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Just a short one today; my apologies but work is pressing.

“Dozens of people have died in Nepal and a million have been affected in north-east India following heavy rains that triggered landslides and flooding across parts of south Asia.

“More than 50 people have been confirmed dead and 30 more remain missing in Nepal, where rescue efforts have been hampered by continued bad weather, which has blocked key highways and destroyed phone lines.”


“Heavy monsoon rains in India’s northeast Assam state displaced more than a million people from their homes and flash floods killed at least 10 in the past 72 hours, state authorities said on Saturday, warning the situation could worsen in coming days.”


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“Lightning, rain-triggered flooding and landslides have killed at least 16 people in Bangladesh as parts of the South Asian country were deluged by heavy monsoon rain, officials said on Saturday.

“Thirteen were killed in lightning strikes while the rest died in flooding and landslides…”


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“Across New South Wales and Queensland’s southern downs, country towns are approaching their own ‘day zero’, as water supplies dry up in the drought…

“Ten towns, including major centres, are considered to be at high risk of running out within six months, if it doesn’t rain and if water infrastructure isn’t improved.”


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