for “potentially dangerous and long duration heat.””


“Canadians learn to live with megafires…

“Forest fires in Canada have never been quite so destructive… Firefighters, rescue workers and residents of at-risk localities are learning to live with the ever-increasing risk of devastating fires. Our correspondents François Rihouay and Joanne Profeta report.”


“Ice-free period too long for Southern and Western Hudson Bay polar bear populations if global warming exceeds 1.6 – 2.6C.

“Hudson Bay has warmed over 1 °C in the last 30 years. Coincident with this warming, seasonal patterns have shifted… with longer ice-free periods already substantially impacting recruitment, extirpation for polar bears in this region may already be inevitable.”


“Antarctic cold spells shatter records amid global heat waves in late winter 2023…

“The highest point, Kunlun Station, recorded its lowest temperature ever observed at -79.4°C… Interestingly, at the same time, record-breaking high temperatures were occurring in South America, which is relatively close to Antarctica.””


“Researchers at the Finnish Arctic Centre at University of Lapland investigate if, and under what conditions, solar geoengineering can be responsibly tested and how research should be governed…

“Research shows that already exceeding 1.5°C global warming could trigger multiple irreversible climate tipping points in the Arctic… “In order to avoid reaching these tipping points many think it is also necessary to investigate climate interventions,” Mettiäinen says.”


“Finding an insurance policy is getting harder in places hit by extreme weather…

“Reinsurance companies, which provide insurance for other insurance companies, have raised prices by nearly 40% in the last two years. Those costs are being passed down by primary insurers like Allstate and State Farm, raising premiums and deductibles and reducing coverage.”


“Swiss Re says industry failed to estimate impact of extreme weather.

“Swiss Re, one of the world’s biggest reinsurers, has said the industry significantly underestimated the fallout from recent natural disasters across Europe and warned that some areas have become “uninsurable”.”


“How the makers of a beloved board game reworked it to address the climate crisis…

“Catan: New Energies, is one of the biggest departures for the game so far. Instead of gameplay set in pre-industrial times, New Energies is set in the 21st century, with real elements such as power plants and pollution playing a major role.”


You can read the previous “Climate” thread here. I’ll be back tomorrow with an “Economic” thread.

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13th June 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“The spring temperatures in Northern Russia and Norway break records…

“The anomaly when the temperature was 4 degrees warmer was detected in the Russian Arctic, around the group of islands called Severnaya Zemlya in the Arctic Ocean…

“May in Southern Norway was 4.0 degrees above normal. The north and west of southern Norway were at 7 degrees above normal. “The temperatures in May have been so high in Norway that they were more like June…” the Norwegian Meteorological Institute tweeted.”

[NB, I am not clear what the precise baseline is but it is not pre-industrial; late 20th century average, I suspect]


“See the monthly Sea Surface Temperature anomalies for the NH mid-latitudes updated to May 2024.

“This is where the aerosol termination shock hits hardest.

“Welcome into a new climate state! It’s not (yet) stable, so watch out for turbulence.”


“North Atlantic sea surface temperature f&%kery continues.

“Here is a colorized version of the standard deviation graphic, showing the difference between 2023, 2024 (through June 11) and all the years before.”


“[UK] Households are facing the biggest jump in home insurance bills on record, with extreme weather events partly to blame.

“Quoted home insurance premiums have risen 42pc over the last year, the highest annual increase since records began a decade ago.”


“Swiss women who won a historic ruling on climate change at the European Court of Human Rights say they feel shocked and betrayed by their parliament’s decision not to comply with it…

“The court’s rulings are binding for member states, and this decision was unprecedented.”


“There’s a Battle Over Carbon Emerging from the War in Ukraine…

“…direct and indirect emissions of militaries might account for 5.5 percent of total global emissions, according to estimates by Scientists for Global Responsibility and the Conflict and Environment Observatory, two U.K.-based nonprofits. That’s nearly as much as the annual emissions of the world’s entire fleet of passenger cars.”


“Wildfire destroys 600 hectares in south of France, blaze continues…

“A wildfire has destroyed over 600 hectares close to St Tropez in southern France and continues to burn today (Wednesday June 12), with over 500 firefighters working to put out the blaze. The fire broke out at around 15:00 on Tuesday in Vidauban…”


“Emergency crews in Spanish tourist hotspot rush to rescue people trapped in their cars as floods cause chaos [Murcia and Costa Blanca]…

“…in Murcia roads turned into raging torrents… Much of the continent is facing similarly extreme weather, with a heatwave blanketing Turkey, Greece and Cyprus…”


“Majorca flooding: Palma airport is paralysed by huge storm, with terminal flooded and flights diverted…

“One video showed rainwater flooding one of the airport’s runways, with a member of staff jokingly diving into the water to show how deep it was. Another showed the ceiling above the duty free shops in the airport severely leaking water.”


“Acropolis closed during hottest hours in Greece’s earliest heatwave on record…

““In the 20th century we never had a heatwave before 19 June. We have had several in the 21st century, but none before 15 June,” said the state TV meteorologist Panos Giannopoulos.”


“‘All we see is black,’ Paphos residents mourn fire destruction [Cyprus]…

“Seven aerial firefighting units, including a coordination helicopter along with ground forces were at the scene. The Ikarous II contingency plan has been activated, Kettis wrote on X. Meanwhile, a new fire broke out just outside the nearby Yiolou village but was controlled before it spread into the community, the spokesman said.”


“Wildfires grip 7 provinces in Türkiye amid heat wave…

“Warm air masses from North Africa will continue to ensure temperatures of up to 45 degrees Celsius [113F] in places in Greece and Türkiye until at least Friday. The heat is not expected to subside until the weekend.”


“Egypt’s Extreme Heat Is Ominous Warning for Global Economies This Summer…

“Experts at the Egyptian Meteorological Authority worry this summer will be even more brutal than last year, upending commodities and agriculture while wreaking havoc on daily life… Meanwhile, perpetual power cuts are sharply denting productivity.”



“BRUTAL HEAT IN ALGERIA; Rhourd Nouss min 35.9 max 48.8 [119.8F]! TUNISIA and LIBYA JUNE RECORDS: 48.0 El Burma; 47.2 Remada; 44.1 Nalut; 43.5 Yefren; Also 46.8 in Tripoli.”


“Senegal’s remote Bassari people talk about climate change, and how their local knowledge is key to coping strategies…

“…increased temperatures, dry spells, and the shortening of the rainy season were the most reported changes. Many people also reported forest degradation, plant and animal loss, and soil erosion.”


“Chilli bombs and honeybees: Weapons in Tanzania’s human-elephant conflict.

“Across Africa, growing populations and shrinking habitats are putting people and wildlife on a collision course. Farmers and researchers are devising unlikely tools to keep elephants at bay.”


“Elephants call each other by name, study finds…

“While dolphins and parrots have been observed addressing each other by mimicking the sound of others from their species, elephants are the first non-human animals known to use names that do not involve imitation, the researchers suggested.”


“Amazon workers ‘made to pledge not to take water or bathroom breaks’ during 50C heatwave [India]…

“As temperatures soared past 50C, workers at Amazon India’s Manesar warehouse, located in the northern state of Haryana, said they were finding it increasingly difficult to cope with the hazardous working conditions they claim were being ignored by the management.”


“Rural India runs dry as thirsty megacity Mumbai sucks water…

“Far from the gleaming high-rises of India’s financial capital Mumbai, impoverished villages in areas supplying the megacity’s water are running dry – a crisis repeated across the country that experts say foreshadows terrifying problems.”


“Twelve persons were killed by lightning in different locations in East Burdwan and Bankura in the last two days [Bengal].

“Four others suffered shocks from lightning and were admitted to hospitals. The heavily parched districts have been witnessing multiple flashes of lightning and thunderclaps…”


“Chinese crops at risk as extreme drought warning issued for central and northern areas…

“The forecaster said 16 of a total of 17 cities in the province had detected drought that lasted 10 days and was expected to develop further the following week. The temperature in its capital Zhengzhou was expected to get as high as 41 [105.8F] degrees…”



“152 stations above 40C in the North! Temperatures up to 43C [109.4F] with dozens of records, including an all time high: 40.1 Fenyang.”


“Breaking news: NORTH KOREA has just recorded its highest temperature in history for June with 37.3C [99.1F] at Hamheung which tied the national record set Kangye in 2007.

“North China over 45C, it’s a historic heat wave which is rewriting climatic history and it will get much worse.”


“Never ending record heat in THAILAND.

“Since March 2023 Thailand has been breaking heat records no-stop… 37.6 today at Songkhla it’s the hottest June day on record, likewise 38.3 Yala; 37.4 Koh Samui; 37 Phattalung.”


“Hastings records New Zealand’s warmest-ever June day with 25.7C [78.3F]…

“Hastings has recorded a new national temperature record, with a reading of 25.7C on Monday. The unseasonable warmth also qualified as a new North Island temperature record for all of winter, based on Niwa records stretching back to the 1850s.”


“Floods leave Brazilians with a grim choice: rebuild or leave?

“Towns weigh up their future after climate-fuelled disaster strikes agricultural powerhouse of Rio Grande do Sul… The state’s response could hold lessons for other parts of the world threatened by extreme weather… with officials and scientists warning that neighbourhoods and even entire towns at risk from future inundations might need to relocate.”



“Temperatures reached again >37C [98.6F] in this unprecedented winter heat wave. Some June records: PARAGUAY: 36.0 Puerto Casado; tmin 23.6 Concepcion; ARGENTINA: 32.6 Ceres; 32.3 Reconquista; 31.3 Posadas; 31.0 Sauce Viejo; 22.7 La Quiaca.”


“Glaciers in Peru’s Central Andes Might Be Gone by 2050s, Study Says.

““In my mother’s village,” he said, “the glacier stream, which we call mayucha in Quechua, no longer comes down from the mountain.” Now, new research shows that the glaciers and water in the central range, closer to the country’s capital, Lima, might face a similar fate.”


“More records fell today in BOLIVIA: 37.1 [98.8F] Puerto Suarez; 34.7 Ascension de Guarayos. Hottest June day on record.

“Next days will be completely crazy with 15/17C above average in a huge areas and records brutalized with huge margins like it was mid-summer.”



“49C [120.2F] in Northwest Mexico; June records at Empalme and Ciudad Obregon AP >45C on the coast; JUNE HOTTEST NIGHT IN HISTORY TMIN: 29.0 CAYMAN ISLANDS; 28.4 CURACAO; 27.4 Montego Bay JAMAICA.”


“South Florida has been deluged by a once-in-a-millennium downpour bringing mass flooding and triggering travel misery.

“Parts of the Sunshine State were drenched by up to ten inches of rain on Tuesday… The Tampa Bay area was hit by eight inches of rain in three hours, a meteorological event so rare it is only expected once every 500 to 1,000 years.”


“South Florida underwater: Tropical rainstorm delivers 20 inches of rain in 24 hours…

“As of 4:30 p.m. EDT, nearly 20 inches had fallen in Hollywood and Hallandale Beach, according to AccuWeather/Ambient Weather stations. This is nearly double the historical average rainfall for all of June and well above the 11.94 inches that fell in the region from January through May.”


“‘It’s unbearable’: in ever-hotter US cities, air conditioning is no longer enough…

“Conventional wisdom and public policy have long operated on the assumption that, no matter how bad the heat gets, air conditioning will be enough to keep people safe. But the last few years of record-breaking temperatures are shattering that myth.”


“‘Tornado alley’ has been expanding over the past 50 years, new study finds…

“A new research paper recently submitted to the Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology confirms what AccuWeather reported in 2022: tornadoes have shifted east from classic “tornado alley” in the Plains to be more prevalent in parts of the South and Midwest over the last 50 years.”


“Warnings issued as tornadoes are spotted in southwestern Manitoba…

“Environment Canada issued a series of tornado warnings Wednesday afternoon and into the evening, alerting people to what it calls a “dangerous and potentially life-threatening situation” for parts of southern Manitoba.”


“EDF tight lipped about new geoengineering research program…

“One of the nation’s most influential environmental groups plans to launch a program that would assess the impacts of reflecting sunlight to slow global warming. The Environmental Defense Fund’s solar radiation management research effort is a significant mainstream endorsement of the controversial field, also known as solar geoenegineering.”


“California town of Alameda refuses to host a climate geoengineering experiment…

“I don’t have a burning desire to be on the cutting edge of everything,” said Mayor Marilyn Ezzy Ashcraft. Friends of the Earth congratulated the city on its “wise decision to not give into the geoengineering hype.””


“Why London, New York and Shanghai should be worried about Antarctica’s ‘doomsday glacier’…

““The worry is that we are underestimating the speed that the glacier is changing, which would be devastating for coastal communities around the world,” said Dr Christine Dow, a professor in the Faculty of Environment at Uni of Waterloo and co-author of the study.”


“The collapse of Antarctica’s ice sheets would be disastrous. A group of scientists has an idea to save them…

“Manipulating the flow of nation-size glaciers certainly qualifies as geo-engineering… another team has proposed that a curtain… be stretched across the 75-mile-wide zone where Thwaites meets the sea, to divert the warm water that is flowing underneath it.”


“To save the high seas, plan for climate change…

“Corals frying in Florida, billions of snow crabs dead in the Arctic — climate change is wreaking havoc in the world’s oceans. The race is on to protect marine areas amounting to 30% of global seas by 2030 under the Convention on Biological Diversity.”


“New images, exclusive to National Geographic, show that even remote marine havens aren’t safe from the impact of climate change.

“Lord Howe Island, a two-hour flight from Sydney, is home to the world’s southernmost coral reef, and its protected waters are a paradise for marine life. This year, researchers were devastated when a double tragedy hit the region’s pristine reefs. Soaring ocean temperatures and record-low tides wiped out many sensitive corals.”


“World must not give up on 1.5 C global warming target [Mukhtar Babayev, COP29 President and Minister of Ecology and Natural Resources of Azerbaijan]…

…we are sensing that faith in 1.5 C as the world’s fixed objective is waning. During the team’s visits to global capitals, many have asked whether the target is still achievable. Our clear answer is yes, the goal of 1.5 C remains.”


“Azerbaijan accused of media crackdown before hosting COP29…

“Many campaigners and civil society groups have spoken of their concerns that climate advocacy was being stifled amid a media clampdown… Tilianaki said: “Holding Cop29 in Azerbaijan raises serious concerns about the possibility of advancing ambitious climate action in negotiations.”


“Climate change funding talks stuck ahead of COP29 summit…

“With just five months to go before this year’s U.N. climate summit, countries cannot agree on the size of a global funding bill to help the developing world fight climate change – let alone how to split it. The decision is set to dominate the COP29 climate talks in Azerbaijan in November.”


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11th June 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“Climate change is coming for the finer things in life… Wine, olive oil, coffee, cocoa. ‘It does feel a little apocalyptic’…

“As the world warms, extreme weather is disrupting the production of some of life’s great comforts… Some of these crops are concentrated in one or two regions, which means wonky weather in one part of the world can have a dizzying impact on global prices.”


“Farmers in Greece Witness the Impacts of Climate Change After Historically Low Harvest.

“The Greek olive oil sector was tested to the limit this year, with the country yielding record-low production of less than 150,000 tons of olive oil due to adverse weather and the olive trees entering an ‘off-year’ in most of the country’s producing regions.”


“‘Without farmers, Sicily as we know would not exist’: Drought takes its toll on crops and livestock…

“The lack of rainfall is putting livestock farmers and agricultural producers, vital to Sicily’s economy, in a difficult position. “The scarcity of water has compromised the animals’ ability to find the necessary water for their daily needs,” says Donatella Vanadia…”


“Another storm leaves streets flooded and traffic outages in half the region [Murcia, Spain]…

“Another strong storm, after last Saturday’s DANA , crossed the Region of Murcia yesterday, leaving flooded streets, traffic cuts and damage to agricultural infrastructure. The intense rainfall not only hit the Northwest and Altiplano regions, but also swept through the Vega del Segura.”


“France: Violent Storm Causes Major Flooding And Mudslides In Parts Of Haute-Savoie…

“A violent thunderstorm hit Collonges-sous-Salève and surrounding areas in Haute-Savoie, located on the Swiss border, on Sunday, June 9, causing major flooding and mudslides and shutting down parts of the A40 motorway.”


“Impressive hailstorm in a tunnel in Lozère on the A75…

“These motorists just had time to “step aside” this Sunday. A violent storm broke out in Lozère. On the A75 motorway, hail invaded the Montjezieux tunnel, in the town of Canourgue.”


“Austrian Airlines plane severely damaged after flying through hailstorm…

“Dramatic images have emerged showing the front of an Austrian Airlines plane severely damaged after it flew through a hailstorm, forcing its pilots to make a “mayday distress call.””


“Damage after storms in Austria – the centre of Deutschfeistritz can only be reached by boat…

“The town center of Deutschfeistritz can only be reached by boat, it was said. Motorists were trapped by masses of water. Photos show how vehicles were washed away and pressed against the walls of houses. The life of all 4,000 residents is in danger…”


“Flooding Rába River [Hungary] expected to peak at record level on Monday evening…

“Already on Saturday evening and at night, several places, including the Rába catchment, were affected by an extremely heavy thunderstorm system, which brought down an extraordinary amount of precipitation in a short period of time.”


“‘I feel more like a professional gambler’: British farmers reveal their twin struggles with climate change and mental health…

“My work with UK farmers and growers has looked at how they are adapting to these effects of climate change, and how it is affecting their work and way of life. The findings are shocking.”


“On June 9, 2023, the sea surface temperature averaged over the North Atlantic was 3.6 standard deviations above the mean (based on the 1991-2020 climatology).

“On June 9, 2024, it’s 4.1 standard deviations above the mean. A 1991-2020 climatology already looks irrelevant.”


“Meteorologists are marvelling at astronomical ocean temperatures in the Gulf of Mexico heading into Hurricane Season.

“Reaching over 16 Kj/cm2 above normal, the Gulf of Mexico is steaming up reaching record high energy content for this early in the year. With this excess energy, the basin has become astonishingly warm, surpassing last year’s record that seemed crazy at the time.”


“Issuance of catastrophe bonds just hit a record high, as the market braces for a rough hurricane season with the potential to do substantial damage.

“Sales of so-called cat bonds are 38% higher this year through May than over the same five-month period in 2023, which was already a record…”


“Florida sets several record high temps. Next up: Rain. Some areas could see up to 22 inches…

“As the tropical downpours begin moving into South Florida Tuesday, it will begin a “prolonged stretch” of wet and stormy weather, AccuWeather said. While the rain will provide welcome relief from both record heat and prolonged drought along Florida’s peninsula, it could bring flooding.”


“Vermont Passed a Bill Making Big Oil Pay. Now Comes the Hard Part…

“The state still has to figure out how much individual fossil fuel companies must pay for the impacts of climate-driven disasters… The law, which faces an almost certain legal challenge, builds on the polluter-pays principle that guides existing hazardous waste remediation laws…”


“California looks to seize profits from Big Oil in climate change lawsuit…

“State attorney-general Rob Bonta invoked a new state law on Monday that allows claimants to target company profits that can be identified from the violation of consumer protection and advertising laws.”


“Thousands of dead fish pile up on dried out lagoon in drought-hit Mexico…

“The fish deaths at the Bustillos Lagoon, by the town of Anahuac in Chihuahua, came during long dry spells and as temperatures have climbed above 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit). The lagoon’s water levels are dangerously low, officials said.”


“In Mexico’s heat wave monkeys are still dying and lions are getting popsicles…

“Much of the impact on wildlife is being felt in central and southern Mexico, because while temperatures are also high in the north, it is mostly desert and the animals there have some coping mechanisms for extreme heat and drought.”


“Records didn’t last more than 1 day in Carravelle, MARTINIQUE. Every day it beats and re-beats it all the time.

“Today minimum temperature was 28.4C [83.1F], breaking again the record of June hottest night.”


“Titicaca in Crisis: Climate Change Is Drying Up the Biggest Lake in the Andes.

“Persistent drought has caused havoc for the Indigenous peoples who live on floating islands and depend on rains that have stopped falling… Some of the worst effects were felt by the Uros, an Indigenous people…”


“SOUTH AMERICA HEAT WAVE; Record broken in PERU today:

“36.1C [97F] at Tarapoto is the highest temperature ever recorded in June.

“Next days several records will be smashed in Bolivia, Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil.”


“…in South America winter has disappeared from the map altogether. Tropical night at Buenos Aires ARGENTINA with a minimum temperature of 20.3C [68.5F], record highest for June.

“Nearby Colonia URUGUAY also record with a min of 20.7C.”


“Hawke’s Bay weather: Hastings hits 25.6 [78.1F] degrees in winter, beats 1988 June high [New Zealand].

“Hastings’ station mercury reading hit 25.6C at 1.30pm on Monday, marking the national high at the time and setting a new record for the city’s highest June temperature… The Whakatu station also reached 25.3C, its second-warmest winter temperature on record since records began there in 1965.”


“Records all over the tropics every single day.

“Just a new one: Honiara capital of the SOLOMON ISLANDS, Oceania, had a minimum temperature of 26.0C [78.8F] which ties its hottest June night in history.”


“Half of all Aussie homes at serious risk to natural disasters, new data finds…

“According to Domain, about 5.6 million properties are at risk of bushfires, almost 1 million at risk of floods and thousands more threatened by coastal erosion. In some states, as many as two thirds of all properties are in danger.


“Record heat in THAILAND seems eternal. More records today of hottest nights in the Southwest:

“30.0 [86F] Ko Lanta all time highest Tmin; 29.2 Phuket June highest Tmin; 29.1 Phuket Airport all time highest Tmin; 28.8 Takua Pa tied all time highest tmin.”


“Flash floods have killed at least three people and left one missing in northern Vietnam since Saturday night, the government said on Monday, and more heavy rains are expected over the coming days.

“The victims include a 3-year-old boy and his father and a 42-year-old woman, all in the northern mountainous province of Ha Giang, the government said in a statement.”


“On June 10, 25 stations in China broke the highest record in early June, and 5 stations tied the record.

“At present, it seems that central Hebei may hit the [all-time] highest record on June 13!


“It’s still unusually warm in SIBERIA with temperatures of 30C [86F] near the Arctic Circle and also locally close to 20C on the Arctic coast (should be near freezing in early June).

“Next days a historic record breaking heat wave will sweep Northern China (up to 45C) and Koreas (up to 38C).”


“India’s heat wave longest ever, worse to come…

“India’s heat wave is the longest ever to hit the country, the government’s top weather expert said Monday as he warned people will face increasingly oppressive temperatures. Parts of northern India have been gripped by a heat wave since mid-May…”


“Severe dust storm hits Iran’s Bandar Abbas, causing disruptions.

“The dust and debris carried by the wind also created hazardous conditions for pedestrians and motorists alike. Residents were advised to stay indoors as much as possible to avoid the health risks associated with the dust particles.”


“HOTTEST JUNE DAY IN HISTORY IN COMOROS; 33.6C [92.5F] yesterday in the Hahaya Int. AP. This is the 92nd(!) country which has broken heat records in just 8 days of June so far.

“Nothing like this month has ever been seen in world climatic history, even ahead of previous months.”


“Record warmth continues unabated in KENYA.

“After Lodwar, now Malindi, the famous tourist resort town on the Indian Ocean, had its hottest June night on record with a minimum temperature of 26.8C [80.2F]. Records have been falling every month in Kenya.”


“Saudi Arabia Issues Heat Advisory For Hajj Pilgrims…

“Peak afternoon temperatures are expected to reach 48ºC [118.4F], with relative humidity remaining around 25%. Although there is a low probability of rainfall, a 60% chance of significant rainfall is expected over the elevated areas of Taif, which in turn might affect the sacred sites.”


“SAUDI ARABIA JUNE RECORDS: Gassim 700m asl MIN 34.0 tmax 47.0 [116.6F]; 43.0 Najran 1200m asl.

“MEDITERRANEAN-MIDDLE EAST HEAT WAVE: Brutal heat in ALGERIA: Rhourd Nouss Tmin 34.2 Tmax 47.6; TUNISIA: 46.1 Al Burma; LIBYA: 46.2 Essbea (near Tripoli).”


“Dr Michael Mosley died of “heat exhaustion” after “sitting down and losing consciousness” near a holiday resort on the Greek island of Symi, police have said.

“It comes a day after authorities announced that the body of the popular TV doctor and columnist had been found in a rocky area at the resort of Agia Marina.”


“Lab experiment shows exactly how heat waves can put hearts into ‘oxygen debt’…

““One-third of older people with heart disease developed ischemia to rises in body temperature — this is huge. This study not only provides clues about the mechanisms of this risk but also a warning that with climate change we need to be prepared to better protect our most vulnerable populations.””


“This is what the accelerated warming of our oceans looks like.

“Regional Sea Surface Temperature Anomalies for the past 5 months are through the roof.

“We need Al Gore and his scissor lift to point it out.”


“The loss of sea ice – which is 10 times the size of the UK – in the Antarctic sea is a one-in-2,000-year event according to research.”

“Looks like that 1-in-2,000 year event may be happening in consecutive years,” says Prof Eliot Jacobson.


“What are the ‘positive tipping points’ that could help us accelerate out of climate disaster?

“…Tim Lenton is among a number of climate scientists who believe that there are positive tipping points – particularly the exponential growth in certain technologies – that humanity could use to “accelerate out of trouble”.”


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