Climate 12th April 2019 Iraq’s Dams Hit Record Highs

"Water levels in Iraq’s reservoirs and dams have reached historic heights, officials have told AFP, with thousands of families facing possible displacement by more flooding. "Weeks of rain compounded by melting snowcaps in neighbouring Turkey and Iran have almost...

Economy 9th April 2019 Every Major Economy Slowing

"Almost every major rich-world economy is slowing down in a fresh sign that the risk of a global recession is rising. "The United States, Japan, the eurozone, UK, Canada and Russia are all losing momentum, according to leading indicators compiled by the OECD that seek...

Economy 8th April 2019 Central Banks’ Fear is Palpable

"The fear is palpable. Central bankers and policy strategists gathered at the intimate ‘euro Davos’ on Lake Como are shell-shocked by the collapse of bond yields and recessionary warnings across the world. "Monetary ammunition is exhausted or running low across the...


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