Climate 7 March 2019 Wettest Winter on Record for USA

"Umbrellas and snow shovels would have been wise investments over the past three months. "The winter of 2018-19 was the wettest winter ever recorded in the United States, according to a report federal scientists released Wednesday. (Climate scientists define winter as...

Economy 7 March 2019 Every Major Economy Slowing

"Almost every major economy is slowing down as the global economic squeeze tightens, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) has warned. "The analysts slashed their forecast for GDP as slowing trade growth, political tensions, and higher...

Climate 6 March 2019 Warmest Winter on Record for Ireland

"The recent winter was the warmest on record across many of Met Éireann’s weather stations, Ireland's national forecaster has said. "The 2018/2019 winter season was also drier than average, a summary published by Met Éireann on Tuesday said. The Phoenix Park weather...

Economy 6 March 2019 World Not Ready for Next Recession

"Britain is paralysed by Brexit uncertainty, the Eurozone – including its seemingly invincible German powerhouse – is stuttering, and China is experiencing its slowest economic growth since 1990. "Even the US, which had been performing well of late, is seeing a...

Economy March 1 2019 Global Manufacturing Slowdown Alarms

"Dutch factories haven’t escaped the global slowdown... Factory output in Italy has fallen at the fastest rate since 2013, as new orders continue to shrink.... Not good for Italy’s hopes of escaping recession soon... Ouch! Spain’s manufacturing sector has suffered its...


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