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10th February 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“The Southern Hemisphere just reached an average temperature of 17°C for the first time in observational history!”


“By request, some annual global mean temperatures:

“Pre-industrial baseline: 13.50°C (56.30°F)
1991-2020 baseline: 14.38°C (57.88°F)
2023: 14.98°C (58.97°F)”


“Why does every climate change story need to end with the same false f*cking hope?

“Look, we’ve just passed 1.5°C” …But the good news is, that an instant human extinction scenario (also known as net-zero) wouldn’t lead to much more warming!” [Leon Simons commenting on this BBC piece:]


“NOAA’s Coral Reef Watch Adds New Alerts Due to Record-Breaking Heat…

“The Bleaching Alert Area global map for January 31, 2024 has already shown parts of the world’s oceans under heat stress, including some parts listed under the newly added Bleaching Alert Levels 4 and 5.”


“Severe flooding has left cars submerged in Essex [UK], with torrential rain causing landslides and several lane closures.

“More than 400 flood alerts or warnings were in place across the UK on Friday morning, with dozens still in place as of Friday evening, mostly in the South and Midlands.”


“Italy’s Farmers Brace for Unprecedented Challenges Amid Mild Winter and Drought.

“The dry spell not only destroys crops and livelihoods but also threatens sowing and animal feed, with potential economic damage in the hundreds of millions of euros.”


“Drought nightmare in Sardinia, the water resources of the reservoirs are restricted.

“There is the nightmare of drought scaring northern Sardinia and Sulcis , where the lack of rain and empty reservoirs have plunged the territories into a water emergency.”


“‘Desert’ Malta on course to see its driest year ever…

““One of the definitions of a desert is an area which receives less than 250 mm of rain a year, and Malta has received much less so far,” the University of Malta professor said.”


“Malaga plans to reopen old wells as emergency measure to combat drought crisis.

“In the 1990s, the Guadalhorce Valley wells were used to supply more than four cubic hectometres per year, but stopped being used due to poor water quality.”


“Drought: Tangier [Morocco] Enacts New Measures to Curb Water Use.

“Fez – Tangier, the City of the Strait, has enforced measures decreed by a local council for the rationalization of water use. The launched project aims to curb the water stress, caused in part by climate change and exacerbated by delayed rainfall.”


“Cocoa prices have surged to all-time highs this week as bad weather conditions hammer crop yields in West Africa, home to three quarters of the world’s production [might be a good time to stockpile before these costs filter through to consumers].

“Cocoa futures prices have surged more than $1,000 or nearly 40% since the start of the year to hit an intraday all-time high of $5,874 per metric ton Thursday.”


“Record after record in Africa.

“TANZANIA metropolis of Dar Es Salaam had a record hot night with a min. temperature of 27.8C [82F], which tied the highest minimum ever recorded in February in Tanzania.”


“Record heat again in KENYA.

“Yesterday the city of Mombasa rose to 36.5C [97.7F] which ties its highest temperature on record which was also set on 22 February 2000. Records are falling all over Africa, every single day. Next days Kenya might record the hottest night in its climatic history.”


“‘At the door of death’: desperation in Ethiopia as hunger crisis deepens…

“The drought has turned the area into a dust bowl. Its gravelly fields are full of the stunted remains of dead crops. “Every day we think about where to get food,” says Tsilaley Abraley, a single mother of six, who lives next door to Abadi. “We are always hungry.””


“Season receives record-low rainfall [Nepal].

“Experts say shifting rainfall patterns have led to increased pollution, forest fire incidents, reduced agricultural yields, and fueled internal and external migration. Nepal has witnessed just 11 millimeters of rainfall since December…”


“Mongolian dzud: Extreme weather puts 90% of country at ‘high risk’…

“About 190,000 herder households are struggling with inadequate feed, skyrocketing prices and heightened vulnerabilities, according to the Office of the UN Resident Coordinator in Mongolia.”


“Brutal heat in THAILAND. it’s the “cold season” yet temperatures are reaching 39C with minimums up to 28C.

“Thousands records have fallen nearly every day since March 2023. Today both Phuket and Huai Phong had their hottest February night on record with Tmin 27.5C [81.5F].”


“New Zealand faces ‘long shadow’ of Cyclone Gabrielle one year on from disaster…

“About 1,600 homes across New Zealand remain uninhabitable while authorities determine what should be repaired, and what should be abandoned. There is a backlog of roads and bridges awaiting repairs. Questions linger over the country’s infrastructure resilience and its emergency response to future weather events.”


“Record heat is sweeping every single tropical country:

“MICRONESIA and MARSHALL ISLANDS tied their February highest minimum temperatures on record with tmins of 82F/27.8C at Chuuk and Majuro.”


“Six months after Maui wildfire, 5,000 survivors still stranded: ‘We’re tired of broken promises’…

“Six months after the deadliest American fire in more than a century, almost 5,000 people are still in emergency hotel accommodation in West Maui, struggling to grieve and navigate the labyrinth of post-disaster bureaucracy amid throngs of tourists.”


“How climate change contributes to wildfires like Chile’s…

“The increased number of droughts as global rain cycles are interrupted means whole regions can be left unusually parched and more vulnerable to ignition. “Climate change has made droughts more common,” said Mitchard. “And that’s especially happened in South America this year…”


“More records from SOUTH AMERICA.

“BOLIVIA: 36.5 [97.7F] Cobija new February record after beating all records of the past 7 months… ARGENTINA: Record hot night at Cordoba but the Tmin can drop below 28C with incoming afternoon storms… ECUADOR highest temperatures since 1983 in the GALAPAGOS.”


“Fire Breaks Out Next to Uruguay’s Main Airport.

“A wildfire next to Carrasco International Airport in Uruguay’s capital, Montevideo, was contained before it reached any airport runways, firefighters said. The blaze scorched 67 hectares (166 acres) of vegetation, local media reported.”


“Carnival party-goers told to cover up as mosquito-borne virus surges in Rio de Janeiro…

“The city declared a public health emergency earlier this week after 364,855 infections of the mosquito-borne virus were reported nationwide last month – more than four times the average rate for January.”


“What’s causing the Amazon’s ongoing record drought?

“The devastating drought in the Amazon River Basin that reported in October has continued into Northern Hemisphere winter, which is the heart of the wet season in the southern part of the basin. The drought is cutting off rural and riverside communities from food supplies, markets for their crops, and health services…”


“January 2024 in the Dominican Republic had an average temperature of 25.9C [78.6F] and was by far the hottest January on record.

“7 of the past 8 months in Dominican Republic were the hottest on record: brutal.”



The capital Mexico City rose to 30.8C [87.4F], which broke the February record of highest temperature (data since 1877).”


“Two tornadoes, the strongest in more than 74 years, hit San Luis Obispo [California] during last storm.

“Two tornadoes touched down Wednesday along San Luis Obispo County’s coast, hitting Grover Beach and the Los Osos area with 95-mph winds that uprooted trees, snapped power lines and took part of a roof off at least one building, according to the National Weather Service.”


“Summer-like conditions with record temperatures lead to first Wisconsin tornado in February.

“The first tornado ever recorded in Wisconsin in the usually frigid month of February came on a day that broke records for warmth, setting up the perfect scenario for the type of severe weather normally seen in the late spring and summer.”


“Central, eastern U.S. bask in record winter warmth…

“Already, at least 350 warm-weather records have fallen, and two more days of springlike warmth are on the way from the Great Lakes to the Mid-Atlantic… Minneapolis, where there is no snow, has spent much of this week with highs in the 50s…”


“‘Scary situation’: Unprecedented snowpack lows raising B.C. drought concerns…

“Last summer, British Columbia experienced one of the most severe droughts in its history, with 27 of 34 water basins classified in the two highest categories of drought in August. It took place as the province grappled with hundreds of out-of-control wildfires, in what has since been determined to be the worst wildfire season on record.”


“Alberta has dozens of wildfires still burning this winter. Here’s why.

“Alberta Wildfire has been responding to an increased number of winter wildfires in the area due to drought-like weather conditions this season. About 16 fires have carried over from the 2023 season in the High Level area alone.”


“Atlantic Ocean circulation nearing ‘devastating’ tipping point, study finds…

“Amoc has declined 15% since 1950 and is in its weakest state in more than a millennium, according to previous research that prompted speculation about an approaching collapse. Until now there has been no consensus about how severe this will be…”


“Antarctic Tipping Point That Occurred 8,000 Years Ago ‘Could Happen Again’…

“”The very same processes we are seeing just beginning now, in areas like Thwaites Glacier, have played out before in similar areas of Antarctica and indeed, the pace of ice loss was equal to our worst fears about a runaway ice loss” [Cambridge Earth sciences professor Eric Wolff].”


“Submersible Mysteriously Disappears Under Doomsday Glacier In Antarctica…

““It’s a bit like looking for a needle in a haystack, but without even knowing where the haystack is,” Wåhlin said. “At this point, Ran’s batteries are dead. All we know is that something unexpected happened under the ice. We suspect it ran into trouble, and then something prevented it from getting out.””


“Climate Change Is No Laughing Matter. Or Is It?

“…From Hollywood movies like Adam McKay’s “Don’t Look Up” to independent sketches on YouTube and TikTok, comedians — no strangers to tackling difficult subjects — are increasingly looking for punchlines in one of the greatest existential threats ever to the planet.”


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8th February 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

Hottest January on record sees the world reach 1.7°C warming mark.

“The global average temperature in January 2024 was 1.7°C above pre-industrial levels for the month, meaning the planet has breached the 1.5°C benchmark for the past 12 months.”


“New UN weather agency chief says rate of global warming is speeding up [she disagrees with Michael Mann, IOW]

“The new chief of the World Meteorological Organization said it looks to her that the rate of human-caused climate change is accelerating and that warming has triggered more Arctic cold outbreaks in North America and Europe, weighing in on two issues that divide climate scientists.”


“Earth’s global average sea surface temperature has [again] reached the highest level on record this week, with more warming likely in the coming months.

“According to the NOAA OISST v2.1 dataset, our planet’s global average sea surface temperature reached 21.13ºC on February 6. This was 0.83ºC warmer than the 1982 to 2011 average for this date, and the highest global ocean temperature on record for this dataset.”


“We are now very close to the North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly of June 10 last year, when this graph went viral all over the world.

“I guess people are already getting used to this? Maybe we need more of those new Category 6 Hurricanes to wake people up?”


“Meltdown of Alaska’s Columbia Glacier Captured From Orbit…

“Alaska’s Columbia Glacier has significantly retreated over 20 km since the 1980s, with climate change being a major factor. Satellite imagery from 2023 highlights the glacier’s dramatic transformation and the advanced technology used for monitoring these changes.”


“Coast guard cadets called in to help as Cape Breton [Canada] digs out from record snowfall…

“Meanwhile, schools and most government offices were closed for a third day across Cape Breton. As well, Nova Scotia Health announced that non-emergency services would be reduced across the island, and in the eastern counties of Antigonish and Guysborough on the Nova Scotia mainland.”


“Record-breaking winter weather devastates tree fruit supply [BC, Canada]…

“A Creston Valley orchard in British Columbia has seen its entire tree fruit supply decimated by the recent extreme winter weather. The region experienced record-breaking low temperatures from January 12 to 14, reaching as low as -27.2 degrees Celsius.”


“Ticks make an early appearance in Minnesota after mild winter.

“The Metropolitan Mosquito Control District in St. Paul said it identified its first deer tick of the 2024 season on Wednesday, several weeks earlier than their usual emergence around March or April… The U.S. government tracks the prevalence of Lyme disease as an indicator of climate change.”


“Millions of gallons of raw sewage spills into Pacific after heaving flooding in California.

“On Monday, Long Beach City Health Officer, Dr Anissa Davis, ordered all recreational swimming areas temporarily closed for water contact due to two separate sewage spills. According to a press release from the City of Long Beach, approximately five million gallons of sewage was discharged…”


“In Los Angeles, a Growing Sense That ‘Historic’ Weather Is Becoming Normal…

““The weather seems more extreme on every level,” Fred Rosen, a retired entertainment executive, said on Monday, hunkering in the lobby of the nearby Hotel Bel-Air as mudslides threatened his neighborhood. “But where are you going to go?””


“Climate change will bring megafloods to California.

“This extreme storm scenario would produce runoffs 200-400% greater than anything seen before in the Sierra Nevada… The last such megaflood happened in 1861, inundating a 300 mile-long (483km) stretch of the Central Valley and large portions of modern-day Los Angeles…”


“Insane heat wave in MEXICO highlands, totally unprecedented for this time of the year:

“33.5 [92.3F] Zamora 1561m above sea level; 32.0 Ciudad Guzman 1514m; 29.5 Guanajuato 1996m… Those should be temperatures in the hottest days of the year in June.”


“Monarch butterfly numbers dip to second lowest level in Mexico wintering grounds.

“The number of endangered monarch butterflies at their wintering areas in Mexico has dropped by 59% this year to the second lowest level since record keeping began, experts said, blaming pesticide use and climate change.”


“Huge waves and high winds hurl jellyfish and seaweed into the streets of Havana…

“Havana residents hunkered down overnight as lights flickered on and off but slowly emerged onto the streets Tuesday morning bundled in jackets and hats as temperatures plunged to as low as 55 degrees Fahrenheit (12 degrees Celsius), unusually chilly for Cuba.”


“Crazy in the CARIBBEAN. Hundreds of records smashed all over the area.

“Hottest February nights beaten again in Barbados, Trinidad and Tobago, Grenada, San Martin, St Eustatius, COLOMBIA (Tmin 28.3C / 82.9F)… Records were broken with the hugest margins ever seen anywhere anytime in a tropical island.”


“Drought has hit the Panama Canal hard – can it survive climate change?

“…“This is about the worst it’s been,” says Larsen. The resulting traffic jam – with some ships having to wait for more than a month to cross – has already had serious financial consequences for Panama and the world… Things are set to get even worse over the next few months of the dry season.”


“HISTORIC SOUTH AMERICA. 33.7 [92.6F] Lima downtown PERU, its 2nd hottest day on record after a dubious 33.8C in April 1939 in an old station.

“ARGENTINA – more monthly records: 42.2 Santa Rosa; High Tmins: 26.1 Rosario; 25.4 General Pico; 25.3 Pehuajo; 25 Rio Cuarto; 24.8 Pilar; 24.5 Laboulaye.”


“Hundreds still missing in Chile’s deadly wildfires.

“Wildfires in Chile have left at least a hundred and thirty people dead in recent days. Survivors are left dealing with grief for lost family members while trying to salvage what little is left… On top of mourning their losses, survivors have had to stay alert because of subsequent looting.”


“Fire continues to advance on native Patagonian forests in south of Argentina…

“In Chubut, the strong wind and high temperatures have fed the flames at the Los Alerces National Park, recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its biodiversity. Since January 25, thousands of hectares of native forest have been burning in a fire that has still not been controlled…”


“Records keep falling in EUROPE:

“In GREECE hottest February day at Skiathos with 22.6C [72.7F]; In TURKEY record at Edirne with 24.5C. Almost all Europe had its share of record heat in the past weeks, save from Central Mediterranean/Italy. More record heat is coming for Spain and France.”


“Spain sees warmest January on record…

“The average temperature in mainland Spain for January 2024 was 8.4 Celsius, or 2.4 degrees higher than average for the period and 0.4 degrees above the previous record set in 2016, Aemet said.”


“Spain is battling a historic drought. Its government says that is a warning for the world…

“With Spain’s government having agreed to ship water to Catalonia to help battle a historic drought, the Spanish environment minister says countries need to realise it is a resource that can no longer be taken for granted.”


“More than 2 million people, 60 percent of them children, need humanitarian aid due to the floods in the last two months in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund said.

“The Congo River, the world’s third largest by water discharge volume, has reached levels unseen in more than 60 years due to exceptionally intense rains…”


“Most extreme heat wave AFRICA has ever seen. Hundreds records are being pulverized all over from North to South from East to West.

“The GHANA capital Accra 38.0C [100.4F] had its hottest day in history. NAMIBIA and BOTSWANA broke every record for February in the highlands with >40C at 1000m.”


“Torrential rain lashes Türkiye’s Artvin, causing floods, landslides.

“The tranquil landscape of Türkiye’s northeastern Artvin province has been disrupted by recent torrential rains, unleashing havoc in the region with landslides, floods and extensive damage to buildings, particularly impacting the Borçka district.”


“Landslide Kills At Least 4 In Western Georgia.

“Georgian authorities said on February 7 that a massive landslide had killed at least four people overnight in the country’s west. According to the Interior Ministry, more than 200 rescue workers continue to search for five missing people in the village of Negreti…”


“Climate change is fueling the disappearance of the Aral Sea. It’s taking residents’ livelihoods, too…

“The Aral has nearly disappeared. Decades ago, deep blue and filled with fish, it was one of the world’s largest inland bodies of water. It’s shrunk to less than a quarter of its former size. Much of its early demise is due to human engineering and agricultural projects gone awry, now paired with climate change.”


“Chinese travelers stranded as winter storms throw Lunar New Year travel into chaos…

“In central China, traffic ground to a halt as dozens of highways were closed across Hubei and hundreds of flights were canceled in transit hub Wuhan over the weekend – with more bad weather expected in the greater region over the coming days.”


“At noon on February 7, ice shards fell on the Second Yangtze River Bridge in Wuhan after the freezing weather ended, and some vehicles were damaged.” [footage]


“Seven people killed as landslide buries two buses in Philippines mining village.

“Employees at a mining company had been waiting to return home when a landslide struck their vehicles – it is the latest incident in the Philippines following a long spell of extreme weather.”


“Another heatwave forecast for Perth sparks warnings off back of record-breaking weather.

“Preparations are underway across Perth for trains to slow down, tradies to down tools and school students to eat lunch indoors as the city prepares for its second heatwave in two weeks. Temperatures are forecast to reach 39 degrees Celsius on Thursday, peaking at 41C on Friday and Saturday, and remaining in the high 30s into next week.”


“Climate whiplash [for Australia]… What was originally expected to be a mostly dry El Niño summer has instead dispatched almost every possible extreme…

“Such experiences are not confined to Queensland, Australia’s most disaster-prone state. Communities throughout our eastern states, including Victoria and New South Wales, have similarly experienced wild swings between scorching heat and fire risk to intense downpours and flash floods, and back again.”


“Australia’s climate has officially warmed by 1.5C since 1910, according to the Bureau of Meteorology’s long-term record of temperatures.

“The figure is revealed in the bureau’s annual climate statement that found 2023 was Australia’s joint-eighth warmest year on record, with the national temperature 0.98C above the average between 1961 and 1990.”


“Whakatāne [NZ] breaks record for hottest month since [records began in] 1974…

“The average temperature in Whakatāne was 21.6C in January – the highest since records began in 1974, according to the National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (Niwa)… People have reportedly been heading to retail outlets in a bid to combat the “warm, muggy and sultry nights”.”


“The Ripple Effect: New Research Indicates That Climate Change Can Trigger Pandemics…

“A groundbreaking study conducted by researchers from MARUM – Center for Marine Environmental Sciences and the Department of Geosciences at the University of Bremen, alongside the University of Oklahoma in the USA, establishes a connection between variations in temperature and precipitation and the occurrence of pandemics.”


“Pollution risks worsening global water scarcity: Study…

“Water scarcity could affect three billion more people than previously expected by mid-century, with increased pollution rendering river sources “unsafe” for humans and wildlife, researchers warned Tuesday… Human activities are spewing large amounts of nitrogen, pathogens, chemicals and plastics into water systems.”


You can read the previous “Climate” thread here. I’ll be back tomorrow with an “Economic” thread.

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6th February 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“‘A deeply troubling discovery’: Earth may have already passed the crucial 1.5°C warming limit.

“Global temperatures have already exceeded 1.5°C warming and may pass 2°C later this decade, according to a world-first study I led. The worrying findings, based on temperature records contained in sea sponge skeletons, suggest global climate change has progressed much further than previously thought.”


“No Progress on Global Emissions 8 Years After Paris Climate Agreement.

“Eight years after the Paris climate agreement, where do we stand on global emissions? The title of a new United Nations Environment Programme report sums the situation up: Broken Record: Temperatures hit new highs, yet world fails to cut emissions (again).”


“January CO₂ data just came in at 422.80 ppm. That’s a massive 3.32 ppm gain in CO₂ over the last 12 months.

“The climate casino has an over/under for this year’s peak CO₂ of 426.80 ppm. It will be close, but I’m taking the under.”


“We are changing the climate of our planet at the speed of a coked-up Billionaire’s kid in a Ferrari.

“Methane reached a record high of 1933.5 ppb! That’s already higher than the peak of the mid range climate scenario (SSP2-4.5)!”


“The oceans are warming like crazy!!

“Let’s look back at the past 365 days. Temperatures were 0.25°C higher than the previous (Super) strong El Niño, indicating a warming rate of 0.31°C/decade (SST only!!)! Don’t let anyone downplay this, or the associated risks!”


“The North Atlantic Ocean is heading towards a >365-day record temperature anomaly streak.

“That’s 40 million square kilometers of record shattering heat! It takes >3000 times as much heat to warm ocean water by 1°C than it does for the same volume of air!”


“Study Finds Ocean Heatwaves Could Affect Global Food Supplies.

“A new study finds that marine heatwaves are changing the base of the marine food chain, disrupting ecosystems and potentially global food supplies. Researchers in the investigation led by Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO, say their work has global implications.”


“Scottish Farmers Increasingly Concerned By Continued Flood Risks.

“This storm season has already shown its teeth with Perth reporting 91mm of rainfall in two days – more than an average month’s worth. Glasgow also found itself hit by severe flooding with some areas reporting over a month’s rainfall in just 24 hours and widespread travel disruption across the region.”


“Under intense pressure from farmers, the European Commission has dropped key passages in a proposal for a new 2040 goal for cutting greenhouse gas pollution.

““All sectors” would need to contribute to the effort, the EU executive’s plan says. But a mention of a possible 30 percent cut to agricultural pollution between 2015 and 2040, which was in previous drafts seen by POLITICO, had been removed.”



“27.5C [81.5F] today at Ceret, France has never been so hot that early in the year. Monthly records fell: 26.9 Vinca; 25.1 Vives; 24.6 Canet; 24.2 Caixas; 22.6 Lodeve; 22.2 Montdardier… Switzerland also with 22.5C again. Mins up to +14C on the Alps. Insane.”


“A mild winter across Europe has seen a number of ski slopes left entirely snowless with residents and businesses blaming climate change for spring-like temperatures.

“Ski-lifts have been turned off and snow cannons abandoned on the grass of the 7,274ft Mount Terminillo in Italy’s Apennine Mountains after it became ‘too hot’ to use artificial snow cannons…”


“Valencia might have to ship water to Catalonia if drought continues…

“The idea is to have boats transport desalinated water from the Sagunt plant (in the Valencian Region) to Barcelona daily in the summer if the drought situation does not abate.”


“Gibraltar records warmest January ever.

“Rising global temperatures have seen Gibraltar record the warmest January ever last month, the Gibraltar Met Office has confirmed. The January data continues the trend of warming temperatures, after the Met Office found 2023 was the hottest year on record, with 2022 also holding the record before it was broken.”


“Drought challenges Morocco’s traditional hammam bathing ritual.

“Morocco’s government-imposed restrictions on public baths, aimed at curbing excessive water usage, are disrupting tradition and sounding alarms in a sector employing several hundred thousand people.”


“Ongoing drought boosts Algeria’s cereal imports.

“Algerian wheat and barley imports look set to remain at elevated levels in the 2024-25 marketing year with a delayed plant, below-average rainfall and poor soil-moisture conditions season to date expected to result in production similar to last year’s poor harvest.”


“Climate change an afterthought in Pakistan election.

“Pakistan was ravaged by monsoon floods two years ago that left a third of the country submerged, turning climate change into an international rallying cry for the government. But surging inflation and a massive political crackdown on the opposition have pushed the issue down the priority list ahead of polls on Thursday.”


“Afghanistan: lack of snow raises fears of further drought as children and communities suffer impacts of climate crisis…

“Vulnerable children and families who rely on subsistence agriculture will be significantly affected without increased rain and snow. Afghanistan is one of the world’s most vulnerable places to the impacts of the climate crisis and is currently enduring its worst drought in 30 years.”


“In January 2024, the Kashmir region and certain areas of the Jammu region experienced unusually high temperatures, marking it as the warmest January on record.

“The absence of snowfall and inactive Western Disturbances contributed to extraordinarily high temperatures, reaching more than 8°C above normal levels on some days during the month.”


“Extreme Weather: Freezing rain hits Wuhan, posing challenges for local residents.

“Icy roads, stranded vehicles and passengers – the provincial capital of Hubei has witnessed heavy to blizzard levels of snowfall. For many residents, this is the most severe snowfall they have encountered in the past two decades.”


“While China and Japan are with huge snowstorms, exceptional heat is stuck in THAILAND.

“Minimum temps up to 28C [82.4F],maxes >38C and high humidity. Nearly the whole country is at record levels and it will get worse. Thousands of records have fallen in Thailand in the past 10 months.”


“Flooding and landslides caused by a series of severe weather events have damaged homes and displaced people in many regions of [Indonesia] prompting local and national authorities to issue a public advisory on potential hydrometeorological disasters…

“Several regions on Sumatra currently battling floods include Ogan Ilir regency in South Sumatra and Bungo regency in Jambi.”


“Record warm night in New South Wales, Australia.

“Records of highest minimums broken on 5 February: 24.2 Taree; 22.2 Green Cape; 23.0 Moruya all time; 22.5 Moruya Airport all time.”


“Sydney’s Warragamba Dam edges closer to capacity as ex-Tropical Cyclone Kirrily brings heaviest rain in decades…

“By 9am on Monday, the heaviest falls in decades had already soaked the state’s far north-west, including 100mm at Fort Grey near the border, nearly double its summer average and the locations heaviest rain in 40 years.”


“Very mild day in some parts of the Antarctic coasts:

“Up to +10.8C in the Ukrainian Base of Vernadsky, +10.3C at Juan Carlos II (Spain), +8.6C King Sejong (S. Korea). Hottest February day on record in the French Base of Dumont Durville with +6.8C [44.2F].”


“What happens now bird flu has reached the Antarctic? – podcast…

“The Guardian’s biodiversity reporter, Phoebe Weston, tells Ian Sample why researchers have said the spread of bird flu through the Antarctic’s penguin colonies could signal ‘one of the largest ecological disasters of modern times’.”


“HISTORIC IN SOUTH AMERICA. 45.8 Pozo Hondo, ARGENTINA hottest February day in South America since 1937! and 2nd overall after the 46.0C at Campo Gallo.”


“‘Like a war zone’: Chile wildfire death toll reaches 123 amid race to clear rubble…

“The official death count from Chile’s worst natural disaster in years increased to 123 on Monday according to Marisol Prado, the director of Chile’s forensic medical service. That number was expected to climb as residents, firefighters and military raced to clear rubble.”



“34.4 [93.9F] CURACAO Hottest February day on record; 33.4 DOMINICA Hottest February day on record; 39.6 Boa Vista BRAZIL Record for February (2nd hottest for any month); 42.2 Oran ARGENTINA Record for February.”


“Entire neighbourhoods affected by floods in Imbabura [Ecuador].

“The province of Imbabura went from one extreme to the other when it comes to climatic conditions. Until a week ago, the province was experiencing high temperatures, ranking as the hottest in the Sierra, with the highest radiation in Ecuador. However, the last few days have been heavy downpours that have caused various havoc.”


“California weather: Three killed as atmospheric river storm brings half a year’s rain.

“”We’re talking about one of the wettest storm systems to impact the greater Los Angeles area since records began,” Ariel Cohen, chief NWS meteorologist in Los Angeles, said. “Going back to the 1870s, this is one of the top three.””


“Record snowfall buries parts of Maritimes [Canada], sets sights on Newfoundland…

“As of Monday afternoon, a whopping 84 cm of snow has been recorded at the Halifax airport. A total of 96 cm was reported on the ground, with some existing snow there ahead of this storm. This is the most amount of snow on the ground ever recorded for the region…”


“Alaska’s Record-Breaking Snow Is Reaching Dangerous Levels.

“In Anchorage, where more than 100 inches have fallen so far, city officials have warned the owners of more than 1,000 commercial properties that their roofs may be at risk of collapse. Some buildings have already been damaged…”


“Alaska’s Arctic and boreal ecosystems see climate change-driven ‘microbial awakening’…

“Underground fungi and bacteria are becoming more active as permafrost thaws in northern regions, breaking down dead plants and other organic matter that was previously frozen in the soil. Scientists call this new activity a “microbial awakening.””


“Hurricanes becoming so strong that new category needed, study says..

“Michael Wehner, a scientist at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in the US, said that “192mph is probably faster than most Ferraris, it’s hard to even imagine”. He has proposed the new category 6 alongside another researcher, James Kossin of the University of Wisconsin-Madison.”


“Extraction of raw materials to rise by 60% by 2060, says UN report…

“Decarbonisation without decoupling economic growth and wellbeing from resource use and environmental impacts is not a convincing answer and the currently prevailing focus on cleaning the supply side needs to be complemented with demand-side measures,” Potočnik said.”


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3rd February 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“What’s beyond Code UFB? [Un-F***ing Believable]

“Yesterday, a new record-high for the global sea-surface temperature was reached at 21.12°C, beating the previous record of 21.10°C.

“New records should continue almost daily for about the next six weeks, please forgive me if I don’t report them all.”


“Insurers and reinsurers, such as Swiss Re and Munich Re, could find themselves in hot water due to record sea-surface temperatures, according to a report from Bloomberg Intelligence.

“These rising temperatures, coupled with a weakening El Niño, pose a significant threat of increased catastrophe claims, potentially outstripping recent price adjustments.”


“January 2024 was the warmest January on record in the JRA-55 dataset, at 1.56C above preindustrial levels.

“It beat out the prior 2016 record (during the super El Nino that year) by around 0.06C, and was 0.42C warmer than January 2023.”


“The jump in global temperatures in September 2023 is difficult to explain by natural climate variability alone…

“The global mean temperature in September 2023 was 0.93° C warmer than the 1991–2020 average, breaking the previous record set in 2020 by a margin of 0.5° C. This was the largest margin by which the previous monthly record has been broken in any calendar month.”


“I’ve been feeling like I’m on the outer edge with my estimation of current decadal warming at 0.30°C, rising to 0.35°C by 2034, whereas mainstream is 0.20°C.

“But in this video James Hansen repeatedly states current decadal warming is at 0.4°C – 0.5°C.” [Prof Eliot Jacobson; Hansen video link at base of thread]


“Norway’s worst storm in 30 years with 120mph gusts leaves trail of destruction.

“There have been reports of power cuts, damage to homes, schools closing and the windows of a hotel blown out by Storm Ingunn… A Norwegian record was set on Wednesday night for mean wind, according to the country’s media. The mean wind is an average wind speed over a certain time period, usually 10 minutes.”


“Stekenjokk in the north of Sweden recorded wind speeds of 186.4 kilometres per hour, or a category three hurricane, on Thursday morning.

““It’s a new Swedish record if the figures can be confirmed,” meteorologist from the SMHI weather agency Linnea Rehn Wittskog told TT newswire.”


“UK Unprepared for Heat Waves as 2024 Set to Be Hottest Yet.

“The UK government is doing little to prepare for hotter summers and the dangerous consequences associated with heat waves predicted to become more frequent, according to a key parliamentary committee.”


“Catalonia cuts water use by 80% in agriculture, 5% in homes amid record drought.

“Residents of the eastern Spanish region of Catalonia will be banned from washing their cars and filling up empty swimming pools under a raft of measures announced on Thursday to alleviate the region’s worst drought on record.”


“January was the warmest month in history in the province of Malaga.

“With an average of 12.7 degrees Celsius recorded across the whole of Malaga province, January 2024 hit an all-time record as the hottest in history. The last four weeks were more than 3 degrees above average and 2.2 degrees above the record of a year ago…”


“Democratic Republic Congo’s worst floods in decades leave tens of thousands in temporary shelter.

“In January, the government declared a hydrological and ecological catastrophe after the Congo River overflowed, flooding the capital, Kinshasa. The country’s president, Félix Tshisekedi, who won his second term in office in December after a contested election, last week ordered ministers to deal with the crisis.”


“Deadly combination of war and drought leaves Ethiopia facing famine.

“It’s already been ravaged by war. Now Ethiopia’s Tigray region is on the verge of famine – with at least two million people at risk of starvation and death. Elders and international aid agencies are comparing the crisis to the mid-1980s…”


“SOUTH AFRICA seems to have a factory of heat waves, one after another.

“Up to 46C [114.8F] in the Northwest and an exceptional 43.8C at Worcester, its hottest day in climatic history.”


“Second day of February and records falling everywhere: Today 34.5C [94.1F] at Agalega Island, MAURITIUS it’s the highest temperature ever recorded in February in the island.

“The island broke the records of every single of the past 8 months.”


“Indian farmers are killing themselves in record numbers. Is climate change to blame?

“…In recent years, climate change has emerged as a contributing factor to the rise in distress among farmers. Severe weather events, including drought, erratic rainfall, and flooding, have steadily increased across the country, where agriculture remains the largest employer, supporting about 250 million households.”


“The death toll from landslides and floods triggered by torrential rain in the southern Philippines in the past week has risen to 14, official tallies showed Saturday.

“Rain has pounded parts of Mindanao, the country’s second-largest island, on and off for weeks and forced tens of thousands of people into emergency shelters… “I haven’t experienced that kind of heavy and continuous rain before,” provincial information officer Fe Maestre told AFP.”


“Records of highest minimums temperatures are sweeping the whole of Oceania. Today minimum temperature of 28.0C [82.4F] at Point Stuart, NT, Australia and 27.5C at Merauke and Saumlaki in INDONESIA, hottest February night on record.”


“Ex-tropical cyclone Kirrily continues to threaten parts of Queensland with dangerous and “life threatening flooding”, amid fears a new cyclone could be brewing off the east coast.

“A severe weather warning was issued for the southwest Gulf Country near the Northern Territory on Saturday morning, as the system makes its way further southwest.”


“Gascoyne communities endure double heatwave during worst drought on record in Western Australia.

“Temperatures hit and exceeded 46 degrees Celsius [114.8F] in multiple locations across the region, which stretches from Exmouth to Shark Bay on WA’s central coast, and inland to Gascoyne Junction, 1,000 kilometres north of Perth. There’s little relief in sight…”


“New record heat wave in AUSTRALIA. 42.8C [109F] at Manjimup in SW Western Australia yesterday it’s its hottest day in climatic history.

“Other records were broken in newer stations.”


“The deadly sharks becoming more common in Sydney waters.

“Tiger sharks are swimming further along Australia’s east coast as ocean temperatures increase, expanding their range south and coming closer to shore. The warmer waters off the NSW coast are also attracting bull sharks, which are spending more time in Sydney Harbour.”


“Heat waves in Chile and Argentina, fires in Colombia: What is happening in South America?

“…The scenario has provoked alarm, and there are questions about how to interpret what is happening… Recent El Niño events, including this one, are being created from an ocean that is already warmer. It is as if you had a tub with hot water and you put more hot water in it…


“‘Everything is melting’: Argentines seek cool as heat wave strikes…

“Hundreds of people flocked to rivers and doused themselves under colorful showers to contend with the heat, as an official red alert was issued for high temperatures around the country. “Not even the air conditioning is enough,” said 47-year-old Sergio Pavon.”


“Chile has declared a state of emergency as it battles spreading forest fires in the centre of the country that have so far killed at least 10 people.

““All forces are deployed in the fight against the forest fires,” President Gabriel Boric posted on X as he announced the measure, adding that emergency services would meet on Saturday to assess the situation.”


“February has just started but records of high temperatures are always falling… Today 33.9C [93F] at St Laurent do Maroni FRENCH GUIANA is its highest temperature ever recorded in February.”


“‘Prepare now’: California’s next storm may bring ‘life-threatening’ flooding.

“Officials across Southern California are warning residents to prepare for what could be “life-threatening and damaging flooding” beginning Sunday, as a storm system fueled by a massive atmospheric river brings heavy, sustained rainfall and dangerous waves to an already soaked region.”


“Seattle just had the warmest week in January on record.

“Seattle’s average temperature in the past week was 53.8 degrees… This after Seattle experienced its warmest December on record… “After seeing the 2023 climate analysis, I have to pause and say that the findings are astounding,” said NOAA Chief Scientist Dr. Sarah Kapnick…”


“Climate change top of mind for many Minnesotans during warm winter…

“”I don’t think there’s a single corner of this region that will be untouched or hasn’t already experienced some sort of impact from climate change, just in the last 10 years alone,” said Lisa Barajas, Executive Director of Community Development with the Metropolitan Council.”


“Driest January on record for La Ronge [Saskatchewan].

“La Ronge experienced the driest January out of 59 years of record keeping. That’s according to data from Environment and Climate Change Canada which shows La Ronge had 3.4 millimeters of precipitation last month compared to a normal rate of 18.7 mm.”


“Billions of litres of water are used yearly by Quebec’s mining and metal industry, data reveals.

“Quebec has lifted the veil of secrecy around the province’s biggest water users, revealing that billions of litres of water are withdrawn yearly by the mining and metal industry, along with pulp and paper manufacturing… Calls for more transparency have mounted in recent years after towns in the south of the province struggled with water shortages…”


“Transition Minerals: A Cautionary Tale from Greenland…

“The melting of the Arctic ice cap has intensified interest in Greenland’s natural resources. Kvanefjeld, an area in southern Greenland, has the potential to become one of the world’s largest producers of rare earth magnet metals… At the same time, extraction activities would pose significant environmental risks…”


“Potential benefits of climate change on navigation in the northern sea route by 2050.

“This research employs climate change model simulations and the Polar Operational Limit Assessment Risk Indexing System framework to investigate the navigational feasibility of diverse ship types along Northern Sea Route during the calendar years 2030, 2040, and 2050, under SSP2-4.5 and SSP5-8.5 scenarios.”


“Amazon is warning investors that the climate crisis may have a material effect on its business.

“In the risk factors section of its 2023 financial filing released Friday, Amazon added language that says climate change could cause its sales and operating results to fluctuate, making it harder to sustain growth or resulting in decreased revenue.”


“Trees are struggling to “breathe” and store CO2 as the climate warms…

“Max Lloyd, Assistant Research Professor of Geosciences at Penn State and the study’s lead author, elucidates this worrying trend. “Trees in warmer, drier climates are essentially coughing instead of breathing. They are sending CO2 right back into the atmosphere far more than trees in cooler, wetter conditions,” he explains.”


“Wheat blast spread globally under climate change modeled for the first time.

“An international team of researchers, surrounding professor Senthold Asseng from the Technical University of Munich (TUM), has now shown that further spread of the fungal disease wheat blast could reduce global wheat production by 13% until 2050. The result is dramatic for global food security.”


“Could a scotch egg help solve climate change?

“On this episode of ClimateCast, Tom Heap visits the home of afternoon tea, Fortnum and Mason, but there’s something different about the menu. Its scotch egg is made from cultivated meat – that’s meat grown in a lab… Cultivated meat is technically not yet legal in the UK – but as pressure mounts to change our diet – could this be the future?


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1st Feb 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“I cannot understand how any climate scientist can say that the current rate of warming is even marginally close to 0.2°C per decade.

“A linear trendline over the period 2004-2024 gives 0.25°C per decade. And since 2014, it’s more like 0.30°C. Warming is accelerating! [Prof Eliot Jacobson]”


“Code Yikes! Global sea surface temperatures are nearing record highs.

“Dating back to 1982, just nine days saw hotter global sea surface temperatures than yesterday’s 21.07°C. The record is 21.10°C, from Aug. 21 to Aug. 23, 2023.”


“‘Literally off the charts’: global coral reef heat stress monitor forced to add new alerts as temperatures rise.

“The world’s main system for warning about heat stress on the planet’s coral reefs has been forced to add three new alert categories to represent ever-increasing temperature extremes.”


“I thought that the North Atlantic Sea Surface Temperature Anomaly might go back to charted territory.

“[But] It’s been running record high for 332 days now! See The 2023 state of the climate report: Entering uncharted territory for more.”


“If you want any more proof of the heatwave currently gripping the Arctic, it’s mid-winter when sea-ice extent should still be growing, yet extent has declined for the last 5 days in a row.”


“West’s coming war with Russia will be triggered by Arctic climate breakdown…

“NATO has long recognised how climate change is a ‘threat amplifier’ for traditional security issues. Several NATO studies have warned that with the climate changing faster than previously thought, the danger of a military confrontation in the Arctic is rapidly increasing.”


“Anchorage tallies 100 inches of snow — the earliest on record for winter.

“Anchorage is having a banner winter for snowfall. A total of 104.3 inches of snow have been measured in the city this season, after a fresh 16.6 inches fell Sunday into Monday. That’s the most on record to date — by over a foot compared to the old record high.”


“ABSOLUTELY INSANE IN CANADA 21.1c [70F] at Maple Creek destroyed the Saskatechewan Provincial record for January by over 2C!

“14.5C also in Manitoba including +2.7C at Churchill on the Hudson Bay. Records by dozens. North America climatic history is being rewritten.”


“Abnormally mild January full of joy, grief for Manitobans as winter on track to break record.

“A record-breaking warm January may become the new normal for future generations as mild weather continues to play havoc on normal winter activities in Manitoba, according to an expert. This winter is set to break a record for the fewest cold days since record keeping began in 1872…”


“Alberta to launch ‘unprecedented’ water-sharing negotiations Thursday amid drought fears…

“Significantly reduced mountain snowpack and below-average precipitation over the past number of months has led to extremely low reservoir levels and record-low river levels. All of the province will be affected by that, but southern Alberta’s agricultural sector is expected to face particularly significant challenges.”


“Boise [Idaho] sets all time record heat for the month of January.

“Boise has set a new record high today, marking three days in a row of record-setting temperatures. The National Weather Service in Boise is reporting that todays high temperature of 66 degrees in Boise is the warmest temperature on record for the month of January.”


“The Sacramento and Stockton region recorded its third straight day of record-breaking high temperatures on Tuesday, according to the National Weather Service.

“Modesto, Sacramento and Stockton broke or tied record high temperatures for Jan. 30 that were set in 1976, according to the NWS.”


“‘Pineapple express’ storms bring strong winds and flash flood risk to California…

“The storms have put residents on edge. Last winter, California was battered by a string of atmospheric rivers that unleashed extraordinary amounts of rain, causing flooding and waves that hammered shoreline communities, as well as extraordinary snowfall that crushed buildings.”


“HISTORIC HEAT IN MEXICO – 41.5C [106.7F] Jesus Maria, Nayarit State.

“This is just 0.2C from the highest reliable temperature ever recorded in January in all North America (including Central America and Caribbean). 2nd highest temperature in January from Canada to Panama in climatic history.”


“Frustrated Mexico City residents have been protesting weeks of water shortages, with officials warning of “unprecedented” low levels in a main system that supplies millions of people.

“The bustling metro area of 21 million people – one of Latin America’s largest cities – is struggling after years of low rainfall blamed on climate change, as well as chaotic urban growth and outdated infrastructure.”


“RECORD IN MARTINIQUE – 33.1C [91.6F] on 31 January at Ducos it’s the HOTTEST JANUARY DAY in Martinique history.

“Previous record was 33.0C in 1984 at the same location. Record also at Caravelle with 32.1C and yesterday at Lamentin with 32.3C.”


“Brutal heat is sweeping all SOUTH AMERICA. GUYANA 36.8C [98.2F] Lethem HOTTEST JANUARY DAY IN GUYANESE HISTORY.

“COLOMBIA 33 Medellin, hottest January day; ARGENTINA MIN. 27.0 San Martin Highest January minimum. Dozens of records will fall next 10 days.”



“Brutal 42.9C [109.2F] at Marchigue – it’s the highest temperature ever recorded in the O Higgins Region, beating the 41.2C set in 2019.”


“Global Warming Is Damaging to Even Europe’s Coldest Countries. Extreme cold spells are becoming less likely in Nordic region.

“Global warming made January freeze 4C warmer, WWA says… lobal warming triggered by greenhouse gas emissions is damaging ecosystems and infrastructure in even the coldest countries in Europe.”


“High levels of dangerous bacteria have been found in flood water from UK rivers that could pose a risk to human health.

“Water samples taken from a Surrey housing estate close to the River Mole, a street near the River Ouse in York and a Shrewsbury park near the River Severn, found E.coli, faecal matter and ammonia.”


“‘Hypocritical’ European politicians weaken climate policies amid farmer protests…

““Over the last few years we’ve spoken out vigorously, but we haven’t been heard,” Europe’s biggest farming lobby, Copa Cogeca, said on Wednesday in an open letter to the European Commission president, Ursula von der Leyen. “The survival of European family farming as it is known today is in danger.””


“Low rain and snowfall in Europe could hit UK food costs.

“The latest rain and snow levels from the Mediterranean and the Pyrenees region have raised concerns of drought. According to Météo France, the level in the Pyrenees area is the lowest for January since records began. The dry weather in the region is threatening food production…”


“The Confederation of Farmers of Portugal argued that the effect of the drought has been devastating, especially in the south of the country, and could lead to a rise in prices and that the measures adopted by the Government are unfair…

“For the confederation, the measures are still insufficient when it comes to combating the effects of the drought, being nothing more than mere “palliative care”.”


“Spain expected to declare drought emergency today, with big fines for breaking water rules.

“After months of warnings, Catalan authorities are expected to declare a drought emergency today. This could mean more extreme water restrictions for six million people in Barcelona and the 201 surrounding municipalities in northeastern Spain.”


“The recent phenomenal winter warmth across Europe has led to one of the most absurd temperature records of 2024 so far.

Puerto de Navacerrada in central Spain, at an elevation of ~1,900 meters (6,210 ft), hit an unbelievable 18.3°C last week. That’s around 17°C above normal.”


“A RECORD warm January has worsened air quality rates in Alicante province due to the ever-present anticyclone over Spain resulting in fewer winds.

“The month has produced little rain in the region and combined with lower airflow, polluting particles have accumulated due to the air remaining stagnant.”


“It’s official. There is a new record for the hottest temperature ever recorded in Continental Europe.

“The World Meteorological Organization recently certified that Syracuse on the Italian island of Sicily hit 119.8 degrees Fahrenheit (48.8 degrees Celsius) on Aug. 11, 2023. The previous record for Europe was set in 1977.”


“Climate Change Behind Africa Cholera Surge, Top Health Officials Say…

“That’s as floods in Democratic Republic of Congo — and across much of southern Africa — stretch already fragile health systems, limit access to safe water and sanitation and force people from their homes.”


“South Sudan flooding hampers efforts to contain hepatitis E outbreak…

“Hepatitis E spreads through contaminated water, has no cure and is potentially fatal to pregnant women. Although rare in the developed world, it infects more than 20 million people a year lacking proper sanitation in poorer countries.”


“The City of Windhoek [Namibia] will reinforce water restrictions with fines of N$2 000 in an effort to combat critical water shortages.

“The municipality has reintroduced a zero tolerance to water wastage policy from 2019 after it found that the country’s central area is facing declining water levels in three major supply dams.”


“South Africa Heat wave Update… Brutal heat wave…

“45.8C [114.4F] yesterday at Fort Beaufort (455m above sea level) HOTTEST DAY in its climatic history (for any month).”


“South Africa evacuates small coastal communities near Cape Town as wildfires burn out of control…

“Authorities ordered a full evacuation of Pringle Bay, a coastal village popular with holidaymakers about 80 kilometers (50 miles) from Cape Town. People evacuated parts of the nearby town of Betty’s Bay on Monday.”


“Kashmir Records Driest Ever Chillai Kalan [harsh winter period] This Year.

“In a first of its kind, Srinagar and other parts of the Valley witnessed the record-breaking driest Chillai-Kalan this year. As per the details shared by the Meteorological department, this year’s prolonged dry spell has surpassed the previous records at all the stations across Kashmir.”


“Insane heat wave in THAILAND: Phuket destroyed its monthly record again with 37.0C [98.6F]. Dozens records of highest minimums.

“Thailand has broken thousands of records continuously nearly every day since March 2023.”


“A new exceptional heat wave kicks off in East Asia. Today 2 records of January highest temperature were set in JAPAN: 25.3 [77.5F] Yakushima; 22.5 Higashi Ichiki.

“In TAIWAN 32.1C. Next days CHINA might reach over 35C! Stay tuned.”


“1000mm [approx 40 inches] rainfall forecast for North West Queensland as ex-Cyclone Kirrily continues to take toll.

“Queenslanders are grappling with devastating floods after Tropical Cyclone Kirrily caused chaos in the state’s north. The state is now bracing for another deluge, with forecasts predicting an additional 1000mm of rainfall over the coming days.”


“The Swan Valley has set a new record for its hottest day ever as a heatwave grips Perth.

“On Thursday the Swan Valley reached 45 degrees [113F] by noon while the Perth CBD hit 42.6 and Pearce reached 44.8 degrees by lunchtime… Perth airport reached 44.6C at 11:43am making it the hottest February day since 1997 with 44.9C.”


“Melbourne weathers its first January without a ‘hot’ day since 1984.

“While other parts of the country have sweltered through severe heatwaves, the first month of 2024 has recorded no days above 35C, as observed at the BoM’s Melbourne Olympic Park weather station.”


“One-third of flood losses in New Zealand not insured, study finds.

“A report by the New Zealand Institute of Economic Research (NZIER) revealed that the uninsured losses from the Auckland Anniversary Weekend floods and Cyclone Gabrielle in New Zealand totalled $2.3 billion, representing a third of the affected physical assets.”


“Victory in climate race ‘still possible’ even if 1.5°C hits this decade…

“Pledges at the recent Cop28 talks in the UAE, such as a first ever global commitment to “transition away” from the use of fossil fuels, were intended to keep hope alive of achieving the 1.5°C goal. “I think that [it] is still technically possible to do that within the 21st century,” said Prof Skea, chairman of the IPCC…”


“‘Smoking gun proof’: fossil fuel industry knew of climate danger as early as 1954, documents show…

“The fossil fuel industry funded some of the world’s most foundational climate science as early as 1954, newly unearthed documents have shown, including the early research of Charles Keeling, famous for the so-called “Keeling curve” that has charted the upward march of the Earth’s carbon dioxide levels.”


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30th January 2024 Today’s Round-Up of Climate News

“For the record, let me just say that having the Paris limit of 1.5°C be based on an average global temperature over 20+ years is total bulls&%t.

“We’ve already breached 1.5°C for a full year.

“Though temperatures may dip again, by 2030 1.5°C will be firmly in the rear view mirror.”


“With the World Stumbling Past 1.5 Degrees of Warming, Scientists Warn Climate Shocks Could Trigger Unrest and Authoritarian Backlash…

“Reinhard Steurer, a climate researcher at the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences, Vienna… said he doesn’t expect any official announcement from major climate institutions until long after the 1.5 degree threshold is actually crossed, when some years will probably already be edging toward 2 degrees Celsius. “”


“The Met Office said the UK has a new provisional record January temperature of 19.9C [and a winter heat record for Scotland].

“It said it had received a manual reading recorded at Achfary, a tiny community in Sutherland. The Met Office said this exceeded an automated reading of 19.6C reported at Kinlochewe on Sunday.”


“Fierce five-mile wildfire sparked by ‘tropical’ temperatures in the Scottish Highlands.

“Freak weather conditions sparked a five-mile wildfire in the Scottish Highlands as locals basked in a tropical 18 degrees. The blaze took hold close to Assynt, near Lochinver, Sutherland, on Sunday afternoon as the region was battered by wind gusts of up to 70mph.”


“EXCEPTIONAL 19 DEGREES IN NORWAY… Scotland calls, Norway answers…

“Fohn last night with 18.7C [65.7F] at Tafjord,18.2C at Orskog,17.4 Rekdal etc. Only 0.3C from national January record. More long term stations records fell: 12.4C Buholmråsa; 11.7C Sula; 10.6C Halten.”


“Alarming Shrinkage of Norway’s Ålfotbreen Glacier – “Cannot Survive the Current Climate”…

“Over the past ten years (2013-2022), the World Glacier Monitoring Service reports that Ålfotbreen lost an average of 1.07 meters water equivalent each year. In about half of the summers over the past two decades, no snow cover remained on the glacier at the end of the melt season.”


“Buckled lines and landslides: How climate change is hitting Europe’s rail industry.

“In Austria alone, trains were forced to a standstill 1,900 times in 2023 due to weather conditions. Climate change is increasingly becoming a major challenge for rail transport. Storms, snowfall, floods and fires are putting rail networks to the test across Europe.”


“Another record day in FRANCE, where about 140 records fell in last 5 days… January records: 17.8 [64.4F] Pommerit; 15.7 Lanveoc; 15.1 Cap de la Heve and Plouay…

“In SPAIN almost 24C in Cantabria Region. Below average and barely above 0C the maxes. in NE ITALY,which has been freezing for weeks.”


“French towns left uninsured as climate change increases risks.

“Some 2,000 towns and cities across France found themselves uninsured at the start of the year after insurance companies raised rates or ended contracts in line with the cost of covering damages brought by storms and flooding. Climate change is forcing a rethinking of the entire insurance industry.”


“Another incredible record in SPAIN: San Sebastian Airport, not far from the border with France today rose to 24.9C [76.8F], a new record warmth for January.

“That’s after summer like night temperature. A night and a day typical of mid summer but in January: insane.”


“Spring arrives early… Almond blossom in Mallorca, Spain…

“An unusual warm spell is currently taking over Spain, as Mallorca hits 77 degrees (25°C) and Ibiza reached 80 degrees (27°C). On Thursday, January 25th, the heat reached a peak, as an unofficial personal weather station recorded a staggering temperature for January of 87 degrees (30.7°C), at Gavarda in Valencia.”


“Spain’s Andalusia region approves 4th drought decree amid ‘extreme situation’.

“The government in Spain’s Andalusia region on Monday approved the fourth decree of measures against drought, with an endowment of €200 million ($216 million)… “At least 30 days of continuous rain” are needed…”


“MADEIRA again! Hottest January day on record again with 28.4C [83.1F] at Sao Vicente on 26th.

“Dozens of thousands of records have been falling all over the world every single day of 2024 so far. >95% of the countries broke records; never happened anything similar.”


“In Sierra Leone, climate change worsens human trafficking of the poor…

“There is a “serious increase” in the number of people who have been trafficked after their houses have been destroyed by floods or mudslides, says Sheku Bangura, who runs the Advocacy Network Against Irregular Migration that supports returnee migrants and helped rescue Zainab from Oman.”


“‘We have lost everything,’ say Tshelimnyama residents after repeated floods ravage KZN [South Africa]…

“Fano Hlophe (85) has lost the last two rooms of a house that once had six rooms. Two rooms were destroyed by floods in 2020, then two more in the fatal April 2022 KwaZulu-Natal floods. In mid-January 2024, heavy rains finished off what was left of his house.”


“Heat waves are spreading all over Africa: 45.1C [113.2F] in South Africa; 33.5C SEYCHELLES January national record.

“Monthly Records are falling in Ghana, Congo, Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Morocco…”


“Relentless record heat in the Reunion Island, in the Indian Ocean.

“Records of highest minimums fallen in the past 3 days: 14.8C Bellecombe; 21.3C Plaines des Palmistes; 18.1C Plaines de Cafres; 24.2C; Bellevue/B.Panon; 21.8C Mare à Vieille Place; 19.8C La Nouvelle.”


“Torrential rain kills at least one on France’s Reunion Island…

“One motorist was killed and another was missing as torrential rains on France’s Indian Ocean island of Reunion transformed roads into rivers and swept away cars, police said today. Early today, a driver was swept away by floodwater as he drove along a road in the village of Petite-Ile in southern Reunion.”


“Heat wave hits Red Cross Youth ceremony in Bangkok.

“Extreme heat led to 35 students and teachers fainting at the annual Red Cross Youth ceremony held at the Suphachalasai National Stadium in Pathum Wan district on Saturday (Jan 27).”


“After Bangkok and Phuket….Koh Samui. Record of highest minimum temperature ever recorded in January tied today in the famous tourist island with a Tmin of 27.7C [81.9F].

“Humidity and hot nights have been typical of this non-existent “cold season”.”


“Thousands of Australian sheep and cattle are set to swelter through heatwave conditions on a ship anchored off Perth’s coast amid an apparent stalemate between the federal government and the live exporter.

“The animals have been at sea for 25 days on board the MV Bahijah after it was ordered by the government to turn back from its voyage to the Middle East due to security concerns in the strife-torn Red Sea.”


“Back-to-back cyclones crossing the Great Barrier Reef have experts concerned vast flood plumes and heavy waves may have damaged parts of the world’s biggest coral reef system.

“Reef scientists and conservationists went into the summer worried that an El Niño weather pattern would elevate the risk of mass coral bleaching.”


“Storms leave some Queensland residents ‘traumatised’ amid warnings of more heavy rain.

“A relentless series of storms is starting to take an emotional toll on people in Queensland’s south-east as the Bureau of Meteorology warns of more heavy rain to come. Samford Valley was one of the worst hit, receiving 300mm in three hours [12 inches]…”


“Fierce heat wave in Queensland with more historical stations having their hottest nights in climatic history.

“Records of highest minimums: 27.5C [81.5F] Rockhampton; 27.4C Bundaberg; 27C Double Island; 27.2C Gympie and many more…. Humidity is extreme and keeps the conditions unhealthy.”


“Los Alerces: Wildfire rages through national park in Argentina.

“More than a hundred firefighters are battling to control a forest fire in Chubut province, in southern Argentina… The fire spread as the region was experiencing an unusual heatwave which saw temperatures rise to 40C (104F) in the port city of San Antonio Oeste.”


“Rain causes death and damage in more than 30 municipalities in Santa Catarina [Brazil]…

“Rains in Santa Catarina leave two deaths. Civil defense confirms that more than 12 thousand people are homeless after the heavy rains that hit the state of Santa Catarina.”


“Chile puts capital on red alert as heatwave hits Santiago.

“Chile’s Santiago is under red alert for a fierce heatwave sweeping parts of the country, with the capital expected to swelter for the entire week… With the UV index registered as “extreme”, officials are cautioning people to stay indoors, to remain hydrated and to keep cool.”


“‘The sun didn’t sting so much before’: fires stun Colombia’s Andes…

“The once bright green Andean forest where Maria Yadira Jimenez worked as a tour guide has been reduced to ashes… January 2024 is forecast to be the hottest month in Colombia since records began 30 years ago, according to environmental authority Ideam. “The sun didn’t sting so much before,” Jimenez explains worriedly.”


“Absolute insane what MEXICO is living: Temperatures of 41C [105.8F] in the Northern State of Sinaloa, completely unprecedented in January.

“41.0C at Vinoramas, 40.7C Choix, 40.0C Rosario and the heat is increasing. Records have fallen nearly every day of the month in Mexico.”


“Wildfires are making their way east — where they could be much deadlier [US]…

“While California and other western states face a high wildfire risk, the region’s wide expanses of wilderness are less likely to threaten humans. Not so in the eastern and southern United States, where population density puts more people and property at risk.”


“Record ocean temps likely cause of Minnesota’s weird non-winter…

“What happens in the Pacific Ocean is especially important to Minnesota, said John Abraham, a thermal-science expert at the University of St. Thomas and one of the lead scientists of the study. “That’s because our weather comes from west to east,” he said.”


“January records in peril as Prairies warmth hits unusual territory…

“An extended stretch of spring-like weather is coming this week for the Prairies, with temperatures 10-20+ degrees above normal. The atypical warmth will certainly put many January temperature records in jeopardy.”


“Low snow pack levels across the province are raising concerns that B.C. may be facing another year of drought and intense wildfires.

“According to a Snow Survey and Water Supply Bulletin released by the Province at the beginning of this month, “the provincial snow pack is extremely low”.”


“Drought Hits Canada’s Hydropower Sector…

“In British Columbia, drought in the past year has forced BC Hydro to draw water for hydropower generation from the least affected areas and to import electricity, executives have told Bloomberg. British Columbia’s utility corporation has been importing more electricity from neighboring Alberta and from some western U.S. states.”


“HISTORIC IN CANADA. Records broken in British Columbia, Alberta, Sasktachewan, Yukon and NW Territories.

“Vancouver had its warmest winter night ever with Tmin +11.5C [52.7F]. Maxes >15C SK and AB , >10C Yukon and NWT.”


“First penguins die in Antarctic of deadly H5N1 bird flu strain.

“At least one king penguin is suspected to have died from bird flu in the Antarctic. If confirmed, it will be the first of the species killed by the highly contagious H5N1 virus in the wild. Researchers have previously raised alarm about “one of the largest ecological disasters of modern times” if bird flu reached remote Antarctic penguin populations.”


“Disturbing the seabed could make climate change worse, according to study…

“A study published this month in the journal Frontiers in Marine Science reveals that disturbing the seabed, through activities such as trawling, could increase the scale and speed of climate change.”


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